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american security products company the distinctive style models lp6030w lp6032w lp5924w lp series · black textured finish with bold zinc die cast polished brass logos a rich velour back cover and fire walls with durable american oak wood finish interior · brass spy-proof dial and l handle · external hinges easily provide full access to your safe fire protection · the lp6032w lp6030w and lp5924w offer fire protection of 1200°f for a period of 45 minutes designed to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350°f · palusoltm door seal expands up to 8 times its original thickness when exposed to high temperatures sealing safe contents from harm theft defiant · high strength unitized 12 gauge solid steel body · massive 13/4 recessed door constructed of a 1/4 solid steel plate and a fire insulating material · equipped with a group ii key-changeable combination lock with brass spy-proof dial and ring · 3-way boltwork with 5 active 11/4 diameter chrome-plated steel locking bolts and three 11/4 deadbolts · each safe offers 4 precut anchor holes and 1 precut electrical access hole model 5517 · interior features an attractive american oak wood finish with carpeted back cover and walls includes one adjustable shelf and an eleven-gun storage rack · brass spy-proof dial with decorative brass l handle accompanied by the renowned american security products solid brass logo plate · durable black powder coated finish · sleek style is designed to fit into a closet · mercury class i fire at 1000° f for a period of 20 minutes designed to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350°f · fire-resistant door seal · high strength unitized 12 ga body and 1/4 thick solid steel recessed door · 3-way boltwork with five active 1 diameter chrome-plated locking bolts · equipped with a 3 wheel combination lock protected by a drill-resistant hard plate · 2 pre-cut anchor holes with mounting hardware included and 2 pre-cut electrical access holes model hc1854 only · available in oak or cherry finish · inside lined with plush tan velour fabric · mercury class i fire at 1200°f for a period of 45 minutes designed to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350°f · high strength double wall unitized 14 ga body and a 3/4 thick formed door · group ii lock and front read dial protected by a drill resistant hardplate · 5 one-inch chrome-plated steel locking bolts lp6030w substantial 13/4 thick door this safe meets or exceeds the standards for california-approved firearms safety devices and the requirements of california penal code section 12088 gun safe standards lp5924w hc1854 model outside dimensions thickness door body wt lbs interior capacity bolts lp5924w lp6032w lp6030w 5517w hc1854-hcc 591/4h x 24w x 18d 591/4h x 30w x 21d 591/4h x 30w x 26d 551/4h x 173/4w x 16d 18h x 541/4w x 22d 13/4 12ga 13/4 12ga 13/4 12ga 3 /16 12ga 3 /4 14ga 490 632 692 252 450 8-8-16 10-10-20 14-14-28 11 gun 8 gun 5 5 5 5 5 5517w 375 lbs w/o wood cabinet 25