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about the university 4 about the university mission statement the mission of the american university in bulgaria is to educate students of outstanding potential in a community of academic excellence diversity and respect and to prepare them for democratic and ethical leadership in serving the needs of the region and the world vision our aspirations for 2015 we envision a community of diverse and creative students of outstanding potential living and learning together in an engaging and rigorous academic environment on a campus which offers world-class academic recreational and residential facilities mentored by internationally respected faculty committed to the liberal arts tradition graduates will be fully prepared for lives of professional achievement personal fulfillment and service statement on liberal learning aubg strives to provide its students with a liberal education – an education that nurtures both the skills needed for successful careers and an ongoing intellectual

financial aid 23 late drop/add fee there is no fee for drops and adds during the first week of classes in exceptional circumstances a student may be permitted by the dean of faculty to add or drop a course during the second week of classes whenever this is allowed an additional fee of $100 per transaction add drop or combination add and drop will be assessed late leave of absence fee students who withdraw or take leaves of absence after april 15 for the fall semester and november 15 for the spring semester will be subject to late fees for leave of absence or withdrawal for fall semester april 15 – may 31 $100 june 1 – june 30 $200 after june 30 $300 for leave of absence or withdrawal for spring semester after november 15 $200 late payment fee students who pay their semester tuition after the relevant deadline are assessed a late fee of $50 and are also subject to having their course registration cancelled without prior notice while the tuition is unpaid overload fee

academic policies and procedures 42 students who are on probation and found guilty of violating the university’s policies on academic integrity and/or not fulfilling the probation status requirements will ordinarily be suspended or dismissed suspension and dismissal a student is suspended or dismissed when his or her academic performance fails to meet the standards in the table below hours attempted 18-30 31-60 61-90 91 and above dismissal n/a 1.50 1.60 1.70 suspension n/a 1.70 1.80 1.90 additionally students may be suspended for • • • refusing to complete the conditions of their probation failing to pass at least 40 of their attempted credit hours in a semester unless granted formally-approved incompletes – regardless of their gpa or failing to attain good standing during the first semester on probation academic suspension separates a student from the university for one semester with return guaranteed students returning from academic suspension will be

academic policies and procedures 61 and november 15 for the spring semester students must also clear all financial and other obligations to the university applications received after that date will be subject to a late fee and may be rejected by the university if deemed detrimental to the institution additionally students withdrawing after the beginning of classes in any semester will be liable for part or all of the tuition and other costs associated with enrollment information on tuition refunds for withdrawals after the beginning of the semester is under “tuition and fees” students withdrawing from the university after classes begin but before the end of the fifth week of the semester will be dropped from enrolled classes those withdrawing after that date will receive grades of w in each of his/her enrolled

major programs 80 eur 406 topics in economics related to european integration may be counted as eco electives but not substitute for one of the 3 eco electives at the 400-level eco 400 401 402 403 and 404 may be repeated for credit provided the precise topic differs disciplinary honors in economics disciplinary honors may be given to an economics major who has upon graduation met the following requirements • • • has achieved a grade point average of at least 3.5 in courses in the economics major has met the requirements for undertaking a senior thesis and has completed a six-hour senior thesis in economics has received a grade of a or a on the second semester of the senior thesis and has presented his/her thesis to a committee made up of two economics faculty members and one faculty member outside the discipline based on the presentation the committee will decide whether or not to recommend honors a completed senior thesis counts as a state exam european studies the

major programs 98 to fulfill the requirements for a degree with honors in political science and international relations students must earn a grade of b or above in pos 491 senior thesis i during the fall semester and complete pos 492 senior thesis ii with a grade of a or above during the spring semester a completed senior thesis may count as a state exam southeast european studies note the southeast european studies major has been discontinued students who entered the university prior to fall 2008 may complete the major as described in earlier

courses 117 introduces students to major concepts and methods used in marketing goods services and other products and develops students’ ability to use their understanding in business situations takes managerial perspective focusing on the wide variety of decisions necessary for effective marketing in product promotion distribution pricing and targeting emphasizes importance of research and planning as well as ethical and legal issues pertaining to marketing uses case analysis prerequisites eco 101 eco 102 cr.3 6 ects cr offered every semester bus 208 introduction to accounting i an introduction covering the fundamental accounting equation basic principles of accounting measurements accounting cycle construction of financial statements and asset analysis and valuation prerequisites sta 105 cr 3 6 ects cr offered every semester bus 209 introduction to accounting ii a study of joint and by-product costs estimated and standard costs distribution and differential costs also

courses 136 topics will vary according to instructor and student interest e.g monetary policy regional policy international trade the economics of enlargement international economics prerequisites eco 102 eur 324 cr 3 6 ects cr offered irregularly eur 491 senior thesis i theory and methods in political science the opportunity to write a thesis will develop research skills and prepare students for postgraduate studies the senior thesis is a two-semester course senior thesis i addresses research methods and ends with a 2,500-word research proposal students who complete eur 491 senior thesis i with a grade of “b+” or above may continue their research during the spring semester with eur 492 senior thesis ii wic prerequisites senior standing cumulative gpa over 3.5 cr 4 8 ects cr offered in the fall eur 492 senior thesis ii senior thesis ii allows students to undertake their research and complete an 8,000-word thesis providing all other requirements for honors are met 3.5 gpa

courses 155 semester at aubg by placement examination cr 3 6 ects cr offered every semester mat 102 finite mathematics the topics covered provide students with basic knowledge and primary skills from several important mathematical areas including linear algebra linear systems and matrices linear programming logic truth sets and venn diagrams probability theory counting principles and applications to probability the study of markov chains at the end becomes an attractive application of all ideas and technique considered earlier gen ed quantitative reasoning prerequisite completion of introductory mathematics requirement see page 56 cr 3 6 ects cr offered every semester mat 103 calculus i the course develops primarily on technical and intuitive level with only minor references to deeper points like completeness the initial notions and skills of analysis in the real line like limits and continuity derivatives the problem of “rates of change” and curve sketching integrals

faculty 174 mateev miroslav professor of business administration ph.d industrial management technical university of sofia 1991 in economics university of national and world economy 2006 miree lucia professor of business administration ph.d organizational communication and behavior florida state university 1981 mullen filitsa assistant professor of writing and literature m.a english kent state university 1986 mullen john assistant professor of writing and literature ph.d english kent state university 1996 mutafchiev ljuben professor of statistics and mathematical statistics ph.d mathematics sofia university 1977 in mathematics bulgarian academy of sciences 1993 naqvi nadeem professor of economics ph.d economics southern methodist university 1984 nilsen jeffrey associate professor of economics ph.d economics princeton university 1994 phillips robert jr associate professor of political science and international relations ph.d international studies university of south