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about the university mission statement the mission of the american university in bulgaria is to educate students of outstanding potential in a community of academic excellence diversity and respect and to prepare them for democratic and ethical leadership in serving the needs of the region and the world vision our aspirations for 2015 we envision a community of diverse and creative students of outstanding potential living and learning together in an engaging and rigorous academic environment on a campus which offers world-class academic recreational and residential facilities mentored by internationally respected faculty committed to the liberal arts tradition graduates will be fully prepared for lives of professional achievement personal fulfillment and service statement on liberal learning aubg strives to provide its students with a liberal education an education that nurtures both the skills needed for successful careers and an ongoing intellectual curiosity that leads to a thirst

deadline are assessed a late fee of $50 and are also subject to having their course registration cancelled without prior notice while the tuition is unpaid overload fee students who register for an academic overload are assessed a fee of th th $100 per credit hour for the 18 and 19 credit hour registered in a semester and $204 for each credit hour beyond 19 no student may take more than 22 credits in a semester see academic policies transcript fee the charge for an official transcript either paper or electronic is $5 certified diploma copies a certified diploma copy is a photocopy of the original authenticated by the university a certified copy can be issued upon request because the university does not keep copies of diplomas the original diploma or a clear photocopy of it must be presented certified copies of the diplomas are $5 each diploma duplicates duplicate american diplomas can be produced upon request such copies cost $10 and will be stamped “copy” financial aid

deferred admission final examination schedule aubg permits accepted applicants to defer university enrollment for up to one year candidates approved for deferred admission are required to submit a nonrefundable deposit that is held in the student s account at the university candidates requesting deferred enrollment status must make their request in writing to admissions office prior to august 1 for the fall semester enrollment and prior to december 1 for the spring semester enrollment almost all classes will hold final exams during the final exams period according to the following schedule double-counting in order to maintain the integrity of aubg s academic programs students who complete more than one program must satisfy the requirements of each program substantially independently of courses taken to complete some other program students who double-major must take courses that a satisfy the course requirements of each major and b satisfy both sets of required courses without

aesthetic expression 1 course or courses summing to at least 3 cr historical analysis 2 courses 1 historical sources course and 1 historical research course literary analysis 2 courses 1 principles of literary analysis course and 1 literary case studies course moral and philosophical reasoning 2 courses quantitative reasoning 2 courses scientific investigation 1 course social and cultural analysis 2 courses general education modes of inquiry descriptions aesthetic expression courses in aesthetic expression engage students in direct encounters with a significant number of existing works of art or in creative or performance activity learning outcomes for aesthetic expression mode of inquiry students will be able to recognize formal and stylistic features of works or performances of creative expression understand the relation of creative expression to its cultural context analyze and interpret works or performances of creative expression using appropriate relevant terminology

eur 303 eur 305 eur 320 policy making in the european union wic european economic integration internal market and eu competition law three of the following eur 404 topics in european politics eur 405 topics in areas related to the european union eur 406 topics in economics related to european integration pos 307/eur 307 research methods eur topics may be repeated for credit as long as the precise topic is different language proficiency mll 387 eu terminology for european and international politics spanish german or french prerequisites consist of four language courses intro i intro ii intermediate i intermediate ii students can waive prerequisite language courses on the basis of equivalent language knowledge either by sitting for a placement test or providing a proof of proficiency eur courses not counting toward the major eur 492 senior thesis disciplinary honors in eur to fulfill the requirements for a degree with honors in european politics students must have a 3.5 or higher gpa

economic major the economics minor will be useful to students preparing for professional careers in business or for graduate study in a variety of other fields in which economic analysis is complementary to the advanced practice of the other discipline total 6 courses required courses 3 courses eco 101 eco 102 principle of microeconomics principle of macroeconomics and either eco 301 or eco 302 the fine arts minor provides an interdisciplinary approach to creative human expression for students interested in the artistic performance process and inquiry students have flexibility in designing their course of study within the minor and may choose to acquire either an in-depth understanding of a particular performance or process art such as music or theater or a broader critical awareness of the visual and performing arts total 6 courses or equivalent required courses intermediate microeconomics intermediate macroeconomics note eco 300 quantitative methods in economics is a pre-requisite

i.e merging financial corporate and business strategy to measure and manage the value of a corporation students develop knowledge about spreadsheet models and how to use monte carlo simulation as a risk and investment analysis tool prerequisite completion of bus 330 with a grade of c or better cr.3 6 ects cr offered in the spring systems and their implementation including the processes of mentoring and coaching it identifies methods for team development and examines models used and it provides opportunities for students to develop and deliver training and development programs prerequisite completion of bus 450 with a grade of c or better cr 3 6 ects cr offered in the spring semester bus 448 international strategic management and policy a study of international administrative decision making and policy setting with consideration of social and political forces and ethical values wic prerequisites bus 300 bus 330 bus 340 senior standing declared bus major cr 4 8 ects cr offered every

to harmonize a melody with chords gen ed aesthetic expression cr.3 6 ects cr offered in the fall far 121 beginning drawing introduces students to basic concepts and techniques of drawing the course involves extensive practical work and culminates in a public exhibition of student work gen ed aesthetic expression cr.3 6 ects cr offered every semester far 122 intermediate drawing the student acquires the manual skills needed for three-dimensional drawing and learns to understand the ways in which the instruments of an artist s sensitivity can be used to serve a cultural vision perspective the role of light and chiaroscuro are among the techniques presented and developed in this course gen ed aesthetic expression cr.3 6 ects cr offered in the spring far 151 introduction to theater basic theatrical elements techniques and the processes by which plays are translated into theatrical expression are introduced through study of major dramatic works playwrights genres and form in historical

quality individual work projects may include a design or photography portfolio a television documentary or a series of magazine articles students work under the supervision of a faculty member in the department prerequisites jmc 141 150 jmc 200 jmc 220 four courses in one of the specialization areas journalism or mass communication cr.3 6 ects cr offered every semester as contracted may count as the bulgarian state exam mathematics mat 100 introductory mathematics this course stresses elementary mathematics and basic quantitative knowledge at the pre-calculus level students understand and work effectively with real numbers algebraic expressions polynomials equations and functions students learn how to present a real-life problem in mathematical terms and model social and scientific phenomena the course gives a broad-based mathematical knowledge to build upon in quantitative reasoning courses as well as applied and specialized courses in business social and natural sciences the

mullen filitsa assistant professor of writing and literature m.a english kent state university 1986 trocinski mark assistant professor of business law m.b.a university of iowa 2005 j.d university of iowa 2005 on leave ay 2012-13 mullen john assistant professor of writing and literature ph.d english kent state university 1996 tsoulfidis lefteris associate professor of economics ph.d economics new school for social research 1989 mutafchiev ljuben professor of statistics and mathematical statistics ph.d mathematics sofia university 1977 in mathematics bulgarian academy of sciences 1993 Ülkü numan assistant professor of economics ph.d banking marmara university 2002 nikolova milena assistant professor of business administration ph.d business administration george washington university 2009 nilsen jeffrey associate professor of economics ph.d economics princeton university 1994 phillips robert jr associate professor of political science and international relations ph.d

publications and website 150 purchasing 149 registrars 149 residence life 151 security 149 skaptopara i 151 skaptopara ii 151 skaptopara iii 151 sports activities 151 student government 151 student loans 149 student services 151 transportation 150 university events 150 university relations 150 vice president for finance and administration 149 overload 44 pass/fail 44 placement advanced 15 plagiarism 30 pre-registration 45 prior approval 40 probation 32-33 refund policy 18-19 registration 45 religious holidays 45 residence life 28 151 resident assistants 28 sat 14 25 scholarship 21 sign-in policy 46 special topics 90 standing academic 31-33 state exams 34 status full-time 37 part-time 18 student accounts 22 student life 29 student services 26-28 suspension 33 test center 25 toefl 13 24 transcript fee 20 transcripts 46 transfer 16 46-47 trustees board of 145-146 tuition and fees 18-20 university council 147 unscheduled class meetings 47 visiting students 16-17 withdrawal from courses 47