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table of contents about the university mission statement about the university 3 admissions 10 tuition and fees 15 financial aid 18 the mission of the american university in bulgaria is to educate students of outstanding potential in a community of academic excellence diversity and respect and to prepare them for democratic and ethical leadership in serving the needs of the region and the world vision our aspirations for 2015 academic policies and procedures 28 we envision a community of diverse and creative students of outstanding potential living and learning together in an engaging and rigorous academic environment on a campus which offers world-class academic recreational and residential facilities mentored by internationally respected faculty committed to the liberal arts tradition graduates will be fully prepared for lives of professional achievement personal fulfillment and service degree requirements 48 statement on liberal learning major programs 57 aubg strives

financial aid student loans aubg financial aid and scholarships raiffeisenbank dsk bank and allianz bank bulgaria provide governmentguaranteed loans with fixed interest of 7 per year for bulgarian and eu students in all accredited universities in bulgaria up to the full amount of tuition admission to the american university in bulgaria is based upon the student s academic qualifications in order to attract diverse and highly-qualified students to aubg and make an aubg education affordable for those students the university makes both financial aid and scholarship support available financial aid is based on both the academic merit and the financial need of the student financial need is determined through an analysis of the application for financial assistance and supporting documents submitted as part of the application packet students must file an application for financial assistance to be eligible for financial aid all aubg-funded financial aid awards are valid for a maximum of eight

the date the students entered the university or to satisfy the requirements of the new catalog when choosing the later catalog students must meet all the new requirements declaring and changing a major students must complete all requirements for one or two majors to be eligible for graduation students may also choose to declare one or two minors students are ordinarily expected to declare their majors and minors if any by the middle of the sophomore year majors must be declared not later than the completion of the fifth semester at aubg students may change majors at any point after declaration a student who decides to declare or change a major or majors must submit the appropriate completed form to the registrars office a single student s academic record may contain no more than 2 majors and no more than 2 minors students may declare a second major if they are in good academic standing and can demonstrate a reasonable likelihood of completing all requirements for both majors within

degree requirements a minimum of 120 credit hours is required to earn the bachelor of arts degree at aubg each student must complete prior to graduation the general education requirements of both foundation courses and the general education modes of inquiry the writing-across-the-curriculum requirements and all of the requirements of at least one major program with a gpa-in-major of at least 2.5 philosophy of general education the philosophy of the general education requirement rests on the conviction that aubg graduates should be prepared to act responsibly as participants in a democratic society and to find fulfillment in the enjoyment of the moral intellectual and artistic achievements of the human enterprise both past and present aubg graduates should possess a breadth of general knowledge that is not simply a collection of facts emanating from specialized investigations but a genuine understanding of the intellectual experience of the practitioners of the various disciplines as

european politics eur topics may be repeated for credit as long as the precise topic is different whether a manager a financial analyst a political scientist an economist or a lawyer whether you live in europe or outside it you will function in an environment where the norms rules and laws of the european union impact policies regulate transactions and consolidate individuals rights language proficiency mll 301/302/303 modern germany/france/spain society politics and culture while many talk about the eu few have control over a field that is in perpetual movement changing and adjusting to internal and external challenges the major in european politics aims to make you more competitive on the job market by providing pragmatically grounded knowledge transferable skills and solid conceptual foundations through the variety of its course offerings the major also aims to introduce you to the atmosphere and spirit of europe over the years alumni have gone on to graduate and postgraduate

typical employment areas for graduates are programmer/analysts systems analysts software quality assurance analysts network systems and data communications analysts internet developers or web designers database administrators system administrators or network administrators eco 102 principle of macroeconomics and either eco 301 intermediate microeconomics to complete the requirements for a computer science minor a student completes six cos courses at least one from each of the following groups or total 6 courses note eco 300 quantitative methods in economics is a pre-requisite for eco 301 so students choosing this option must take eco 300 plus 2 other eco electives to fulfill the requirements of the minor fundamentals cos 150 discrete structures cos 220 concepts of programming languages cos 235 computer architecture cos 301 compiler theory cos 331 operating systems software development inf 110 visual basic programming cos 120 software development using c cos 221 fundamental data

bus 400 decision science introduction to deterministic and probabilistic models applied to business decision-making topics include linear programming integer programming multi-criteria decision-making network models decision analysis simulation and queuing analysis emphasis is on the development and solution of mathematical models and their interpretation by business decision makers prerequisite bus 341 cr 3 6 ects cr offered irregularly bus 429 topics in accounting advanced study of issues of accounting topics theory or current issues topics will vary according to instructor and student interest examples include auditing international accounting standards or advanced accounting prerequisites declared bus major junior standing bus 320 cr 3 6 ects cr offered irregularly bus 430 corporate finance ii this course is intended to give the student an operational knowledge of corporate finance by combining theory and application it introduces the advanced concepts of risk return and cost of

eur 404 topics in european politics topics will vary according to instructor and student interest prerequisites eur 302 cr 3 6 ects cr offered every semester eur 405 topics in areas related to the european union topics will vary according to instructor and student interest e.g common foreign and security policy justice and home affairs lobbying in the eu prerequisites eur 303 cr 3 6 ects cr offered every semester eur 406 topics in economics related to european integration topics will vary according to instructor and student interest e.g monetary policy regional policy international trade the economics of enlargement international economics prerequisites eco 102 eur 305 cr 3 6 ects cr offered irregularly eur 492 senior thesis senior thesis allows students to undertake their research and complete an 8,000word thesis providing all other requirements for honors are met 3.5 gpa within the major fulfilling all requirement for the major students who successfully complete the senior

do team exercises on the various aspects of the advertising process and complete individual and group assignments prerequisite junior standing in jmc or bus cr 3 6 ects cr offered in the fall jmc 480 topics in media advanced study of a current issue in media and/or mass communication prerequisites junior standing declared jmc major cr 3 6 ects cr jmc 411 design and layout the course builds on the concepts learned in jmc 200 and advances design and layout skills through the use of typography graphics photography and page layout emphasis is on the presentation of information in newspapers magazines and the world wide web as well as other communication media prerequisite jmc 200 cr 3 6 ects cr offered every semester jmc 481 professional internship 0 credits practical professional experience individually arranged to meet the specialized needs of the student in preparation for a career in media possible settings include newspapers magazines radio or television stations production houses

gilbert melody assistant professor of journalism and mass communication m.l.s university of minnesota 2000 miree lucia professor of business administration ph.d organizational communication and behavior florida state university 1981 goksoy asli assistant professor of business administration ph.d organizational behavior marmara university 2009 mullen filitsa assistant professor of writing and literature m.a english kent state university 1986 on leave spring 2014 gradeva rositza associate professor of history ph.d history bulgarian academy of sciences 1989 on leave ay 2013-14 mutafchiev ljuben professor of statistics and mathematical statistics ph.d mathematics sofia university 1977 in mathematics bulgarian academy of sciences 1993 gueorguiev yavor instructor of spanish m.a spanish philology sofia university 2006 gurov andrey assistant professor of economics ph.d social and economic sciences university of vienna 2005 homer sean associate professor of writing and literature

library 149 president 149 provost 149 purchasing 150 registrars 150 residence life 150 security 150 skaptopara i 150 skaptopara ii 150 skaptopara iii 150 sports activities 150 student government 150 student loans 150 student services 150 transportation 150 university events 150 university relations 150-151 writing center 151 overload 42-43 pass/fail 43 placement advanced 13 plagiarism 28 pre-registration 43-44 prior approval 39 probation 30-31 refund policy 15-16 registration 44 religious holidays 44 residence life 25 150 resident assistants 25 sat 11-12 22 scholarship 18 sign-in policy 44 special topics 89 standing academic 29-31 state exams 32 status full-time 36 part-time 15 student accounts 17 student life 26 student services 23-25 suspension 31 test center 22 toefl 11 21 transcript fee 17 transcripts 45 transfer 14 45-46 trustees board of 144-145 tuition and fees 15-17 university council 146 unscheduled class meetings 46 visiting students 14 withdrawal from courses 46 withdrawal