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table of contents about the university mission statement about the university 3 admissions 10 tuition and fees 16 financial aid 19 the mission of the american university in bulgaria is to educate students of outstanding potential in a community of academic excellence diversity and respect and to prepare them for democratic and ethical leadership in serving the needs of the region and the world vision our aspirations for 2016 academic policies and procedures 29 we envision a community of diverse and creative students of outstanding potential living and learning together in an engaging and rigorous academic environment on a campus that offers world-class academic recreational and residential facilities mentored by internationally respected faculty committed to the liberal arts tradition aubg graduates will be fully prepared for lives of professional achievement personal fulfillment and service degree requirements 51 statement on liberal learning major programs 61 aubg

for further information on all financial aid and scholarship support available please contact the aubg financial aid office at 359 73 888 222 or e-mail academic support services student loans the mission of the english language institute eli at aubg is to provide quality english language instruction to prospective students and to all others interested in learning english as a foreign language established in 1992 as an auxiliary unit to the university the eli is designed to offer academic and general english courses toefl and sat preparation english for specific purposes esp and a variety of community-oriented tailor-made services raiffeisenbank dsk bank allianz bank bulgaria and eurobank bulgaria provide government-guaranteed loans with fixed interest of 7 per year for bulgarian and eu students in all accredited universities in bulgaria up to the full amount of tuition several banks offer bank loan programs that support education at aubg including fibank

final the spring term exam schedule is as follows class meeting time mw mr mw mr mr mw tr tf tr tf tf tr w w 9:00 10:15 10:45 12:00 12:30 13:45 14:15 15:30 16:00 17:15 17:45 19:00 9:00 10:15 10:45 12:00 12:30 13:45 14:15 15:30 16:00 17:15 17:45 19:00 10:45 12:00 f 9:00 10:15 14:15 15:30 f 12:30 13:45 final exam time st 1 day 9:00 11:00 4th day 9:00 11:00 th 5 day 11:45 13:45 nd 2 day 11:45 13:45 st 1 day 14:30 16:30 rd 3 day 14:30 16:30 nd 2 day 9:00 11:00 th 5 day 9:00 11:00 th 4 day 11:45 13:45 st 1 day 11:45 13:45 nd 2 day 14:30 16:30 th 4 day 14:30 16:30 rd 3 day 9:00 11:00 rd 3 day 11:45 13:45 for classes scheduled at irregular meeting times or for multi-section classes consult the instructor or the official final exam schedule that is posted at the registrar s office by the end of 12th week of classes full-time status a student must take a minimum of twelve 12 credit hours to be considered a fulltime student and to be eligible for aubg financial aid

hty 242 united states history from 1865 to present eng 205 creative writing fiction eng 206 creative writing poetry eng 220 film criticism eng 221 screenwriting eng 231 world literature landmark texts for the western tradition eng 232 world literature literatures in translation eng 241 american literature beginnings to 1865 eng 242 american literature 1865 to present eng 251 british literature beginnings to 1785 eng 252 british literature:1785 to present eng 260 balkan literature historical research historical research courses introduce students to the historical mode of research the construction of original arguments and the use of sources in supporting claims courses in this area are taken only after the historical sources requirement is met and after aub 102 is completed courses that satisfy the historical research mode of inquiry include eco 222 economic history hty 291 historical methods interwar east and central europe hty 301 falsifications in history hty 304 eur 397 topics in

at least two 2 courses from the following hty 208 greece thrace the black sea and the ancient world hty 209 rome and the ancient world hty 221 the medieval balkans hty 222 the modern balkans hty 223 history of the ottoman empire hty 224 bulgarian history hty 230 byzantine history ses 238 archeology in southeast europe main stream of education the curriculum of information systems major is designed to enable students to reach the following skill or competency-based outcomes ï‚· provide knowledge about existing computer languages development environments and technologies ï‚· develop skills to specify implement and monitor the development of an information system ï‚· create an understanding of the role of information as a strategic resource as well as the specific problems in its management ï‚· develop skills to better utilize the positive effects of implementing computer-based information technologies while avoiding negative results and possible conflicts between people

which economic analysis is complementary to the advanced practice of the discipline total 6 courses rses Ù£ required courses uo eco 101 principle of microeconomics eco 102 principle of macroeconomics eco 301 intermediate microeconomics or eco 302 intermediate macroeconomics ent 400 topics in entrepreneurship ent 401 topics in entrepreneurship practice ent 402 entrepreneurship internship ent 440 conflict management ent 441 change management ent 462 new product development ent 220 is substitutable by bus 220 ent 261 is substitutable by bus 260 european studies eco 300 is a pre-requisite for eco 301 so students choosing this option must take eco 300 plus two 2 other eco electives to fulfill the requirements of the minor the european studies minor provides the opportunity for students to supplement another academic major with a series of courses designed to familiarize the student with the issues and policies of the european union and its enlargement Ù£ courses elective courses

strategy for when and how to litigate students will be introduced to a wide variety of legal topics including torts crimes constitutional rights of individuals and businesses business formation contracts and property rights prerequisite sophomore standing cr.3 6 ects cr offered every semester bus 220 financial accounting this course introduces students to accounting systems and terminology from a user perspective students will learn how to provide customers lenders shareholders and others with the knowledge they need to understand financial accounts topics may include how to analyze company performance how to understand a company s annual report and accounts the ethical responsibilities of accountants and the role of the accountant in modern society prerequisite sophomore standing cr 3 6 ects cr offered every semester bus 221 managerial accounting this course introduces students to management accounting topics may include cost measurement product costing cost-volume profit

eng 370 genre and topical studies advanced study of literary or filmic texts that belong to a specific genre or cultural tradition or that share a specific set of thematic concerns particular topics will vary and the course may be repeated for credit on another topic wic prerequisites eng 102 one principles of literary analysis course gen ed literary case studies cr.4 8 ects cr offered irregularly eng 371 history memory and narrative in balkan cinema this course explores contemporary balkan cinema in relation to questions of history memory and regional identify the course draws on a broad range of recent films to address the balkans as a social and political imaginary as well as the question of whether or not there is an identifiable “balkan” cinema issues of national cinema the breakup of the former yugoslavia the presentation of the roma balkan stereotypes and gender will be considered as well as the emergence of the new national and regional film traditions wic

inf 480 big data analytics the course introduces to a class of computer applications designed to integrate effective information retrieval from heterogeneous sources with analytical tools data evaluation and inference techniques the course emphasizes the extracttransform-load process in building data warehouses data cube modeling and building algorithms on-line analytical processing and visualization to support managerial decisions the course develops skills to assess the readiness of an organization to adopt and benefit business intelligence application prerequisite inf 280 cr 3 6 ects cr offered at least once every two years inf 491 senior project this course allows a student to demonstrate the ability to solve a real-world problem in the information systems area individually under supervision of department faculty the student is expected to present the progress of his project during the semester and finally to demonstrate the working project in its entire functionality

faculty full-time faculty andonova veneta associate professor of business administration ph.d business administration universitat pompeu fabra 2004 berisha marenglen instructor of accounting mba keller graduate school of management us 2009 bonev stoyan associate professor of computer science ph.d computer science technical university of sofia 1988 bozhinova krastanka instructor of french m.a french philology sofia university 1993 m.a didactics of french and languages sorbonne nouvelle paris 3 university 2013 carrabregu gent instructor of political science and european studies m.a political science northwestern university 2011 fall 2015 only castagneto pierangelo associate professor of history ph.d american history università di genova 1997 chalk dannie assistant professor of writing and literature ph.d english pennsylvania state university 2009 goksoy asli assistant professor of business administration ph.d organizational behavior marmara university 2009 gradeva rositza

facilities 168 faculty 168 finance and administration 168 financial aid 168 health center 168 human resources 168 institutional research 168 international student services 168 library 168 president 168 provost 168 purchasing 168 registrar’s 169 residence life 169 security 169 skaptopara i 169 skaptopara ii 169 skaptopara iii 169 sports activities 169 student government 169 student loans 169 student services 169 transportation 169 university events 169 university relations 169 writing center 169 sat 12 22 s scholarship 19 sign-in policy 48 special topics 104 standing academic 31-32 state exams 34 status full-time 38 part-time 16 student accounts 18 student assistants program 20 student-centered learning environment 3 student life 27-28 student services 24-26 suspension 32 test center 23 t toefl 11 23 overload 46-47 46 p pass/fail performing arts 27 placement advanced 13-14 plagiarism 29 pre-registration 47 prior approval 40 probation 31-32 refund policy 16-18 r registration 47