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academic calendar 2017–18 student orientation begins unification day holiday classes begin add/drop week ends 5 pm bulgarian independence day no classes board meeting fall break begins national revival holiday classes resume students holiday no classes classes end final exams begin final exams end state exams fall 2017 august 31 september 6 september 7 september 13 september 22 october 21-23 october 30 november 1 november 6 december 8 december 15 december 16 december 20 december 21 student orientation begins classes begin add/drop week ends 5 pm board meeting bulgarian liberation holiday spring break begins classes resume orthodox good friday no classes orthodox easter monday no classes honors convocation student-faculty research conference labor day holiday classes held classes end st george s day final exams begin final exams end state exams begin state exams end board meeting commencement spring 2018 january 17 january 22 january 26 january 27-29 march 3 march 12 march 19

transcript and certificate fee an official transcript is $7 an additional fee of $3.25 per order applies to credentials escrip-safe company transcript service charge for online requests enrolment and other certificates are $2 per copy paper transcripts and certificates are issued in english and in bulgarian the fee for same day service is $5.00 certified diploma copies a certified diploma copy is a photocopy of the original authenticated by the university a certified copy can be issued upon request because the university does not keep copies of diplomas the original diploma or a clear photocopy of it must be presented certified copies of diplomas are $5 each diploma duplicates duplicate american and bulgarian diplomas cost $20 and can be produced only upon request such copies will be stamped “duplicate diploma.” financial aid student loans scholarships this section discusses the ways in which you can finance your education aubg financial aid in order to attract diverse and

additionally students may be suspended for failing to complete the conditions of their probation failing to pass at least 40 of their attempted credit hours in a semester unless granted formally approved incompletes regardless of their gpa or failing to attain good standing during the first semester on probation academic suspension separates a student from the university for one semester with return guaranteed students returning from academic suspension will be placed on a restricted course schedule will be required to complete aub 106 if they have not already done so and must meet weekly with the advising center coordinator and/or the student s academic advisor students on academic suspension must confirm to the registrar their intention to return to the university at the end of the suspension this is usually done by preregistering for courses for the following semester failure to do so will result in an administrative withdrawal from the university academic dismissal separates a

degree requirements general education modes of inquiry and descriptions a minimum of 120 credit hours is required to earn the bachelor of arts degree at aubg prior to graduation each student must complete all general education requirements and all the requirements of at least one dual-diploma major program with a gpa-in-major of at least 2.50 general education courses in the several branches of human intellectual endeavor called modes of inquiry introduce students to a variety of perspectives on the world and several methods for exploring it the modes of inquiry and their individual course requirements are as follows philosophy of general education the philosophy of the general education requirements rests on the conviction that aubg graduates should be prepared to act responsibly as participants in a democratic society and find fulfillment and enjoyment in the moral intellectual and artistic achievements of the human enterprise—both past and present aubg graduates should

ï‚· received a grade of a or a on the senior thesis eco 492 european studies whether a manager a financial analyst a political scientist an economist or a lawyer whether living in europe or outside it all aubg graduates will function in an environment where the norms rules and laws of the european union eu impact policies regulate transactions and consolidate individuals rights while many talk about the eu few have control over a field that is in perpetual movement as it changes and adjusts to internal and external challenges the major in european studies aims to make students more competitive on the job market by providing pragmatically grounded knowledge transferable skills and solid conceptual foundations through the variety of its course offerings the european studies major aims to introduce students to the atmosphere and spirit of europe the major also offers the opportunity of a one-semester erasmus exchange to a european university such as bordeaux france grenoble france

 be aware of key ethical issues affecting computer science and their responsibilities as computer science professionals learn new theories models techniques and technologies as they emerge and appreciate the necessity of such continuing professional development economics typical employment positions for graduates include programmer/analyst systems analyst software quality assurance analyst network systems and data communications analyst internet developer or web designer database administrator system administrator or network administrator the economics minor provides a program of study of micro and macroeconomics in both theoretical and applied courses so that students will have significant exposure to economic reasoning and analysis although less rigorous than the economics major the economics minor will be useful to students preparing for professional careers in business or for graduate study in a variety of other fields in which economic analysis is complementary to the

may not be used to satisfy general education or wic requirements credits are defined for every particular offering offered every semester as contracted business administration anthropology this course is an introduction to the use of information systems in organizations to support decision making its scope includes computer hardware and system software concepts application software concepts and telecommunication concepts assignments require use of information technologies to support written and oral communication cr 3 6 ects cr offered every semester ant 101 introduction to anthropology this class serves as a general introduction to anthropology and its four subfields archaeology cultural anthropology linguistics and physical anthropology it covers the integration of subfields in approaches to the definition of humanity and the meaning of being human the nature of the anthropological approach is provided gen ed social and cultural analysis cr 3 6 ects cr offered irregularly ant 237

include a trip to the thessaloniki film festival gen ed literary case studies wic prerequisites eng 102 and one principles of literary analysis course cr 4 8 ects cr offered in the fall odd years eng 380 major authors this class allows for the intensive study of one or two major writers such as austen chaucer faulkner milton melville woolf or yeats the course may be repeated for credit on different authors gen ed literary case studies prerequisites eng 102 and one principles of literary analysis course cr 3 6 ects cr offered irregularly eng 388 shakespeare this course is an advanced study of a selection of shakespeare s plays representing different dramatic genres and may include study of his sonnets or other nondramatic poems gen ed literary case studies prerequisites eng 102 and one principles of literary analysis course cr 3 6 ects cr offered every spring entrepreneurship ent 220 financial accounting for entrepreneurs this course introduces students to accounting systems and

jmc 356 media law and ethics this course examines the regulation and protection of the media in democracies and the making of ethical choices by professionals in a free legal environment the legal focus is on laws and principles developed by u.s courts and the european court of human rights to promote vigorous scrutiny of government and the free flow of information and of diverse opinions while protecting individual rights and such social interests as public order the ethical focus is on classical and modern models of thinking that help editors and other professionals make ethically justifiable decisions about the conflicts of principles that confront them daily gen ed moral and philosophical reasoning prerequisite sophomore standing cr 3 6 ects cr offered every semester jmc 363 history of documentary film this course reveals how documentaries have influenced persuaded and entertained us topics may include the definitions and purposes of documentary filmmaking the evolution of the

faculty as of 9 august 2016 in this section you will find brief background information on full-time and part-time aubg faculty for additional info including contact information see full-time berisha marenglen instructor of accounting mba keller graduate school of management 2009 bernstein andrew assistant professor of philosophy ph.d philosophy graduate school of the city university of new york 1986 bonev stoyan associate professor of computer science ph.d computer science technical university of sofia 1988 bozhinova krastanka instructor of french m.a french philology sofia university 1993 m.a didactics of french and languages sorbonne nouvelle paris 3 university 2013 campbell alec instructor of marketing m.a finance and operations the wharton school of business university of pennsylvania 2001 castagneto pierangelo associate professor of history ph.d american history università di genova 1997 on leave fall 2016 chalk dannie assistant professor of

public policy see politics and european studies courses 158 minor 105 refund policy 13 registration 48 religion see history and civilizations courses 160 repeating a course 48 residence life and housing 26 science see mathematics and science courses 161 self-designed major courses 162 major single diploma 61 southeast european studies see history and civilizations courses 163 minor 105 stationary see bookstore student accounts 14 student assistants program 18 student conduct council 28 student government 27 student loans 18 suspension and dismissal see academic standing textbooks see bookstore transcript and certificate fee 16 transcripts and copies/duplicates of diplomas 49 transfer credit policy 49 tuition and fees 13 full-time students 13 part-time students 13 university council 172 unscheduled class meetings 50 visas and insurance 13 withdrawal from courses 50 from the university 50 writing see arts languages and literature writing-intensive courses