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academic calendar 2018–19 student orientation begins classes begin unification day holiday no classes add/drop week ends 5 pm bulgarian independence day no classes board meeting fall break begins national revival holiday classes resume students holiday no classes classes end final exams begin final exams end state exams fall 2018 august 29 september 5 september 6 september 12 september 22 october 19-21 october 27 november 1 november 5 december 8 december 12 december 18 december 19 december 20 student orientation begins classes begin add/drop week ends 5 pm board meeting bulgarian liberation holiday no classes spring break begins classes resume honors convocation student-faculty research conference orthodox good friday no classes orthodox easter monday no classes labor day holiday classes held classes end final exams begin st george s day holiday exams held final exams end state exams begin state exams end board meeting commencement spring 2019 january 16 january 21 january 25

the spring semester and on april 15 for housing in the fall semester students who withdraw or take a leave of absence forfeit this deposit meal plan deposit effective fall 2017 each full-time student will be assessed a meal plan deposit of $150 per semester that can be used for purchasing meals in the restaurant or in campus cafes an extra $150 of value will be added to meal cards of students who live on campus i.e who pay the residence hall fee additional funds can be deposited to the meal card late drop/add fee there is no fee for dropping or adding courses during the first week of classes in exceptional circumstances a student may be permitted by the dean of faculty to add or drop a course during the second week of classes whenever this is allowed an additional fee of $100 per transaction add drop or combination add/drop will be assessed late withdrawal/leave of absence fee students who withdraw or take a leave of absence after april 15 for the fall semester and november 15 for

witness this person will not speak for the party but instead will act as adviser or support person for the purpose aubg community means another student or member of the faculty or staff 2 all parties will make available to the council and to each other a list of the names of witnesses they intend to call and photocopies of all written statements or other documents they intend to use at the hearing these copies must be provided to the chair of the council and to the parties one week before the hearing 3 the language of the council hearings is english if necessary an impartial interpreter may be used if a participant in the hearing requires it or if there is documentary evidence which is not in english 12 the notice to the student of the finding of the council shall include  the charges are found to be true or not true  the sanction to be taken  the student s right to appeal and the expiration date for the filing of that appeal  minority report and

registration to receive credit for coursework taken during a particular term a student must be officially registered for all courses through the registrar s office it is the student s responsibility to comply with this regulation registration procedures are listed in the schedule of classes which is available from the registrar s office prior to the beginning of each term and online at students taking overloads are subject to overload fees see “other fees and deposits” at page 15 religious holidays aubg takes no position on religious holidays students who plan to be absent for a religious holiday should discuss the matter with their professors repeating a course when a student repeats a course taken for credit the new grade will be used in all future computations of the student s cumulative gpa for the first three courses the student repeats the student may normally repeat no more than three courses during his or her career at aubg each of them only once

in a placement test or pass the cos 120 course students who pass the placement test may choose another course to take from the list of electives.students who fail or do not take the placement test must take cos 120 note a senior project counts as a bulgarian diploma thesis and substitutes for the bulgarian state exam elective courses 15 credit hours students may take no more than six credit hours from each of the groups below cos/inf/mat 200-level cos 220 concepts of programming languages cos 230 basics in java programming cos 231 introduction to unix cos 260 assembly language programming inf 130 basics in c programming inf 280 database systems mat 201 mathematical statistics mat 214 numerical analysis cos/inf 300-level cos 301 compiler theory cos 331 operating systems cos 340 programming in python inf 320 mobile computing inf 335 web server technologies inf 370 information security inf 375 web client technologies cos/inf 400-level cos 430 cloud computing cos 440 computer networks cos

twentieth-century cultural studies ancient studies business communications and public relations eastern european studies early modern studies environmental policy film studies marketing and communication medieval and renaissance studies modern languages and cultures performing and visual arts political communication social sciences theatre and film visual communications women s studies note the self-designed major is available only as a single-diploma american degree program this sdm is offered for students with exceptional motivation vision and creativity in consultation with faculty members the student creates a unique plan of study that is not part of the current aubg curriculum and that bridges two or more content areas other than two major program areas and is not a subcomponent of one major or minor discipline the result is an interdisciplinary degree that focuses on integrated learning in multiple areas with sufficient depth to conduct research across fields of knowledge

courses in this section you will find descriptions by discipline of courses offered at aubg included in these descriptions are credit hours each course is worth prerequisites an explanation of what if any general education requirements each course satisfies wic designation if applicable and an indication of when each course is offered aub 106 strategies for academic success this course is designed to help students learn and apply habits and skills that are necessary for both completion of a university degree and success in the professional world such skills include self-awareness goal setting time management listening discussion teamwork exam taking resource use presentation skills career planning and other related topics cr 1 2 ects cr offered every semester ddd l96 general education special topics each academic discipline may offer “special topics” courses that are either experimental or devoted to current topics in the discipline and that have been approved for

gen ed principles of textual analysis prerequisite eng 101 cr 3 6 ects cr offered once every two years eng 252 british literature – 1785 to present this course introduces students to british literature from 1785 to the present by surveying a wide range of periods genres literature movements and traditions and representative and well-known authors authors may include william blake william wordsworth mary shelley charles dickens oscar wilde virginia woolf and chinua achebe as well as lesser-known authors gen ed principles of textual analysis prerequisite eng 101 cr 3 6 ects cr offered once every two years eng 260 balkan literature this course focuses on contemporary or classic texts of southeastern european literature texts are selected according to author genre or theme gen ed principles of textual analysis prerequisite eng 101 cr 3 6 ects cr offered irregularly eng 300 the bible as literature this course provides a general-purpose scholastic introduction to one of the

jmc 321 digital photojournalism the course explores the use of photography in journalism and multimedia storytelling students use the digital still camera as a journalistic tool exploring a variety of techniques to photograph and prepare images for use across media emphasis is on effective communication through single photographs as well as through photo stories and picture packages the course includes discussions on copyright licensing and ethics in the profession students prepare photographs for print design layouts and produce slide shows for online viewing writing in the form of captions stories/articles and audio provide context for the photographs they produce prerequisites jmc 141 and jmc 150 cr 3 6 ects cr offered every fall jmc 333 television news reporting building on the basic video journalism introduced in jmc 233 this course focuses on the more traditional broadcast television approach to news reporting students study the evolution of tv news and learn the techniques of

faculty as of 1 august 2017 in this section you will find brief background information on full-time and parttime aubg faculty for additional info including contact information see goksoy asli associate professor of business administration ph.d organizational behavior marmara university 2009 on sabbatical spring 2018 gradeva rositza professor of history ph.d history bulgarian academy of sciences 1989 full-time gurov andrey assistant professor of finance ph.d social and economic sciences university of vienna 2005 on sabbatical spring 2018 berisha marenglen instructor of accounting mba keller graduate school of management 2009 harvey ronald assistant professor in psychology ph.d community psychology depaul university 2014 bozhinova krastanka assistant professor of french ph.d language sciences university of nantes 2016 homer sean professor of writing and literature ph.d comparative literature university of sheffield 1994 castagneto pierangelo associate