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witness this person will not speak for the party but instead will act as adviser or support person for the purpose aubg community means another student or member of the faculty or staff 2 all parties will make available to the council and to each other a list of the names of witnesses they intend to call and photocopies of all written statements or other documents they intend to use at the hearing these copies must be provided to the chair of the council and to the parties one week before the hearing 3 the language of the council hearings is english if necessary an impartial interpreter may be used if a participant in the hearing requires it or if there is documentary evidence which is not in english 12 the notice to the student of the finding of the council shall include  the charges are found to be true or not true  the sanction to be taken  the student s right to appeal and the expiration date for the filing of that appeal  minority report and recommendations if any 13 the sanctions that may be considered by the council include  the grade on the assignment or exam is changed  the student must repeat the assignment or exam or complete an alternative assignment  the student receives an f on the assignment or exam  the student receives an f or x in the class 6 the student should be given an opportunity to testify and to present evidence and witnesses s/he should have an opportunity to hear and question adverse witnesses  the student receives an f or x in the class and is suspended for one or more terms from the university either immediately or at the end of the semester in no case should the committee consider statements against her/him unless the student has been advised of their content and of the names of those who made them and unless the student has been given an opportunity to rebut unfavorable inferences that might otherwise be drawn  the student is dismissed from the university 4 all witnesses will remain outside the hearing room until after they have given their testimony no witness including character witness will be allowed to hear any part of the hearing until his or her appearance is finished 5 at any time during the proceedings members of the council may question witnesses or parties to the proceeding 7 responsibility for recognizing and permitting persons to speak lies exclusively with the chair 8 persons disruptive to any stage of the hearing may be evicted at the discretion of the chair 9 during the hearing the council may consider any relevant information shall not be bound by the strict rules of legal evidence and may take into account information that is of value in determining the issues involved efforts will be made to obtain the most reliable information available if the student defendant or person supporting the complaint against the student claims that evidence was improperly obtained the burden of proof that it was improperly obtained must rest with the person so charging evidence proven to have been improperly obtained shall be disregarded and dismissed by the council 10 after all parties have presented their respective information the council shall go into closed session council decisions are determined by a majority vote by secret ballot based on a preponderance of the evidence the chairperson and the vice-chairperson are responsible for counting the ballots 11 after making its decision the council shall inform the president and the student in writing of the disposition of the case as soon as possible sanctions imposed by the council shall be operative immediately upon notification unless otherwise specified or unless the student appeals the decision c miscellaneous provisions 1 in cases of absence from the university or conflict of interest the dean of faculty will be replaced by the provost and the provost by the president 2 as used in this policy the term “days” will mean calendar days in which the university is in session including reading and examination periods but excluding weekends and excluding the days after the last examination in one semester and the first day of class in the following semester or term 3 failing a class for reasons of academic dishonesty while on academic probation will be considered non-fulfilment of the student s obligations under probation 4 when the offense is sufficiently serious to merit failure of the course the student will be assigned a failing grade f or x effective at the conclusion of the appeal process if there is no appeal the assignment of grade will take place ten days after the student receives written notification from the faculty member the student may not withdraw from a class in which an allegation of an academic violation is pending until the matter is resolved a student has a right to continue participating fully in the class 5 a student who receives a failing grade and receives a lowered grade from a course will not be entitled to any refund or credit of tuition for that course if a student is suspended or dismissed in the middle of the semester s/he will be subject to the normal rules for administrative withdrawal from the university 6 when a student who is suspended through either administrative authority that