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registration to receive credit for coursework taken during a particular term a student must be officially registered for all courses through the registrar s office it is the student s responsibility to comply with this regulation registration procedures are listed in the schedule of classes which is available from the registrar s office prior to the beginning of each term and online at students taking overloads are subject to overload fees see “other fees and deposits” at page 15 religious holidays aubg takes no position on religious holidays students who plan to be absent for a religious holiday should discuss the matter with their professors repeating a course when a student repeats a course taken for credit the new grade will be used in all future computations of the student s cumulative gpa for the first three courses the student repeats the student may normally repeat no more than three courses during his or her career at aubg each of them only once regardless of the grade received both grades will be recorded and will appear on the official transcript the course only counts once toward accumulating the total number of credit hours but counts twice toward hours attempted students who fail or withdraw from a course may pre-register or register to repeat the course according to the normal registration priority system students wishing to repeat a course to improve a passing grade will be permitted to register only after the third day of add/drop week and only if space is available if on the second attempt a student fails a core course or a course required for completion of the student s only major the student may file a petition with the dean of faculty for a waiver of the limits on retaking the course however even in this case the waiver will be granted only upon presentation of some evidence that future performance is likely to result in a passing grade transcripts and copies/duplicates of diplomas official transcripts in hard or electronic copy may be requested at the registrar s office each official copy costs $7 aubg also issues european diploma supplements eds for its bulgarian diplomas the eds is provided automatically and free of charge to all graduates who successfully pass the state examinations in their major fields students may also receive photocopies of their diplomas certified as authentic by the registrar s office for a fee of $5 per copy transfer credit policy for aubg students no credits from other institutions earned after a student enters aubg can be counted toward an aubg degree unless the student has acquired preapproval of the proposed course/credits students may not transfer credit earned at other institutions during periods in which the student is simultaneously enrolled in aubg courses the number of credits accepted for transfer from a single semester of study cannot exceed seventeen credits per semester or the equivalent for transferred courses to count towards satisfying the aubg general education requirements a student must seek preapproval for the general education credit forms for preapproval for credit and general education credit are available in the registrar s office evaluation of the application for preapproval will be based upon examination of course descriptions syllabi textbook titles and if required sample exams if these documents are in a language other than english they must be accompanied by an officially certified translation grades received in transfer courses will not be considered in the calculation of gpa except for aubg-approved exchange programs credit will only be awarded for courses completed with the equivalent of a c or higher and transfer credit will not be accepted for the student s last full-time semester prior to graduation no more than eighteen transfer credit hours can be applied toward a student s major and no more than nine transfer credit hours can be applied towards a minor except in the case of aubg-approved exchange programs a student may with prior written permission of the dean of faculty transfer up to eight credit hours from another institution in order to complete aubg graduation requirements aubg applies the following formula to convert ects european credit transfer and accumulation system credits to aubg credits 2 ects credits 1 aubg credit transferred ects credits are recorded on the student transcript precisely including fractions i.e half-credits unscheduled class meetings the published course schedule will indicate all recurring course-meeting times extra or alternative class sessions may be held outside of the normal class schedule to accommodate unforeseen circumstances after reasonable consultation with the students in the class faculty who schedule alternate sessions must avoid time conflicts and should not use the wednesday meeting-time break in the schedule alternative sessions must be preceded by timely notice and may not result in an increase in the total number of contact hours for the semester faculty may not require a student to attend one class over another exams should normally be held during scheduled class meetings however there are times when scheduling exams outside of the normal schedule is appropriate examples include group exams for multi-section courses and lengthier exam periods to enhance student performance when exams are scheduled outside of regular meeting times the scheduling of such exams must include consultation with students the exams must not conflict with any other scheduled class meetings of the students should be announced at least three weeks in advance and may not be held between 5 pm friday and 8 am monday for every exam held outside the regular class meeting time the instructor should cancel one regular class.