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note students cannot declare a minor in integrated marketing communications and a concentration in marketing management concentration bus 300 business ethics wic bus 340 organizational theory and behavior bus 448 strategic management wic plus six credit hours out of the following bus 449 topics in management bus 450 human resource management bus 451 hrm issues i – staffing and compensation bus 452 hrm issues ii – performance management bus 458 topics in management practice ent 300 entrepreneurship ent 400 topics in entrepreneurship ent 401 topics in entrepreneurship practice ent 440 conflict management ent 441 change management independent studies may be counted towards a specialization at the discretion of the department chair disciplinary honors in business disciplinary honors may be given to a business major who upon graduation has  achieved a gpa-in-major of at least 3.66  successfully completed and publicly defended a senior project or senior thesis in front of a panel of bus faculty and  received a grade of a for the senior project or thesis the panel will decide whether or not to recommend honors based upon the project research complexity development professionalism presentation demonstration and documentation note a successfully completed senior project or senior thesis counts as a bulgarian diploma thesis and substitutes for the bulgarian state exam computer science the computer science program focuses on helping students gain the necessary skills to become productive leaders in computing and related industries as such our graduates are expected to be highly competent well-qualified computer professionals with broad training in software development graduates are also expected to be well prepared for graduate study the computer science program cooperates closely with the computing industry other universities and aubg alumni to provide a modern curriculum for example the program creates partnerships with regional and international universities and institutions and regularly organizes a seminar series with speakers from both academia and industry the computer science curriculum is designed according to the recommendations of the association for computing machinery/institute of electrical and electronics engineers acm/ieee and enables students to meet the following skill or competency-based outcomes  demonstrate an understanding of and ability to apply current theories models techniques and technologies that provide a basis for problem solving  work as an effective individual and as part of a team to develop and deliver quality software  communicate effectively both orally and in writing  be aware of key ethical issues affecting computer science and the responsibilities of computer science professionals  learn new theories models techniques and technologies as they emerge and appreciate the necessity of such continuing professional development some of our graduates have gone on to successfully complete postgraduate degree programs in prestigious universities in the united states and europe including stanford mit john hopkins university oxford university and university college – london as well as many other top european universities others have joined international companies such as microsoft google ibm hewlettpackard and accenture still others have established their own successful software development companies such as progress telerik melon eastisoft mammothdb and transmetrics total 36 credit hours required courses 21 credit hours cos 120 c programming or placement test cos 150 discrete structures cos 221 fundamental data structures cos 235 computer architecture cos 240 object-oriented programming cos 315 software engineering cos 491 senior project i as the basic programming language used across the cos major curriculum is c every student must either demonstrate an appropriate level of c expertise