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university administration board of trustees cornelius m kerwin president scott a bass provost teresa flannery executive director university communications and marketing gail s hanson vice president of campus life mary e kennard vice president and general counsel thomas j minar vice president of development and alumni relations donald l myers vice president of finance and treasurer david e taylor chief of staff gary m abramson chairman jeffrey a sine vice chair gina f adams stephanie m bennett-smith richard beyer patrick butler edward r carr jack c cassell gary d cohn pamela m deese jerome king del pino david r drobis marc n duber hani m.s farsi ronald l frey c.a daniel gasby thomas a gottschalk gisela b huberman c nicholas keating jr cornelius m kerwin margery kraus gerald bruce lee charles h lydecker robyn rafferty mathias alan l meltzer regina l muehlhauser leigh a riddick arthur j rothkopf peter l scher mark l schneider john r schol neal a sharma virginia stallings phyllis a

academic regulations · graduate academic standards and degree requirements advancement to candidacy it is university policy that no student shall be involuntarily subjected to regulations and academic requirements introduced during the student’s continuous enrollment in good standing in a single degree program if the new regulations involve undue hardships or loss of academic credits earned to satisfy the requirements previously in effect each academic unit may at its discretion require a formal advancement to candidacy and determine the nature of the advancement procedure it will use credit hour and residence requirements graduate students are governed by the following minimum requirements for the graduate degree each teaching unit may have further requirements graduate students are advised to consult their own advisor department chair or dean for detailed information master’s degrees at least 30 credit hours of graduate work including a no less than 3 and no more

98 college of arts and sciences chem-561 biochemistry ii 3 chem-635 topics in biological and organic chemistry 3 may be taken twice with different topic chem-655 topics in inorganic and analytical chemistry 3 may be taken twice with different topic chem-660 topics in environmental chemistry 3 may be taken twice with different topic research courses 6 credit hours student’s thesis committee at least one semester prior to the oral defense of the thesis course requirements skills courses 9 credit hours · chem-602 research method design 3 · chem-605 research seminar 3 · stat-514 statistical methods 3 or skills course approved by advisor concepts courses 15 credit hours · 15 credit hours from the following · chem-797 master’s thesis research 6 or chem-797 master’s thesis research 3 and chem-691 internship in chemistry 3 chem-510 advanced physical chemistry 3 chem-520 advanced organic chemistry i 3 chem-540 advanced analytical chemistry 3 computer science

literature 145 · four courses in literature written before 1900 of which at least two must be in literature written before 1800 · one of the following lit-215 writers in print/in person 1:2 creative writing course 300-level cinema course · three additional courses offered or approved by the department of literature university honors program to graduate with university honors students must be admitted to the university honors program maintain a minimum cumulative gpa of 3.50 and receive grades of b or better in all university honors course work there are three levels of university honors course requirements level i 100-200-level level ii 300-level and above and level iii honors capstone project the department honors coordinator advises students in the university honors program regarding requirements for graduating with university honors in the major combined b.a and m.a in literature american university offers students the opportunity to earn both undergraduate and graduate

kogod school of business 193 ness administration curriculum it is strongly recommended that applicants take the satii math test for placement purposes in addition to university requirements for transfer admission transfer applicants to ksb should have a minimum grade point average of 2.50 on a 4.00 scale this also applies to students transferring from nondegree status at american university all b.l.c transfer students are required to take mgmt-458 and at least 18 upper-level credit hours toward their major requirements in residence transfer credits for 300-level and above business courses are subject to validation by the appropriate department chair and may be conditional on successful completion of a more advanced course at american university due to language proficiency expectations it is strongly recommended that students enter the program at the intermediate level of language study university requirements · a total of 120 credit hours · 6 credit hours of college writing

240 school of international service minimum grade of b in each course is required for transfer transfer courses must have been completed within seven years of admission and must fulfill stated requirements of the degree program degree requirements · 39 credit hours of approved graduate course work with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 including a minimum of 12 credit hours in the major field including one theory course and one graduate-level economics or international economic policy course appropriate to the field 15 credit hours in a concentration/related field selected from offerings in sis or other teaching units of the university 6 credit hours in social science research methodology and 6 credit hours of research · one oral comprehensive examination in international communication to be eligible to take a comprehensive examination students must have maintained at least a 3.00 grade point average on a 4.00 scale in all graduate course work · demonstration of

288 school of public affairs each student prepares a research proposal for the dissertation project it is the responsibility of the student to secure the agreement of a school of public affairs full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty member to serve as the chair of the dissertation committee one of the two other members of the committee may be from outside the school of public affairs each student must publicly defend the research proposal before the dissertation committee and other interested faculty the committee and the spa director of doctoral programs acting for the dean must approve the defense and the research proposal the topic covered by the proposal must be related to ongoing research or publications of the supervising faculty as work on the dissertation project progresses students register for 6–12 credit hours of directed study substantive course work may be used as part of this requirement where it contributes directly to the research specialization and is

336 course descriptions edu-554 teaching social studies in elementary education 3 the focus of this course is on understanding how to support all learners through the use of various strategies methods and models for teaching social studies emphasis is on the analysis of current research in effective social studies teaching and learning practical application in local elementary schools students provide their own transportation usually offered every fall prerequisite edu-205 edu-250 edu-319 edu-320 edu-321 edu-330 edu-362 edu-371 and edu-541 or edu-545 admission to the teacher education program and permission of seth adviser must be taken concurrently with edu-552 edu-553 edu-555 and edu-556 edu-555 teaching reading in elementary education 3 the focus of this course is on understanding how to support diverse learners through the use of various strategies methods and models for teaching reading emphasis is on exploring and analyzing current research in reading theory and practice field

language and foreign studies 383 lems of style and creative use of language usually offered every fall prerequisite russ-245 or equivalent russ-343 russian conversation and composition ii 3 continuation of russ-342 usually offered every spring prerequisite russ-342 or equivalent russ-441 russian media and political translation 3 may be repeated for credit reading and translating selected sociopolitical texts and current periodical publications vocabulary expansion through study of word formation study of idioms terms and syntactic patterns meets with russ-641 usually offered every fall prerequisite three years of college russian or equivalent or permission of instructor russ-443 russian business translation 3 may be repeated for credit development of business translation skills and an understanding of the socio-economic and political aspects of the business world study of language terminology stylistic constructions and related cross-cultural issues translation from russian to english

international service 431 relations since the 1960s and contemporary issues of european security usually offered every spring sis-657 international economic organizations public and private 3 a study of the entrepreneurial corporate and governmental forces and organizations that have shaped international commerce and cross-border finance the course examines how private-sector and official institutions in particular have become more or less relevant in light of fast-paced globalization since the 1960s the challenges these institutions currently face and how these institutions interact with and react to developments in commodity and financial markets meets with sis-457 usually offered every fall sis-658 financial issues in latin america 3 systemic financial problems fiscal banking currency and debt crises often in highly damaging combination have loomed large in the economic history of latin america this course analyzes both the fundamental and precipitating causes of these financial