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98 college of arts and sciences chem-561 biochemistry ii 3 chem-635 topics in biological and organic chemistry 3 may be taken twice with different topic chem-655 topics in inorganic and analytical chemistry 3 may be taken twice with different topic chem-660 topics in environmental chemistry 3 may be taken twice with different topic research courses 6 credit hours student’s thesis committee at least one semester prior to the oral defense of the thesis course requirements skills courses 9 credit hours · chem-602 research method design 3 · chem-605 research seminar 3 · stat-514 statistical methods 3 or skills course approved by advisor concepts courses 15 credit hours · 15 credit hours from the following · chem-797 master’s thesis research 6 or chem-797 master’s thesis research 3 and chem-691 internship in chemistry 3 chem-510 advanced physical chemistry 3 chem-520 advanced organic chemistry i 3 chem-540 advanced analytical chemistry 3 computer science chair angela wu full-time faculty professor emeritus r.a bassler t.j bergin f.w connolly m.a gray w.j kennevan professor m owrang a wu assistant professor m black instructor d fleck computer science programs prepare students for a wide range of career opportunities in software development computer systems design information technology computational theory and other technical computing professions they ensure a balanced presentation of the practical and theoretical aspects of computer science and provide students with a background for professional employment or further graduate study in the discipline b.s in computer science admission to the program formal admission to the major requires a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale and departmental approval university requirements · a total of 120 credit hours · 6 credit hours of college writing · 3 credit hours of college mathematics or the equivalent by examination general education requirements · a total of ten courses consisting of one foundation course and one second-level course in an approved sequence from each of the five curricular areas · no more than two courses may be taken in the same discipline major requirements · 55 credit hours with grades of c or better course requirements core courses 32 credit hours · · · · · · csc-280 introduction to computer science i 4 csc-281 introduction to computer science ii 3 csc-330 organization of computer systems 4 csc-493 computer science capstone project 6 csc-520 algorithms and data structures 3 csc-521 design and organization of programming languages 3 · csc-565 operating systems 3 · csc-570 database management systems 3 · 3 credit hours of csc-xxx courses above the 300 level approved by the student s advisor related courses 11 credit hours · math-221 calculus i 4 or math-221 applied calculus i 4 · math-222 calculus ii 4 or csc-350 introduction to discrete structures 3 · stat-202 basic statistics 4 concentration 12 credit hours · 12 credit hours in a concentration selected from the following or with approval of their academic advisor and the department students may design an individual sequence of courses examples of individually-designed concentrations include but are not limited to game programming computer forensics international services neural sciences physics mathematics economics government computing environmental studies computer graphics design bioinformatics multimedia computing or technical writing.