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literature 145 · four courses in literature written before 1900 of which at least two must be in literature written before 1800 · one of the following lit-215 writers in print/in person 1:2 creative writing course 300-level cinema course · three additional courses offered or approved by the department of literature university honors program to graduate with university honors students must be admitted to the university honors program maintain a minimum cumulative gpa of 3.50 and receive grades of b or better in all university honors course work there are three levels of university honors course requirements level i 100-200-level level ii 300-level and above and level iii honors capstone project the department honors coordinator advises students in the university honors program regarding requirements for graduating with university honors in the major combined b.a and m.a in literature american university offers students the opportunity to earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees through its accelerated bachelor’s/master’s programs undergraduate students may complete up to 3 credits for every 9 credits required for the graduate degree that may be applied to the requirements for both degree programs the department that oversees the graduate program the student enters will determine if the courses the undergraduate student completes will satisfy master’s degree requirements bachelor’s/master’s students must complete at least 18 in-residence credit hours at the graduate level after the bachelor’s degree is earned and maintain continuous sequential enrollment in the two programs this program enables students to complete both the b.a and the m.a in literature requirements · undergraduate literature majors ordinarily apply at the end of their junior year but they should consult with the m.a program director prior to applying admission decisions follow the procedures used to evaluate graduate applicants to the m.a in literature the graduate record examination gre is required students will be admitted formally to m.a status only if they have completed all requirements for the b.a in literature with at least an overall 3.00 grade point average and a 3.20 grade point average in literature courses · all requirements for the b.a in literature undergraduate students may apply up to 9 credit hours of approved graduate-level course work in literature to satisfy the requirements of both degrees · all requirements for the m.a in literature including a minimum of 18 credit hours completed in residence in graduate status after the undergraduate degree has been awarded students must finish the master’s degree requirements within three years from the date of first enrollment in the master’s program minor in creative writing · 24 credit hours with grades of c or better with a minimum of 9 credit hours at the 300-level or above and at least 12 credit hours unique to the minor course requirements · · · · lit-105 the literary imagination 3 lit-200 introduction to creative writing 3 lit-215 writers in print/in person 3 9 credit hours from the following lit-400 creative writing fiction 3 may be repeated for credit once lit-401 creative writing poetry 3 may be repeated for credit once lit-403 creative writing creative nonfiction 3 may be repeated for credit once · 6 credit hours from the following with a maximum of 3 credit hours at the 300-level with approval of the creative writing minor advisor lit-150 third world literature 3:1 3 lit-210 survey of american literature i 3 lit-211 survey of american literature ii 3 lit-220 survey of british literature i 3 lit-221 survey of british literature ii 3 lit-225 the african writer 1:2 3 lit-235 african american literature 2:2 3 lit-240 asian american literature 2:2 3 lit-252 survey of literary theory 3 lit-308 studies in genre 3 lit-309 contemporary british theater 3 lit-310 major authors 3 lit-315 topics in american romanticism 3 lit-316 nineteenth century american novel 3 lit-318 topics in american realism 3 lit-321 topics in american modernism 3 lit-322 topics in contemporary american literature 3 lit-323 ethnic literatures of the united states 3 lit-332 shakespeare studies 3 lit-334 topics in renaissance literature 3 lit-337 topics in restoration and enlightenment literature 3 lit-340 topics in nineteenth century british and european literature 3 lit-341 topics in romantic literature 3 lit-343 topics in british and european modernism 3 lit-360 topics in medieval literature 3 lit-367 topics in world literature 3 lit-370 topics in women s and gender studies 3