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directory american university 4400 massachusetts avenue nw washington dc 20016 general information 202-885-1000 www.american.edu college of arts and sciences battelle 202-885-2446 fax 202-885-2429 kogod school of business 202-885-1900 fax 202-885-1992 school of communication mary graydon center 202-885-2060 fax 202-885-2099 school of international service 202-885-1600 fax 202-885-2494 school of public affairs ward 202-885-2940 fax 202-885-2353 washington college of law 4801 massachusetts ave nw 202-274-4000 fax 202-274-4130 admissions 202-885-6000 fax 202-885-6014 alumni programs 202-885-5960 fax 202-885-5964 au central asbury 201 202-885-8000 fax 202-885-8010 campus life butler pavilion 401 202-885-3310 fax 202-885-1769 financial aid 202-885-6100 fax 202-885-1129 media relations 202-885-5950 fax 202-885-5959 registrar 4200 wisconsin ave nw suite 315 202-885-2022 fax 202-885-1016 student accounts asbury 300 202-885-3540 fax 202-885-1139 american university catalog is published by the office of the university registrar linda bolden-pitcher university registrar mary-ellen jones assistant university registrar/editor michael w giese curriculum/publications coordinator limitations on catalog provisions the educational process necessitates change this publication must be considered informational and not binding on the university each step of the educational process from admission through graduation requires appropriate approval by university officials the university must therefore reserve the right to change admission requirements or to refuse to grant credit or a degree if a student does not satisfy the university in its sole judgment that he or she has satisfactorily met its requirements university liability faculty students staff and guests are responsible for their personal property clothing and possessions the university does not carry any insurance to cover losses of such articles nor does it assume any responsibility for such losses.