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undergraduate rules and regulations undergraduate academic standards academic load the student is not making satisfactory academic progress an academic warning is not recorded on the transcript an undergraduate student admitted to and enrolled in a degree program usually registers for 15 credit hours each semester so that the required minimum of 120 credit hours for the bachelor’s degree is completed in four years students are considered full-time if registered for at least 12 credits hours half-time if registered for 6 to 11.99 credit hours and less-than-half-time if registered for less than 6 credit hours this designation applies to fall spring and summer with summer status determined by total credits across all sessions for fall and spring a typical load for a full-time student is 15 credit hours however the flat undergraduate tuition rate applies to a total of 17 credit hours to register for more than 18 credit hours students must receive permission from their academic unit academic probation and dismissal the registrar will place students on academic probation when their cumulative gpa falls below 2.00 or when the registrar is notified by the academic unit that a student has failed to meet other conditions for academic progress that may apply in some majors the registrar will notify the student in writing of their academic probation status and of any conditions associated with the academic probation conditions that students must adhere to during the academic probationary period may include but are not limited to inability to petition instructors for incompletes successful completion of specific courses minimum grades in courses or the overall gpa to be achieved in the academic probation period once placed on academic probation a student must maintain a minimum semester gpa of 2.33 and show satisfactory academic progress towards raising their cumulative gpa to the required level and meeting any other requirements unrelated to gpa as stated in their notification letter from the registrar students can be placed on academic probation only twice and for no more than three semesters in total whether for one or two academic probationary events after either the two academic probation threshold or three semester period threshold is reached students will be permanently dismissed from the university a student on academic probation may be subject to restrictions as to the load for which he or she may register such a student is ineligible to hold office in student organizations or to participate in intercollegiate events the student may however be permitted to participate in intercollegiate athletics programs as of the end of a session in which the cumulative gpa is raised to 2.00 c even though technically still on academic probation as when academic probation is stated for a two-semester term also a student may with permission of the student s academic unit complete the season of any collegiate sport in which he or she is participating at the time he or she falls below a 2.00 cumulative average gpa the university will permanently dismiss immediately students whose cumulative gpa after attempting or completing 24 good academic standing undergraduate students degree and nondegree are in good academic standing when they are maintaining a 2.0 cumulative gpa and are either enrolled in semester classes or are eligible to enroll in subsequent semester classes there may be higher requirements for students receiving financial aid or other awards satisfactory academic progress undergraduate students degree and nondegree are making satisfactory academic progress when they are in good academic standing are completing 80 of all cumulative attempted credits at au and are meeting on time the minimum requirements for majors and additional requirements defined by the program there may be higher requirements for students receiving financial aid or other awards academic warning when the academic unit determines that a student has lost good academic standing or failed to make satisfactory academic progress the academic unit may issue to the student in writing an academic warning students will be given an academic warning when either the student s semester gpa falls below 2.00 or 55