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university administration phyllis a peres senior vice provost and dean of academic affairs michael j ginzberg dean kogod school of business james m goldgeier dean school of international service claudio m grossman dean washington college of law barbara s romzek dean school of public affairs jeffrey rutenbeck dean school of communication peter starr dean college of arts and sciences carola weil dean school of professional and extended studies nancy davenport university librarian cornelius m kerwin president scott a bass provost teresa flannery vice president of communication gail s hanson vice president of campus life mary e kennard vice president general counsel and secretary board of trustees thomas j minar vice president of development and alumni relations donald l myers chief financial officer vice president and treasurer david e taylor chief of staff alumna/alumnus of american university board of trustees gisela b huberman c nicholas keating jr cornelius m kerwin margery kraus

58 undergraduate rules and regulations by the graduate degree program for every 9 credits required by the graduate degree program if he or she is admitted to the graduate program for example a student can share 9 credits for a 30-hour master s degree 12 credits for a 36-hour master s degree or 15 credits for a 39-hour or more master s degree for graduate-level courses taken as an undergraduate individual programs may set lower limits this applies only if these credits were approved as part of the application to the combined program and the student was admitted to the graduate program students are required to complete the graduation application and clearance process once for the bachelor s degree and once for the master s degree evaluation of progress an evaluation of each undergraduate student’s progress is made by the office of the student’s dean after each semester in addition to the cumulative grade point average this evaluation considers completion of all university

114 college of arts and sciences · all requirements for the bs in economics undergraduate students may apply up to 9 credit hours of approved graduate-level coursework in economics to satisfy the requirements of both degrees · all requirements for the ma in economics including a minimum of 18 credit hours completed in residence in graduate status after the undergraduate degree has been awarded students must finish the master’s degree requirements within three years from the date of first enrollment in the master’s program bachelor of science bs mathematics and economics admission to the program this program offered jointly by the departments of economics and mathematics and statistics is recommended for students interested in social science applications of mathematical concepts and for those interested in preparing for admissions to phd programs in economics formal admission to the major requires a grade point average of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale in the gateway courses

performing arts music theatre dance audio technology and arts management 169 minor in audio technology minor in music · 22 credit hours with grades of c or better and at least 12 credit · 21 credit hours with grades of c or better with a minimum hours unique to the minor course requirements · atec-101 fundamentals of audio technology 3 · atec-102 audio technology laboratory 1 · atec-301 digital audio workstations i 3 · atec-311 sound studio techniques i 3 · atec-401 digital audio workstations ii 3 · atec-411 sound studio techniques ii 3 · 6 credit hours from the following atec-321 sound synthesis i 3 atec-403 production mixing and mastering 3 atec-421 sound synthesis ii 3 atec-441 business of the audio industry 3 atec-450 audio technology capstone 1–6 of 9 credit hours at the 300-level or above and at least 12 credit hours unique to the minor course requirements performance focus · perf-124 music theory i 3 · perf-125 music theory ii 3 ·

kogod school of business 225 graduate programs the kogod school of business offers the master of business administration mba degree specialized master s degrees and graduate certificate degree programs the mba degree is delivered through two programs the full-time mba and the professional mba additionally there are two joint mba degrees jd/mba with the washington college of law and ma/mba with the school of international service the specialized master s degree programs offered by kogod are the master of science in accounting master of science in finance master of science in real estate master of science in sustainability management and master of science in taxation kogod also offers three graduate certificate programs in entrepreneurship real estate and taxation internship for credit program graduate students in the full-time mba and specialized master s degree programs may earn elective credit for internships that are related to their academic program and their career goals these

280 school of international service master of arts ma in international peace and conflict resolution and master of arts in teaching mat graduates receive an ma in international peace and conflict resolution through the school of international service and the mat in secondary education through the school of education teaching and health admission to the program applicants must hold an accredited bachelor’s degree with a cumulative grade point average of at least a b 3.30 or higher on a 4.00 scale and should have had at least 24 credit hours of social science coursework relevant to international studies students who do not meet these minimum requirements if otherwise admissible may be assigned additional coursework specified at the time of admission students must apply to both the school of international service sis and the school of education teaching and health seth in the college of arts and sciences admission to either of the participating teaching units in no way implies

336 course descriptions acct-680 advanced forensic accounting and fraud investigation 3 this advanced course focuses on the detection and investigation of business crimes with an emphasis on the forensic accountant s role in uncovering fraud topics include fraudulent financial statement analysis fraud detection using electronic evidence and legal issues that arise during the investigation and litigation process students also learn how to calculate damages write an expert report and testify in court prerequisite acct-551 acct-685 topics in accounting 1.5-3 topics vary by section may be repeated for credit with different topic rotating topics examine critical issues in accounting practice accounting theory and interdisciplinary perspectives in-depth coverage of topics such as issues in financial accounting management accounting assurance services or accounting information systems acct-690 independent study project in accounting 1-6 prerequisite permission of instructor department chair

392 course descriptions govt-521 topics in campaign management 1 topics vary by section may be repeated for credit with different topic one-credit hour advanced workshops conducted by campaign professionals are offered in areas such as campaign media production and strategy campaign fundraising get-out-the-vote and election analysis usually offered every term prerequisite govt-110 or govt-620 govt-522 studies in political behavior 3 topics vary by section may be repeated for credit with different topic examples are personality and politics and political socialization prerequisite 6 credit hours of relevant course work in political science or a related discipline govt-523 the art and craft of lobbying 3-4 the public affairs and advocacy institute paai is an intensive two-week program in major aspects of professional lobbying and influencing the policymaking process featuring speakers from the american university faculty and prominent professional lobbyists representing corporations

philosophy 447 phil-380 colloquium in philosophy 1 topics vary by section may be repeated for credit with different topic this course provides an opportunity for students to engage in philosophical practice in a more expansive way than in a traditional class in order to explore a central question of philosophical significance a prominent theme or important text prerequisite one course in philosophy phil-390 independent reading course in philosophy 1-6 prerequisite permission of instructor and department chair note generally open only to seniors phil-391 internship in philosophy 1-6 prerequisite permission of instructor and department chair note generally open only to seniors phil-398 honors project in philosophy 3-6 prerequisite permission of department and university honors director phil-400 ancient philosophy 3 an examination of ancient greek philosophy starting with the pre-socratics and continuing through plato aristotle and the three major hellenistic traditions epicureanism

world languages and cultures 503 ital-491 internship 1-6 prerequisite permission of instructor and department chair japanese japn-114 japanese elementary i 5 prepares students to function in everyday situations in the japanese-speaking world focuses on the acquisition of basic vocabulary and grammatical structures in culturally authentic contexts through speaking reading writing and listening comprehension usually offered every fall japn-115 japanese elementary ii 5 continuation of japn-114 usually offered every spring prerequisite japn-114 or equivalent japn-214 japanese intermediate i 5 refinement of basic language skills in a cultural context expansion of vocabulary and grammatical structures and further development of communicative skills usually offered every fall prerequisite japn-115 or equivalent japn-215 japanese intermediate ii 5 a continuation of japn-214 usually offered every spring prerequisite japn-214 or equivalent japn-314 advanced japanese i 3 promotes the advanced