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pw128 pw129 grand prix pontiac’s luxury performance car by don keefe $30.00/ea with 18 years of research on the pontiac grand prix don keefe takes the reader on a voyage that covers nearly a half century from the earliest design sketches of the late 1950s bringing the concept to market all production figures to date to the exciting grand prixs of today not simply a rosy depiction of the grand prix’s history the author also deals frankly with the darkest days of the 1970s and 1980s leading to its rebirth as an exciting front-drive sport coupe also covered are experimental showcar and specialty versions of the grand prix pw129 pontiac dream cars show cars prototypes by jesse thomas 19.00/ea from pontiacs made for display in pontiac-oakland dealerships of the 1930s to ghost-like see-through pontiacs exhibited at the 193940 worlds fair to motorama dream machines and banshees to the late pontiac concept vehicles this fully-illustrated volume covers nearly 60 years of four-wheeled pontiac fantasies pw128 pw125 pw126 pw125 pw126 1962 pontiac high performance and super-duty specification and parts manual reprint 1963 pontiac special equipment catalog and reference guide reprint 10.00/ea 10.00/ea pw131 pw131c pw133c pw131 how to restore metal auto trim by john gunnell 19.00/ea excellent book for showing how to remove and fix chrome stainless and aluminum trim everything from tools to cleaning repairing welding straightening and buffing 96 pages pw131c automotive bodywork and rust repair by matt joseph 26.00/ea pw131c teaches you how to select the proper tools preparing and cleaning sheet metal section fabrications and patches welding options forming fitting and smoothing cutting metal final metal finishing and more pw133c how to paint your car on a budget by pat ganahl 26.00/ea pw133c discusses how to prep and paint your car at home in your own garage on a budget covers tools needed body work,and prepaint techniques through color-sanding and buffing out the final product a must for the novice painter 1-800-421-2637 pw134 pw135 how to rebuild and modify carter/edelbrock carburetors by dave emanuel $22.00/ea pw134 reflects the emergence of edelbrock carburetors as the predominant carter-style carburetors in the market today a revision of the best-selling title super tuning and modifying carter carburetors this book contains more than 300 color photos illustrations and diagrams covering rebuilding tuning and modifying carter and edelbrock carburetors pw135 rochester quadrajet carburetors by cliff ruggles 24.00/ea pw135 will be a complete guide to selecting rebuilding and modifying the q-jet aimed at both muscle car restorers and racers the book includes a history of the q-jet an explanation of how the carb works a guide to selecting and finding the right carb instructions on how to rebuild the carb and extensive descriptions of high-performance modifications that will help anyone with a q-jet carb crush the competition pw134 pw138k pw138l pw138k how to build high performance ignition systems by todd ryan 25.00/ea how to build high-performance ignition systems is the complete guide to understanding automotive ignition systems from old-school points and condensers to modern computer-controlled distributorless systems from bone-stock to totally aftermarket 144 pages 275 color photos and wiring diagrams pw138l ls swaps how to swap gm ls engines into almost anything 25.00/ea pw155j pw155k hurst equipped more than 50 years of high performance 40.00/ea scores of interviews in-depth research and exceptional insight from veteran magazine editor richard truesdell and co-author mark fletcher has created a great book hurst equipped captures the complete story from the production cars and race cars to the performance parts pw155k 1957-64 building racing pontiac/olds rear ends by zach davidson brad duerst 40.00/ea pw155k aims to be the complete manual on the 9.3” rear end it includes history identification information and step-by-step rebuild and blueprinting procedures in a full-color 146 page spiral-bound manual chock full of more than 170 pictures pw155j www.amesperf.com 11 literature p19_2w.qxp_8.125x10.5 10/12/15 2:38 pm page 11