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fw132 fw133 fw134 how to rebuild and modify carter/edelbrock carburetors by dave emanuel $22.00/ea fw132 reflects the emergence of edelbrock carburetors as the predominant carter-style carburetors in the market today a revision of the bestselling title super tuning and modifying carter carburetors this book contains more than 300 color photos illustrations diagrams covering rebuilding tuning and modifying carter and edelbrock carburetors fw133 how to rebuild and modify rochester carburetors by cliff ruggles 24.00/ea fw133 will be a complete guide to selecting rebuilding and modifying the q-jet aimed at both muscle car restorers and racers the book includes a history of the q-jet an explanation of how the carb works a guide to selecting and finding the right carb instructions on how to rebuild the carb and extensive descriptions of high-performance modifications that will help anyone with a q-jet carb crush the competition fw134 how to rebuild holley carbs by mike mavrigian 26.00/ea fw134 covers double pumper avenger dominator carbs detailed operation jetting power and efficiency info as well as tuning and modifying holley carbs fw132 fw137p fw137r swap ls engines into 1967-81 firebirds camaros by eric mcclellan 26.00/ea provides excellent instruction and guidance for selecting the best engine for a budget choosing the adapter plates and engine mounts dropping the engine in the car selecting the ideal transmission and drivelines and completing all facets of the swap fw137r ls swaps how to swap gm ls engines into almost anything by jefferson bryant 25.00/ea from brake booster mounting to engine mounting to choosing the right driveshaft fw137r will guide you through hurdles you will experience when swapping your pontiac engine for a later-model corporate ls block fw137p fw137s fw137t how to make your musclecar handle by mark savitske 26.00/ea how to make your muscle car handle is the essential guide to unlocking the handling and performance potential of your muscle car if you yearn for better handling comfort and performance for your muscle car this is the book for you fw137t 1970-81 camaro firebird performance projects by jeff tann 29.00/ea several million camaros and firebirds were built from 1970-1981 many of these were sparsely equipped cars with six-cylinder or small v-8 engines and are perfect candidates for a full pro-touring treatment there is a huge and growing amount of aftermarket support for these cars with engine drivetrain brake steering and suspension parts being offered fw137s fw136j fw136h fw137 hurst equipped more than 50 years of high performance by mark fletcher richard trusdell 40.00/ea scores of interviews in-depth research and exceptional insight from veteran magazine editor richard truesdell and co-author mark fletcher has created a great book hurst equipped captures the complete story from the production cars and race cars to the performance parts hundreds of color and black and white photos 160 pages fw136h complete hurst shifter guide volume 1 by pete serio 34.00/ea fw136h covers hurst shifters from 1960-1970 includes the history of hurst shifter identification and a vast listing of all hurst shifters used by general motors amc ford and chrysler 144 pages fw137 turbo 350 transmissions rebuild modify by cliff ruggles 26.00/ea in gm turbo 350 transmissions how to rebuild modify respected automotive technical author cliff ruggles guides you through the complex rebuild procedure of gm s popular rear-wheel-drive automatic transmission with his proven style ruggles goes through the step-by-step rebuild and performance upgrade procedures in a series of full-color photos he includes instruction on removal and installation tear-down procedures parts inspection and replacement as well as performance mods and shift kit installation time-saving tips are part of every buildup as well automatic transmissions are a mystery to most even if you end up deciding to have a professional take care of your transmission repair and performance needs the information contained in this book is crucial to understanding how the power gets from the engine to the road add a copy of gm turbo 350 transmissions how to rebuild modify to your automotive library today fw136j 1-800-421-2637 fw165a how to paint your car on a budget by pat ganahl 26.00/ea this book discusses how to prep and paint your car at home in your garage on a budget covers tools needed body-work and pre-paint techniques through color-sanding and buffing out the final product a must for the amateur painter fw165a www.amesperf.com 15 literature f21_section_2w.qxp_8.125x10.5 layout 2/15/16 9:02 am page 15