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how to build high performance ignition systems f244 1973 77 door sill plates w o screws manual trans manual engine gasket set engine block ram air air cleaner f70 15 firestone wide oval raised white letter upper and lower control arm bushing front split folding bucket seat covers seat they include an exploded view of 1968 gto hood release rod clip 1970 gto front license plate 4 wheel disc brake conversion kit 1966 gto what are the parts of the book what are the parts of the books how to build and modify ford v 6 engines fan shroud fan pontiac 455 ho aluminum intake manifold convertible top front header bow timing chain cover seal pontiac v8 brake booster vacuum check valve gas tank strap hardware kit super tuning and modifying holley carburetors disc disc brake booster master cylinder front sway bar end link 1968 tempest hood release rod and clip rear disc brake conversion kits rear sway bar end link kit front disc brake conversion kits rear disc brake caliper banjo bolt lower control arm bush front lower control arm bush rear rear lower control arm bush front under rear seat floor pan power steering pump mounting bracket power steer pump mount bracket door lock rod retainer clip license plate bracket mounting hardware power master master cylinder power brake booster to firewall seal rear wheel cylinder repair kit gm front license plate mounting brackets front license plate mounting bracket front license plate mounting brackets keep your gm car all gm lock set 4 lock 1 key power brake booster to master cylinder seal rear brake to front brake conversion kit coil spring hold down clamps body mounts c body seat power seat switch 12 bolt rear end cover back up light switch assembly back up light light switch right and left hand threaded rod high pressure gas line pressure

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g32_section_1v.qxp_8x10.25 2/8/16 11:07 am page 4 miscellaneous miscellaneous flannel lined car covers car dusters water blade this line of car covers offers the ultimate protection for your gto’s finish pre-shrunk 100 cotton outer flannel lining protects from dust scratches and dents while allowing moisture to escape of all the car covers we’ve seen to date these flannel-lined covers far exceed the quality of unlined cotton covers scotchgard™-treated to repel water these covers are recommended for indoor use only v103 v104 v106 1964-67 flannel-lined car cover 239.00/ea 1968-72 flannel-lined car cover a-body 239.00/ea anti-theft steel cable w/lock 12.00/ea v230 v231 v230 california® car duster $21.00/ea this duster has specially treated cotton fibers that will lift off dust without scratching painted surfaces its baked-in paraffin wax fibers will actually work better the dirtier it gets after years of wiping with wet towels and worrying about scratching we

g32_section_3a.qxp_8x10.25 2/8/16 2:44 pm page 36 1966 gto/lemans 2-door 1967 gto/lemans 2-door interiors “classic” “classic” colors black parchment blue gold dark aqua metallic red a143 1966 inside door and quarter panels hardtop and sedan re $259.00/set a143a 1966 inside door and quarter panels convertible re 259.00/set a143b 1966 inside front door panels hardtop sedan and convertible re 189.00/pr a143c 1966 inside rear quarter panels hardtop and sedan re 75.00/pr a143d 1966 inside rear quarter panels convertible re 75.00/pr colors black red parchment blue gold dark aqua a144 1967 inside door and quarter panels hardtop and sedan re $259.00/set a144a 1967 inside door and quarter panels convertible re 259.00/set a144b 1967 inside front door panels hardtop sedan and convertible re 189.00/pr a144c 1967 inside rear quarter panels hardtop and sedan re 75.00/pr a144d 1967 inside rear quarter panels convertible re 75.00/pr “gold edition”

g32_section_3a.qxp_8x10.25 2/8/16 2:50 pm page 68 aftermarket consoles interiors for that weekend warrior or the daily driver this new selection of console-style compartments provide an area to put belongings and neatly hold your drinks non-alcoholic of course once you’ve arrived at your destination they can be easily removed while showing your car the bench seat model also seconds as a center armrest for long-ride comfort tastefully crafted with durable materials and covered with an upholstery-grade madrid-grain vinyl these are sure to last for years currently available in black colors coming soon a282 1964-67 center console compartment w/cup holder black ap 129.00/ea a282 fits over an original console single cup holder a283 1964-72 bench seat compartment w/2 cup holders black ap 109.00/ea a284 1964-72 console compartment w/2 cup holders black ap 119.00/ea a283 a284 a284 rests on the tunnel of non-console cars 1964-67 console components the following console top plate

g32_section_6d.qxp_8x10.25 2/8/16 2:19 pm page 99 hood tach components d144w d144w 1967-72 hood tach dimmer kit ap $40.00/kit this dimmer kit allows you to adjust the lighting on your reproduction tach for use with d142c d142f d144c d144f reproduction tachometers only d144m d144p d144q d144m 1967-72 hood tach vent line kit ap 40.00/kit d144m uses gm’s original design developed in late 1970 to address the issue of condensation inside the tach face hose runs from the tach bottom to the heater box differs in appearance from original d144p 1969-72 hood tach harness strap ape 6.00/ea this unique strap usually missing from original tachs utilizes the tach studs to hold the wires in place as they exit the tach body place on the studs before installing the retaining nuts d144q 1969-70 hood tach cowl clip re 42.00/ea this unique very hard to find clip is now reproduced with precise accuracy although high-priced these clips will add a perfect finishing touch to any

g32_section_10j.qxp_8x10.25 2/8/16 3:37 pm page 131 quarter window components j134m j130 j130a j131n j130 1964 1/4 window regulator handle re $6.00/ea j130 has different ribbed design from original but will work well j130a 1964 original-style window regulator handle re 30.00/ea this handle is the closest reproduction to original we’ve seen yet although the knob is different the body of this handle exhibits correct size and rib design j131n 1965-66 1/4 window regulator handle re 14.00/ea this is an excellent reproduction of the high-priced gm handle j132a 1967-74 1/4 window regulator handle black ap 6.00/ea j132ad 1967-77 correct 1/4 window regulator handle black re 15.00/ea j132ad is a superb reproduction of the original handle unlike afterproduct replacements this handle features correct shape offset spline size and knob shape j134mc j134p j135 j134m 1964-65 1/4 window regulator rollers 3-pc re $14.00/set requires one set per side mounts on window regulator j134mc

g32_section_13m.qxp_8x10.25 2/10/16 8:29 am page 162 directional signal switches boyne style switch close-up of cancel spring m139 close-up of cancel tab m140d m140fr delco style switch boyne vs delco identification the identification process for telling the difference between boyne and delco switches can be challenging before 1967 gm used boyne exclusively for their turn signal switch supplier in 1967-68 their cars were assembled with either boyne or delco switches to tell apart boyne switches are usually blue while delco are white however this is not always the case one other ways to tell them apart are by the cancelling mechanism where boyne switches have plastic arms that contact the cancel cam and delco uses steel cancelling springs another way is by identifying the hole on the collar that the hazard knob passes through on boyne systems the hole is round while delco has a ‘doghouse’ shaped hole you must know your application and type before ordering since delco and

g32_section_14n.qxp_8x10.25 2/10/16 10:34 am page 194 carburetor rebuild kits echlin© n191 n192 n193 1964-66 tri-power end carburetors only 2 required ap $33.00/kit 1964-65 tri-power center carburetor only ap 33.00/kit 1966 tri-power center carburetor only ap 33.00/kit n194 1964-65 carter 4bbl v8 ap $48.00/kit n195 1966 carter 4bbl v8 ap 33.00/kit n196 1967 rochester 4bbl v8 ap 37.00/kit n197 1968 rochester 4bbl v8 ap 38.00/kit n198 1969 rochester 4bbl w/o ram-air ap 38.00/kit n199 1969-70 rochester 4bbl w/ram-air ap 38.00/kit n200 1970-72 rochester 4bbl v8 ap 38.00/kit n201 1973-74 rochester 4bbl v8 ap 27.00/kit 1971-74 x-body and 1975-77 a-body carburetor kits are also available you must supply a carburetor number please inquire echlin kit is considered the best aftermarket kits daytona® these new daytona parts® carburetor rebuild kits have advantages over standard afterproduct kits in that they include a fully assembled accelerator pump and their patented

g32_section_14n.qxp_8x10.25 2/10/16 10:36 am page 226 oils additives 1-800-421-2637 www.amesperf.com engine components n219qc n219qd n219qf n219qc joe gibbs 10w-30 synthetic motor oil quart ap $9.50/ea n219qd joe gibbs 15w-50 synthetic motor oil quart ap 9.50/ea n219qf joe gibbs synthetic brake-in motor oil quart ap 8.50/ea joe gibbs driven hot rod oil is designed specifically for hot rod and muscle car applications born from the company’s successful formulation of high-performance racing oils and lubricants these oils are also used by joe gibbs racing sprint cup and nascar nationwide series teams this new oil will protect your car on the street track and in your garage their high levels of zinc provide proper anti-wear protection for flat tappet lifters and camshafts provides improved cold start protection contains the same additive technology used by the us military for storing and shipping combat equipment and protects against rust and corrosion during storage and

g32_section_16r.qxp_8x10.25 2/10/16 11:59 am page 257 power brake boosters original style boosters with script original style boosters without script these original-style boosters have the correct gold cad-plating with “delco-moraine” stamped in the case check valve is included we have seen most original production brake boosters without the “delco-moraine” stamping boosters with this stamping are usually over-the-counter delco replacement quality excellent r130yc through r130yg are original-style gold cad-plated boosters without the delco-moraine script check valve is included quality excellent r130p r130r r130p 1964-66 original-style power brake booster re 169.00/ea 1967-72 original-style power brake booster re 179.00/ea r130yc r130yg r130yg 1964-66 original-style power brake booster w/o “delco-moraine” script re 139.00/ea 1967-72 original-style power brake booster w/o “delco-moraine” script re 149.00/ea replacement boosters these

g32_section_17s.qxp_8x10.25 2/10/16 1:25 pm page 289 s113 1964-72 steering idler arm a-body ap $42.00/ea s113b 1964-72 steering idler arm a-body gm-rp 49.00/ea this gm replacement may differ in appearance than original s113c 1964-72 idler arm bolt kit a-body re 3.00/kit s113d 1971-72 steering idler arm x-body exc 350 ap 63.00/ea s113f 1972 steering idler arm x-body w/350 ap 155.00/ea s113f 1973-74 steering idler arm x-body ap 155.00/ea s113h 1973-74 steering idler arm a-body ap 33.00/ea s113j 1975-77 steering idler arm a-body ap 33.00/ea steering idler arms s113f s113c front upper lower control arms components add $15.00 oversize fee to standard shipping for front control arms s103 s103a s103c s103f s103h s103 s103a 1967-70 upper control arm shaft ap 1964-66 correct upper control arm shaft w/bolts washers ap 1971-74 upper control arm shaft x-body ap 1973 upper control arm shaft a-body ap 1974-77 upper control arm shaft a-body ap 59.00/ea 69.00/kit 59.00/ea