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g32_section_15p.qxp_8x10.25 2/10/16 9:40 am page 238 radiators ames performance now offers 3 varieties of desert cooler brand plus cold case brand radiators the following is a comprehensive explanation of all four 4-core desert cooler® the first being a conventional 4-row copper/brass replacement that is the closest in appearance to your original factory radiator we’ve been offering this radiator for more than 20 years with excellent results more efficient than original 4-core units and a marked improvement over factory 3-cores these desert coolers will be a welcome upgrade to your inherently hot-running pontiac conventional desert coolers feature 4 rows of 1/2” tubes on 9/16” centers 4-core high-efficiency desert coolers® next up is our newest line of high-efficiency desert coolers with tighter tube-spacing these new units will offer the best cooling capacity in an originallooking copper/brass variety these cores feature 1/2” tubes on 3/8” centers aluminum desert cooler® lastly the super-high-efficient aluminum desert cooler is the ultimate choice in maximum cooling at a very resonable cost boasting 2 rows of large 1” tubes they will provide up to 30 more cooling capacity than factory original copper/brass radiators these fully welded units are direct fit no metal modification needed these are designed and built to bolt into the stock opening stock fan and shroud can be used without modification beware of other aluminum radiators on the market that require extensive modifications for installation despite claims of being a bolt in application for some automatic applications the transmission cooling lines may need to be adapted to the fittings in the radiator ask about these fittings when ordering aluminum radiators are not painted or polished for 1968-72 applications rubber insulators will need to be trimmed for proper fit 1968 3-core driver’s side lower bracket must be modified as well aluminum radiators are not painted or polished all desert coolers are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of purchase for 1964-67 applications when replacing an original 3-core radiator the addition of our 4-core conversion kit part number p120 will be required petcock and caps are not included for petcock use p134ja or p134jn page 238 for caps see page 239 cold case® radiators we are now offering cold case radiators an economical all-aluminum high-efficiency radiator featuring 2 rows of 1” tubes these all-aluminum fully tigwelded units provide maximum cooling at a very reasonable price as with desert cooler 4-core and aluminum radiators cold case® radiators will require a mounting conversion kit when replacing a 2 or 3 core unit see part number p120 on page 245 additional discounts do not apply to radiators add $39.00 oversize fee to standard shipping for radiators we have seen some 1964 tri-power cars with the passenger’s side filler neck 1964 radiators have a driver’s side filler neck if passenger’s side filler is needed order for the 1965 tri-power application engine compartment 238 year trans carb core size body desert cooler® conventional high efficiency aluminum cold case® aluminum 1964 1964 1964 1964 1965 1965 1965 1965 1965 1965 1965 1965 1966 1966 1966 1966 1967 1967 1967 1967 1968-71 1968-71 1972 1972 mt at mt at mt mt at at mt mt at at mt at mt at mt at mt at mt at mt at 15 1/2” 15 1/2” 17 1/2” 17 1/2” 15 1/2” 15 1/2” 15 1/2” 15 1/2” 17 1/2” 17 1/2” 17 1/2” 17 1/2” 15 1/2” 15 1/2” 17 1/2” 17 1/2” 15 1/2” 15 1/2” 17 1/2” 17 1/2” all all all all all all all all all all all all all all all all all all all all all all all all a-body a-body a-body a-body p119d p119f p119h p119j p119p p119pp p119r p119rr p119t p119tt p119v p119vv p119ac p119ad p119ae p119af p119aj p119ak p119al p119am p119ar p119as p119at p119av p119dh p119fh p119hh p119jh p119ph p119pph p119rh p119rrh p119th p119tth p119vh p119vvh p119ach p119adh p119aeh p119afh p119ajh p119akh p119alh p119amh p119arh p119ash p119ath p119avh p119da p119fa p119ha p119ja p119pa p119ppa p119ra p119rra p119ta p119tta p119va p119vva p119aca p119ada p119aea p119afa p119aja p119aka p119ala p119ama p119ara p119asa p119ata p119ava inquire inquire p119hac p119jac inquire inquire p119rac inquire inquire inquire inquire inquire p119acc p119adc p119aec p119afc inquire inquire inquire inquire p119arc p119asc inquire inquire 1964-67 1968-72 $439.00/ea $499.00/ea $539.00/ea $599.00/ea $379.00/ea $379.00/ea all all all all 4-bbl 3x2 4-bbl 3x2 4-bbl 3x2 4-bbl 3x2 all all all all all all all all all all all all 1-800-421-2637 www.amesperf.com $319.00/ea $319.00/ea.