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how to build high performance ignition systems intake manifold manifold fr684f 1970 81 reverse lockout drive mechanism ram air air cleaner power brake booster to firewall seal 1979 trans am 10th anniversary hood scoop inserts trans am 81 trans am front fender 1967 firebird fold down rear seat parts 1969 firebird trans am how to build and modify ford v 6 engines pontiac 455 ho aluminum intake manifold timing chain cover seal pontiac v8 shaker scoop block off plate gas tank filler neck hose rear window reveal molding set 1975 pontiac power steering pump pulley brake booster vacuum check valve rear disc brake conversion kits headlight switch retaining nut tool brake self adjuster repair kit rear sway bar end link super tuning and modifying holley carburetors front sway bar end link front disc brake conversion kits rear sway bar end link kit under rear seat floor pan power steering pump mounting bracket stainless rear sway bar end link bracket oil pressure sending unit for chevy power steer pump mount bracket dash pad dog leg clip inner and outer tie rod rear wheel cylinder repair kit transmission rebuild kits for t 5 transmission stainless steel stud brass nut timing chain cover bolt kit back up light switch assembly 12 bolt rear end cover kit 2 seal kit dual exhaust converted to single exhaust upper and lower control arm bushing 5 bolt to 6 bolt wheel adapter trans am shaker scoop trans am shaker scoop filter trans am decal kit 1980 pontiac turbo trans am decals 1980 pontiac turbo trans am 1981 trans am nascar parts trans am shaker hood trans am front fender 76 trans am front fender oil pressure sending unit trans am 1977 trans am 10th anniversary rear brake caliper repair kits trans am

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f22_section_1v.qxp_8.125x10.5 layout 11/17/16 3:36 pm page 4 miscellaneous miscellaneous flannel-lined car covers technalon car covers this line of car covers offers the ultimate indoor protection for your firebird’s finish pre-shrunk 100 cotton outer with flannel lining protects from dust scratches and dents while allowing moisture to escape scotchgard-treated to repel water these covers are intended for indoor use only we do not recommend outdoor storage of vehicles however when it is necessary technalon covers will protect your pontiac’s finish from the elements they are made from the water resistant “evolution 4” material which maintains complete breathability one of the thickest covers available it protects against scratches and minor dents as well fv101a fv102a fv105 1967-69 flannel-lined car cover $249.00/ea 1970-81 flannel-lined car cover 249.00/ea all years anti-theft steel cable w/lock 12.00/ea max car covers made in the usa the max® cover

f22_section_3a-1.qxp_8.125x10.5 layout 11/18/16 8:42 am page 35 inside front door rear quarter panels unassembled panels do not include the upper steel pieces of the panels glass channel weatherstrips door lock ferrules or moldings 1970-81 pre-assembled door panels include the steel upper panels or top rails after-product style glass channel weatherstrip and door lock ferrules colors shown represent original factory upholstery for proper color match actual samples will be sent free of charge upon request add $14.00 oversize fee to standard shipping for door panels 70-71 70 sandalwood saddle m41 m36 694g 683g 71 71 blue jade green m09 m19 380g 415g 70-71 black m10 100g 70 dk green m24 469g fa170ab 70 brt blue m14 337g 71 dk saddle m42 690g interiors 1970-71 standard or custom interior 1970-71 standard interior brt blue 1970-71 door panels pre-assembled re $289.00/pr fa173f 1970-71 lower door panels pre-assembled re $389.00/pr these are an excellent quality accurate reproduction of

f22_section_3a-2.qxp_8.125x10.5 layout 11/18/16 8:53 am page 66 1970-81 console components interiors fa568fbk fa568fbk 1970-81 console door slip cover black re $17.00/ea this cover is an excellent alternative to replacing the entire door made of durable abs plastic black only requires silicone sealant for installation not included fa570 fa570 1970-79 console w/automatic re $319.00/ea fa570c 1970-79 console w/manual re 319.00/ea fa570 and fa570c has plastic bracing originals had steel holes may not line up correctly will not allow mounting of 8-track player consoles are available in black paint to match fa571f 1970-79 complete console kit mt re 459.00/kit fa571f includes the fa570c console fa566a compartment box fa568g lid specify color with latch hardware fr411 shift boot with fr415 retainer and fr413 lower shift lever seal fa569fnc bezel is not included fa571h 1970-79 complete console kit at re 479.00/kit fa571h includes the fa570 console fa566a compartment box fa568g lid

f22_section_7f.qxp_8.125x10.5 layout 11/17/16 3:53 pm page 97 d oor components door door handles locks door lock assemblies ff101p ff102c 1967-69 complete outside door handles “excellent quality” re $99.00/pr we’ve evaluated handle assemblies from four different manufacturersthese are simply the best ff101s 1967-69 complete outside door handles “good quality” re 49.00/pr these “good quality” handles are a less-expensive alternative to the ff101p handles above we have found these to be ideal for daily driver cars ff102c 1967-69 correct-style door handle screw set re 5.00/set ff101p ff152a ff153a ff153v ff153a ff153v 1967-68 outside door lock assembly w/original-style keys re 1967-73 outside door lock assembly w/late-style keys re 1974-81 outside door lock assembly w/keys re 1967-81 door lock retainer re $27.00/pr 20.00/pr 18.00/pr 1.00/ea for door keys and complete lock sets see the electrical components section with ignition locks

f22_section_10j.qxp_8.125x10.5 layout 11/17/16 3:59 pm page 128 wheelhouse/quarter structures includes inner and outer wheelhouse with partial inner quarter structure wheelhouse quarter structures must be prepaid and shipped by truck freight to a commercial address please inquire for truck freight charges add $20.00 for packaging and handling per panel additional discounts do not apply to wheelhouse/quarter structures fj406l fj406r 1970-81 wheelhouse quarter structure fj406r lh cpe re $915.00/ea 1970-81 wheelhouse quarter structure rh cpe re $915.00/ea rear 1/4 patch panels fj453l fj450l rear quarter trim fj455l fj451l fj450l 1967-69 quarter window rear corner filler panel lh cpe re 14.00/ea fj450r 1967-69 quarter window rear corner filler panel rh cpe re 14.00/ea this brace supports the edge of the quarter where the window felts attach this panel must be welded to the main body pillar and quarter panel coupe only fj451l 1967-68 front of rear wheelwell patch panel lh re

f22_section_13m.qxp_8.125x10.5 layout 11/17/16 4:05 pm page 158 battery components fm699c fm700a fm700b fm700d fm699c 1967-69 positive battery cable retaining strap re fm700a fm700d 1967 star washer nut for negative battery cable to head bolt stud re 1968-81 star washer nut for negative battery cable re 1971-77 battery side terminal bolt kit ap $2.00/ea 5.00/ea 5.00/ea 3.00/pr fm715j fm715j 1967-71 r59 battery topper w/caps ap 49.00/ea this topper gives any maintenance free flat top battery the correct look of the 1967-71 r59 battery electrical fm715l fm715l 1971-75 r89w battery topper w/caps ap 49.00/ea this topper gives any maintenance free flat top battery the correct look of the r89w battery textured finish fm717j fm717d automatic float charger ap disc skip the aggravation of a jump-start by keeping your vehicle s battery fully charged these float chargers can be connected to 12volt batteries while in storage or during cold weather the floating circuit maintains a full

f22_section_14n.qxp_8.125x10.5 layout 11/18/16 8:15 am page 189 fn499bk fn499dd fn499 1967-79 intake manifold bolt kit pontiac v8 exc ra-iv 455-ho ap 12.00/kit these bolts do not have the same head markings as originals kit does not come with stud bolts for ac or alternator brackets for later years fn499bf 1969 correct ra-iv intake manifold bolt kit re 20.00/kit fn499bk 1970 correct ra-iv intake manifold bolt kit re 24.00/kit fn499b 1969-70 ra-iv intake manifold bolt washer kit re disc fn499d 1971-72 455-ho intake manifold bolt stud washer kit re $27.00/kit these kits also contain the special bolts and washers for the crossover however the bolts do not have the same head markings as originals kit does not come with stud bolts for ac or alternator brackets for later years fn499dd 1973-74 correct intake manifold bolt stud kit re 16.00/kit fn499dg 1975-81 correct intake manifold bolt stud kit pontiac v8 exc turbo re 16.00/kit fn769at 1967-79 intake manifold gaskets w/blocked

f22_section_14n.qxp_8.125x10.5 layout 11/18/16 8:17 am page 220 engine gasket kit rear main seals viton® seals are direct replacements for the conventional rope seals which are prone to leak beware of x-brand seals on the market to fit pontiacs viton® is strongly recommended for 2-piece seals the crankshaft will need to drop slightly or removed for proper installation without leaking 1-piece seal requires complete removal of the crankshaft instructions included excellent longevity and performance fn765f fn766 1967-69 engine gasket set ohc-6 re $169.00/set 1967-79 complete engine gasket overhaul kit pontiac v8 ap 115.00/set this kit does not fit 301 ra-ii ra-iv 455-ho or 455-sd please inquire about these applications this kit does not contain carburetor gaskets fn766d 1968-74 complete engine gasket overhaul kit pontiac ra-ii ra-iv 455-ho 455-sd ap 158.00/set this kit does not include carburetor gaskets fn850l 1977-79 complete engine gasket overhaul kit olds v8 ap

f22_section_16r.qxp_8.125x10.5 layout 11/17/16 4:18 pm page 251 spicer universal joints grease caps wheel bearings seals fr633ab fr633c fr633g fr633ab 1967-69 front hub dust cap ap $15.00/ea fr633ac 1970-81 front hub dust cap ap 15.00/ea fr633c 1967-81 front inner wheel bearing ap 9.00/ea fr633da 1967-78 front outer wheel bearing ap 9.00/ea fr633e 1979-81 front outer wheel bearing ap 10.00/ea fr633fa 1967 front wheel seal w/drum ap 15.00/ea fr633g 1967-69 front wheel seal ap 4.00/ea fr633g fits 1967 with disc brakes all 1968-69 fr633h 1970-81 front wheel seal ap 3.00/ea fr633k 1967-early 70 rear wheel bearing w/10-bolt rear 2.747 od ap 35.00/ea fr633l late 1970-72 rear wheel bearing w/10-bolt rear 2.558 od ap 32.00/ea fr633m 1970-72 rear wheel bearing w/12-bolt rear ap 19.00/ea fr633ma 1973-81 rear wheel bearing exc 8.875” ring gear ap 19.00/ea fr633mb 1976-77 rear wheel bearing w/8.875” ring gear ap 17.00/ea fr633mc 1967-early 70 rear wheel seal ap

f22_section_17s.qxp_8.125x10.5 layout 11/17/16 4:23 pm page 282 performance suspension components established in 1980 global west suspension originally started developing suspension systems for road-race and formula race cars they have since evolved into a manufacturer that provides high-quality suspension components for major automotive manufacturers specialty aftermarket companies and ultimately the entire musclecar industry every global west component is designed to correct weak links in the original manufacturer designs while maintaining compatibility with not only their own parts but oem components as well most of the following items will be shipped directly from the manufacturer allow 2-3 weeks for delivery fs810p 1967-69 tubular front upper control arms ap $570.00/pr fs815p 1970-81 tubular front upper control arms ap $660.00/pr black powder-coated fully assembled arms with red polyurethane bushings billet shafts and hardware other color bushings also available as a special