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how to build high performance ignition systems front fender trim for rocker panel molding 350 455 emblems they include an exploded view of 1968 gto hood release rod clip 1970 gto front license plate 4 wheel disc brake conversion kit 1966 gto pontiac 455 ho aluminum intake manifold convertible top front header bow brake booster vacuum check valve timing chain cover seal pontiac v8 rear disc brake conversion kits front disc brake conversion kits super tuning and modifying holley carburetors gas tank strap hardware kit front sway bar end link rear sway bar end link kit 1968 tempest hood release rod and clip power steering pump mounting bracket rear disc brake caliper banjo bolt front license plate mounting bracket under rear seat floor pan rear wheel cylinder repair kit power brake booster to firewall seal keep your gm car all gm power brake booster to master cylinder seal 12 bolt rear end cover back up light switch assembly inner and outer tie rod gm performance parts cast aluminum valve covers 1964 gto hood scoops 1969 gto parking lamp 67 gto hood scoop 1967 gto rocker panel trim 65 gto rocker panel molding pontiac gto restoration guide gto hood release rod clip 1968 gto endura front bumper 68 gto rocker panel molding 1967 gto air cleaner assembly 1970 gto front fender 72 gto ram air 1970 gto parking light assembly power steering pump pulley 1965 gto 1965 gto in dash tach gto 67 vent window frame gm mark of excellence gto door hinge repair kit 69 gto 1966 gto tri power pontiac heavy duty parts specs hurst dual gate shifter parts 1970 72 monte carlo parts 12 bolt rear end parts high performance water pump pontiac racers and high performance handbook 1964 pontiac tempest lemans

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g34_1v.qxp_layout 1 12/6/17 12:51 pm page 4 miscellaneous miscellaneous flannel lined car covers car dusters water blade this line of car covers offers the ultimate protection for your gto’s finish pre-shrunk 100 cotton outer flannel lining protects from dust scratches and dents while allowing moisture to escape of all the car covers we’ve seen to date these flannel-lined covers far exceed the quality of unlined cotton covers scotchgard™-treated to repel water these covers are recommended for indoor use only v103 v104 v104f v106 1964-67 1968-72 1973-77 flannel-lined car cover $239.00/ea flannel-lined car cover a-body 239.00/ea flannel-lined car cover 269.00/ea anti-theft steel cable w/lock 12.00/ea v230 v231 v230 california® car duster $21.00/ea this duster has specially treated cotton fibers that will lift off dust without scratching painted surfaces its baked-in paraffin wax fibers will actually work better the dirtier it gets after years of wiping

g34_3a.qxp_layout 1 12/6/17 12:59 pm page 38 1966 gto/lemans 2-door 1967 gto/lemans 2-door interior “classic” “classic” colors black parchment blue gold dark aqua metallic red a143 1966 inside door 1/4 panels hardtop sedan re $259.00/set a143a 1966 inside door 1/4 panels cvt re 259.00/set a143b 1966 inside front door panels hardtop sedan cvt re 189.00/pr a143c 1966 inside rear 1/4 panels hardtop sedan re 75.00/pr a143d 1966 inside rear 1/4 panels cvt re 75.00/pr colors black red parchment blue gold dark aqua a144 1967 inside door 1/4 panels hardtop sedan re $259.00/set a144a 1967 inside door 1/4 panels cvt re 259.00/set a144b 1967 inside front door panels hardtop sedan cvt re 189.00/pr a144c 1967 inside rear 1/4 panels hardtop sedan re 75.00/pr a144d 1967 inside rear 1/4 panels cvt re 75.00/pr “gold edition” a140ea 1966 a140ec a140ef 1966 1966 a140eh 1966 a140el 1966 inside door 1/4 panels hardtop sedan re inside door 1/4

g34_3a.qxp_layout 1 12/6/17 1:03 pm page 71 ac ducts vent deflectors a274tc a274td 1964-77 chrome plastic ac lap cooler a-body re $20.00/ea 2 required per car a274td 1964-69 center dash plastic ac vent deflector re 25.00/ea although incorrect for 1970-72 a274td will also work on these cars a274tc $3.00/kit 27.00/ea a274s a274t a274s 1964-65 chrome ac vent deflector re 19.00/ea a274t 1966-67 chrome ac vent deflector re 19.00/ea these reproduction air conditioning vent balls make replating your old units obsolete quality a274rv-a274t very good a274rt 1964-67 ac vent deflector seal kit re 6.00/kit a274rt consists of die-cut felt strips that must be glued in place a274tdb center dash a/c vent bezel re a274tdb 1969 19.00/ea a274ta a274tab a274tac a274ta 1964-65 dash vent duct adapter re 38.00/ea a274tab 1964-67 dash vent duct lh re 54.00/ea a274tac 1964-67 dash vent duct lh outer/upper re 54.00/ea quality of a274tab a274tac is fair a274tn a274tr dash ac vent deflector lh or rh

g34_6d.qxp_layout 1 12/6/17 1:45 pm page 104 rubber bumpers for complete bumper stop kits see the miscellaneous section hood cowl d110 d110ab d110am d110a d110b d110c d110 1964-65 hood front bumper w/stud re $5.00/ea this is a gm replacement that is not exact d110ab 1964-65 hood front bumper caps re 6.50/pr these are an exact reproduction and do require the use of your original studs d110am 1964-65 hood front bumper nuts ap 1.50/pr d110a 1966-73 hood front bumper w/stud adjustable cone-shaped a-body ape 7.50/ea if your car’s original studs and nuts are reusable refer to d110ab d110b d110b 1966-73 hood front bumper cap adjustable cone-shaped a-body re 2.50/ea exact reproduction of the cone-shaped cap used on the front adjustable bumpers for these years you must reuse the original stud and nut d110ap d111 d112 d112a d115c d110c polished stainless steel adjustable hood front bumper $25.00/ea d110ap 1966-72 hood front bumper nuts ap 1.50/pr d110d 1974-77 hood front bumper

g34_10j.qxp_layout 1 12/6/17 2:16 pm page 137 rearq ua rt ertrim rear quarter emblems j101b j101bk 1964-67 j101 “gto” rear 1/4 plates w/pressed steel pal nuts ape j101b j101bk 1964 rear 1/4 louver re 1964-66 tempest “custom” rear 1/4 emblem re $19.00/ea 15.00/ea 26.00/ea j101bl j101bl 1964 “lemans” rear 1/4 emblems re 75.00/pr j101b through j101bl are low-pressure castings no die-cast available j101cd j101cd 1965 “tempest” rear 1/4 letters 1 set re 75.00/set low-pressure casting j101d 1965-66 “lemans” rear 1/4 letters 1 set ape 45.00/set j101e 1965-66 “lemans” rear 1/4 letters 2 sets ape 85.00/2 sets die-cast quality excellent j101f 1967-68 “lemans” rear 1/4 letters 1 set re 59.00/set j101g 1967-68 “lemans” rear 1/4 letters 2 sets re 113.00/set j101f j101g are low-pressure castings j101m j101m 1966 “tempest” rear 1/4 plate re j101r 1967 “lemans” rear 1/4

g34_13m.qxp_layout 1 12/6/17 2:24 pm page 170 directional signal switches m139 m140d m140fr boyne vs delco identification the identification process for telling the difference between boyne and delco switches can be challenging before 1967 gm used boyne exclusively for their turn signal switch supplier in 1967-68 their cars were assembled with either boyne or delco switches to tell apart boyne switches are usually blue while delco are white however this is not always the case one other ways to tell them apart are by the cancelling mechanism where boyne switches have plastic arms that contact the cancel cam and delco uses steel cancelling springs another way is by identifying the hole on the collar that the hazard knob passes through on boyne systems the hole is round while delco has a ‘doghouse’ shaped hole you must know your application and type before ordering since delco and boyne switches are not interchangeable it is also advised that you count wires for proper

g34_14n.qxp_layout 1 12/6/17 2:33 pm page 204 electronic fuel injection these e.f.i 4-injector self-tuning fuel injector systems are rated at 600-hp yet suitable for any engine from 250-600-hp these systems are perfect for a dailydriver or your weekend street-machine features the latest most accurate self-learning system available timing control and many other features these kits fit any 4-barrel intake manifold and are the most self-contained and full-featured units available the ecu computer is mounted on the throttle body simplifying installation no holes required in your firewall and no unsightly harnesses to clutter your engine compartment make these nearly undetectable as an aftermarket add-on these units are also the only computer-controlled fuel injector that offers spark control without the need for an external spark control box or special distributor other features included are a fuel pressure regulator and a hand-held controller featuring a touch-screen for quick and easy

g34_14n.qxp_layout 1 12/6/17 2:35 pm page 237 engine mount adapter kits n244ca n244a 1976-81 engine mount adapter kit re $53.00/kit n244a is used to install a 1976-81 pontiac 3-bolt block into a 1974 earlier chassis with 2 bolt motor mounts n244ca 1959-69 engine mount adapter kit re 54.00/kit n244ca is used to install a pre-1970 2-bolt block into a 1970 later chassis with 3 bolt motor mounts engine strut n241 n241 universal engine torque strut ap $69.00/kit this universal kit prevents forward back motion while allowing engone mounts to function properly 1 or 2 kits can be used depending on horsepower torque of your engine welding required oil filter components n219ps n219kn n219kp n219ps 1964-77 small diameter oil filter pontiac v8 gm 7.00/ea used for aftermarket header applications where clearance is tight n219kn 1964-74 k&n® oil filter v8 15.00/ea n219kp 1964-74 small diameter k&n® oil filter v8 15.00/ea originally developed for demanding race applications k&n s

g34_16r.qxp_layout 1 12/6/17 2:43 pm page 270 power brake boosters original style boosters with script original style boosters without script these original-style boosters have the correct gold cad-plating with “delco-moraine” stamped in the case check valve is included we have seen most original production brake boosters without the “delco-moraine” stamping boosters with this stamping are usually overthe-counter delco replacement quality excellent r130yc through r130yg are original-style gold cad-plated boosters without the delco-moraine script check valve is included quality excellent r130p r130r 1964-66 1967-72 r130p original-style power brake booster re original-style power brake booster re $169.00/ea 179.00/ea r130yc 1964-66 r130yg 1967-72 r130yg original-style power brake booster w/o “delco-moraine” script re $139.00/ea original-style power brake booster w/o “delco-moraine” script re 149.00/ea replacement boosters these

g34_17s.qxp_layout 1 12/6/17 2:51 pm page 303 ball joints components s102r s102s s102r 1964-77 upper ball joint rivet set 8-pc re 8.00/set this rivet was originally used by gm to secure the upper ball joint to the control arm professional installation required s102r can only be used with original ball joints with 1/4” holes cannot be used with s101 or s101b s102s 1964-77 upper ball joint rivet nut set 8-pc re 25.00/set this design of rivet-head bolt allows you to secure your ball joints with bolts while retaining an original appearance install from the top and tighten the nut and lock washer on the bottom tight clearance will lengthen installation time cannot be used on s101 s102vv s102vw s102wx s102xa s200 s205 s102vv s102wx 1964-77 lower ball joint boot re 1964-74 upper ball joint boot re 1964-77 inner or outer tie rod end boot re 1964-77 correct tie rod boots 4-pc re s200 s205 1964-77 urethane ball joint boots 4-pc ap 1964-77 urethane tie rod boots ap 4.00/ea

g34_20z.qxp_layout 1 12/6/17 2:58 pm page 336 336 1-800-421-2637