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CHOOSING A CAM CAMSHAFTS AND HYDRAULIC LIFTERS 4 The question What cam should I buy for my bike ? is one we often hear. While there are no hard and fast rules for picking a cam for a specific application, some basic guidelines are worth considering. Keep in mind that performance camshafts are usually chosen for the basic purpose of producing more power from your engine. The three questions to answer before choosing a new cam are: 1. Primary application: Is the bike going to be used for all around street riding or is the goal to have an engine which is running at maximum torque and horse power for track or drag racing? 2. Type of riding: Do you spend a lot of your time riding two up on highway trips or is it more important to have the most power you can get. In other words is your riding style conservative or more aggressive? 3. Engine/Bike combination: This question relates to displacement (cubic inches), compression ratio, bike weight and what kind of cylinder

Want more power from your new 88 engine? Andrews Products has eight proven Twin 88 grinds for 2004 to get you there. More HP and torque for stock or modified engines is within easy reach. All cam grinds listed are designed for use with stock H/D hydraulic lifters. Matching pushrods and heat treated steel sprockets are listed on the preceding page. For any bolt in cam grind, EZ-install pushrods do not require removal of gas tanks or rocker boxes for installation. TWIN 88: CHAIN DRIVE CAMS AND KITS TOURING AND PERFORMANCE CAMS Stock (A) -02/38 216 257 .473 .072 Stock Carbureted engine: stock cam data listed for reference. Carburetors 36/04 220 260 .473 .110 (Stock engine output is approximately 62 HP). Stock (B) 02/34 216 257 .473 .087 Stock Fuel injected engine: stock cam data listed for reference. Injectors 36/04 220 260 .473 .110 (Stock engine output is approximately 62 HP). 288121 TW21 10/30 220 255 .498 .134 Stock Bolt in cam first

High Lift Springs for Evolution engines-used with titanium spring collars, cam lifts of .550+ can be accommodated. Installation does not require head machining. Part #294150 (4 inner and 4 outer springs) Titanium upper spring collars will fit all Evolution 80 engines. Provides .050" more spring travel than stock collars. Collars are stronger and 50% lighter than stock collars. Part #293110 (4 titanium upper spring collars) On September 7, 2002, at Illinois Harley Davidson, John Kownacki again won the dyno horsepower shootout with an astounding 165 hp and 151 ft. lbs. of torque running an S S 113 engine in a 1994 FX frame. The bike is owned by John Kownacki of Chicago and ridden on the street. Together with Kownackis legendary tuning skill and a custom designed Andrews camshaft, the bike has won every shootout contest it has entered; 20 for 20! (20 shootouts: 20 wins). The sound and power of this engine has to be seen up close to be truly appreciated. Every

When installing cams with high lifts and long durations, a few general observations are worth keeping in mind. Remember that additional cam duration can produce more usable power but too much duration may actually hurt overall performance. The problem of poor engine response begins when too much duration results in lower cylinder compression pressure (at low RPM) which in turn can reduce low RPM torque and power. Too much duration in a camshaft is not necessarily a good thing. ENGINE TUNING INFORMATION 1. Using both top and bottom collars, place spring assembly in a small vise and close the vise until the outer spring is solid. Be careful when compressing springs in a vise! 2. Now measure the distance between spring lands as in diagram and write down the number for later use.This is the Solid Height. 3. Calculate INSTALLED SPRING HEIGHT (min.) as follows: INSTALLED HT.= Solid Height .060 Max. Valve Lift 4. Max. valve lift can be taken from catalog figures. For example,

Andrews Products makes high performance cams for all EV Sportster engines. All of the cams listed below will run to 6500 RPM with stock hydraulic lifters. Stock H/D hydraulic lifters are very proven units and we recommend that they not be changed to solid lifters. Andrews Products EV Sportster cams have stock base circle sizes so stock (nonadjustable) pushrods can be used (except V9 or BV). Adjustable aluminum or chrome-moly steel pushrods are also available. Note: #2 cam drive gears used in 2000 and up EV Sportster cams uses 46 teeth; the '91-99 #2 gear has 36 teeth. 46 tooth gears will fit 91-99 #2 cams. EV Sportster Adjustable Length Pushrods Part #292020 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (4 aluminum pushrods; '86-'90) Part #292090 . . . . . . . . . . . (4 chrome-moly steel rods; '86-'90) Part #292030 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (4 aluminum pushrods; '91 up) Part #292085 . . . . . . . . . . . . (4 chrome-moly steel rods; '91 up) EV Sportster Fixed Length Pushrods Part

18 SHOVEL VALVE SPRINGS AND COLLARS If you are installing cams in a shovel engine, the valve spring collars and related parts shown at left will make things go a lot smoother. Our springs and collars are designed for easy installation and maximum reliability. Andrews Products pushrods are available for all Shovel engines using stock diameter tubing so there is no cover tube interference. Extra long or short pushrods can be made up to order. Call us if you need them. A. Aluminum Pushrods and Adjusters-quiet operation. 4 aluminum pushrods and adjusters . . . . . . . Part #240055 B. Chrome-Moly (4130) Steel Pushrods-maximum strength. 4 steel pushrods and adjusters . . . . . . . . . . . Part #240030 A. High Lift Upper Spring Collars: H/D 74/80 motors. Used with high-lift springs, cams with .600 lift can easily be accommodated. Made from T6 aluminum, collars are light weight, hard coated and very strong. 4 high lift spring collars: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

21 Duration Valve Lift @ Part# Grind Timing(*) .053 .020 Lift TDC Springs Application Comments Duration Valve Lift @ Part# Grind Timing(*) .053 .020 Lift TDC Springs Application Comments Duration Valve Lift @ Part# Grind Timing(*) .053 .020 Lift TDC Springs Application Comments 291581 EV81 32/60 272 306 .610 .262 HI-LIFT For 80-88 inches, 10.5+ C.R., head work. Broad 66/30 276 310 .610 .244 160 LBS. nose, quick ramps for wide torque band. 6500+RPM. 291584 EV84 32/64 276 310 .640 .269 HI-LIFT Quick ramps, broad nose type design means more 70/30 280 314 .640 .246 160 LBS. power for 90-100 inch motors. 6500+ RPM. 291588 EV88 34/70 284 318 .680 .288 HI-LIFT Same as above but more stuff for 100+ inch motors. 76/32 288 322 .680 .264 160 LBS. Expert installation knowledge required. 6500+RPM. 212823 ('70) S82 32/60 272 306 .590 .237 HI-LIFT 74-84 inch Shovels with 10.5+ C.R. New design 212825 ('78)

BIG TWIN TRANSMISSION BELT SPROCKETS Fits all EV80 and Twin 88 5 and 6 speed transmissions, 29, 30, 31, 33 and 34 teeth available POWER SPROCKETS: 29 Tooth sprockets . . . . 9% MORE RPM* Part #290290 ('85-'93) Part #290294 ('94-up) 30 Tooth sprockets . . . . . 6% MORE RPM* Part #290304 ('94-up) Part #290300 ('85-'93) OVERDRIVE SPROCKETS: 34T sprockets. . . . . . . . . . 6% LESS RPM* (180 RPM drop in engine RPM 60 MPH) Part #290344 ('94-up) Part #290340 ('85-'93) *More RPM means more power; less RPM means more MPH than stock 32 T sprocket. POWER SPROCKETS: 31T sprockets. . . . . . . . . 3% MORE RPM* Part #290314 ('94-up) Part #290310 ('85-'93) CRUISING SPROCKETS: 33T sprockets. . . . . . . . . . 3% LESS RPM* Part #290334 ('94-up) Part #290330 ('85-'93) Sprocket Tooth Counts Ratios 1994-2001 (36 T clutch-25 T engine sprocket) TRANS. REAR WHEEL OVERALL 29 70 3.48 30 70 3.36 31 70 3.25 32 (Stock) 70 3.15 33 70 3.05 34 70 2.96 29 65 ('95

26 Big Twin 4 speed transmissions have been built since 1936 in several versions. They were included on bikes with Knuckle engines, Pans, Shovels and some '84 and '85 Evolution 80's. They all used this transmission. With Andrews 4 speed gears, transmissions last longer, shift faster, and just plain run better. Bikes with Andrews gears feel so good that its hard to believe until you experience the difference for yourself. 2.44 1ST GEAR SET (1959 thru 1984) Part #201105 Best choice for Superglides, choppers and lighter bikes with stock or smaller motor or trans sprockets. This is a no clunk, 48 mph, 1st gear. Installation in '80-84 FX requires 21T (1.82 ratio) 2nd gear for this 1st gear. 2.60 1ST GEAR SET (1959 thru 1984) (Not shown) Part #201145 This gear set works best with E glides and heavier bikes with motor or trans sprockets having more teeth than stock sprockets. Installation in '80-84 FX requires 21T (1.82 ratio) 2nd gear for this 1st gear. 3.00 1ST GEAR SET

29 SPORTSTER GEARS (4 SPEED) The gears listed on this page will fit Sportster 4 speed transmissions made from 1956 through 1990. All Andrews 4 speed Sportster gears are made from high nickel alloy steel which is heat treated and shot peened for maximum durability. Shot peening greatly improves the wear resistance of drive edges and slots. All Sportster gearboxes run better with Andrews gears. (A) STOCK 1ST GEARS. Part #251050 main 1st (27T) (replaces 35277-52A) Part #251060 counter 1st (17T) (replaces 35760-73 late only, 1973-1985). To fit 1986 and later requires early countershaft #259010 WIDE RATIO 1ST GEAR SETS (Not pictured) Changes 1st from 2.52 ratio to 2.68 for more low end torque with 21T or 22T trans sprockets. Part #251010 (late only, 1973-1985). To fit 1986 and later requires early countershaft #259010 (B) STOCK 2ND GEARS. Part #252020 2nd main (23T) (replaces 35296-56 56A) Part #252040 2nd counter (20T) (replaces 35750-58 58A) (C) STOCK 3RD GEARS. Part

31 SALES POLICIES LIMITED WARRANTY POLICY Payment Terms: Visa and Mastercard payments for orders are accepted. COD orders will be sent certified check or money order. COD orders sent company check OK must be approved by Andrews Products in advance. Ordering Cams not listed in this catalog: Cam grinds which are not currently listed in the catalog are available as special orders. Custom ground or special order cams are priced and quoted on an individual basis. Call for information. Foreign Shipments: All foreign orders must be prepaid in U.S. dollars including freight and forwarding charges. Andrews Products, Inc., will provide bank wire transfer information for foreign orders upon request. Shipping Carrier: All shipments will be sent United Parcel Service (UPS) ground service unless other arrangements have been agreed upon in advance. All overnight shipping expense will be charged to customer. Claims of Shortages: Claims of shipment shortages should be made to