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tools made in germany spring band hose clamps single acting spring return metal tool box metal tool boxes metal tool box handle metal tool box handles wire mesh tool american style american style plastic tool boxes plastic tool box hand tools cutting tools heavy duty hand tools metal tool box locking mechanism metal tool box locks wood working tools tool made in spain 16 metal tool boxes grade 5 tool steel metal tool box with 2 locks metal tool box with 1 locks grip on tools plastic case for small tool hand tool made in canada bending tools for tubing grade 12 tool steel cut and hold tool made in germany ratchet line wrench wrench curved jaw pliers dead blow hammers bent nose pliers ratcheting snap ring pliers insulated screwdriver set long nose plier wiper arm puller ergo grip pliers chain pipe cutter end cutting nippers 4 end cutting nippers long reach long nose pliers snap ring pliers screw extractor set chain pipe clamp hose clamp pliers files and rasps external snap ring pliers mini copper tube bender pin punch set heavy duty ratcheting box wrenches 4 end cutting nipper wire rope cutter screw extractor set precision windshield wiper arm windshield wiper arms plastic tubing cutter

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our mission anglo american tools was founded in 1973 by derrick and sheila tuck who emigrated from england with the vision of offering high quality european hand tools to professional contractors in the united states over the years anglo american tools has earned a reputation among both european manufacturers and american distributors for offering a comprehensive variety of top quality professional hand tools and providing only the best service to both clients and customers derrick’s dream was to put the finest european hand tools into the hands of american professional tradesman this is still our mission today for decades professional hand tool manufacturers from around the world have selected anglo american tools as their primary distributor and sales agent in the united states anglo american offers the highest level of service to its clients by delivering engaging product information to the public offering innovative problem solving tools and providing exceptional customer

hammers osca’s patented 3-component handles safety collar steel wedge topped with epoxy resin nylon aluminum alloy core anti-slip rubber grip anti-vibration handle anti-vibration handle reduces hand arm fatigue vibration from the hammer is absorbed through the aluminum alloy core into a co-molded nylon and rubber handle club hammers new os123ph106 os2000106 os2500106 spanish head machinist’s hammers 12 item handle type handle length head type lbs os123ph106 hickory wood 10” regular 2.2 os123ph156 hickory wood 11” regular 3.2 os125s106 hickory wood 10” spanish 2.2 os200086 3-component 10” regular 1.7 os2000106 3-component 10” regular 2.2 os2000156 3-component 11” regular 3.3 os3100106 3-component 10” spanish 2.2 os2500106 synthetic 11” regular 2.2 new os104p512 os2100306 ▪▪ useful for demolition driving steel chisels and masonry nails ▪▪ induction hardened steel head with

punches automatic adjustable center punches new ▪▪ adjustable impact strike force for controlled applications ▪▪ precision all-steel design with replaceable hardened pin is used for striking center holes for drilling in layout work ▪▪ available with 2-component handguard for secure grip ▪▪ self-striking mechanism is activated by downward pressure eliminating the need to strike with a hammer ▪▪ single-handed operation impact force is adjustable ▪▪ replaceable hardened pins available for small medium and large center punches rn430229 force range 4.5 11 lbf rn430230 item l description force range lbf lbs rn430229 4” small auto adj center punch 20n 50n 4.5 11 .15 rn430230 5 1/4” medium auto adj center punch 60n 130n 13.5 30 .20 rn430231 6” large auto adj center punch 180n 250n 40.5 56 .25 rn439129 1 3/8” small spare pin 3.5 mm diameter .05 rn439130 1 3/4” medium spare pin 4.0 mm

extractors slide hammers counterstays internal extractors ▪▪ made of tough high-tensile steel with an internal safety stop ▪▪ internal extractors are excellent for pulling ball bearings ball bearing races bushes and sleeves ▪▪ can be actuated with either a counterstay or slide-hammer unit depending on the application item capacity compatible with lbs kk21-1 1/2” 5/8” kk22-1 kk22-0 .35 kk21-2 1/2” 3/4” kk22-1 kk22-0 .40 kk21-3 3/4” 1” kk22-1 kk22-2 kk22-0-1 .45 kk21-4 3/4” 1 1/4” kk22-1 kk22-2 kk22-0-1 .50 kk22-1 kk22-2 kk22-0-1 .75 1 3/8” 1 3/4” kk22-2 kk22-3 kk22-0-1 1.5 kk22-2 kk22-3 kk22-0-1 2.7 kk22-2 kk22-3 kk22-0-1 3.2 kk22-3 kk22-0-1 5.7 kk21-5 kk21-3 kk21-6 kk21-7 kk21-8 kk21-9 slide hammers sets 1 1/8” 1 1/2” 1 3/4” 2 1/4” 2 1/4” 2 3/4” 2 3/4” 4” new ▪▪ ideal for pulling or removing stubborn bearings axles gears

pliers pliers

cutting pliers diagonal cutters ergonomic ▪▪ cutting edges are induction hardened to 64 hrc for longer tool life ▪▪ fixed forged-on axle rivet for durability under duty heavy use ▪▪ designed for easy cutting of hard soft and piano wire ▪▪ kn7421 and kn7422 series cutters have 12° angled heads and provide extra gripping clearance kn7421200 kn7402250 center cutters item l handles soft med hard piano kn7401160 6” plastic-coated 9/64” 1/8” 5/64” 1/16” lbs .30 kn7401200 8” plastic-coated 7/32” 11/64” 1/8” 3/32” .60 kn7401250 10” plastic-coated 1/4” 3/16” 9/64” 1/8” .85 kn7402200 8” knipex comfort 7/32” 11/64” 1/8” 3/32” .70 kn7402250 10” knipex comfort 1/4” 3/16” 9/64” 1/8” .90 kn7408200 8” 1000v insulated 7/32” 11/64” 1/8” 3/32” .65 kn7408250 10” 1000v

locking pliers curved jaw pliers epoxy resin finish ▪▪ general purpose tool for firmly gripping round objects ▪▪ epoxy resin-coated handles are eco-friendly and ten times more corrosion-resistant than nickel-plated handles ▪▪ great capacity for use around the house on the car in the garage workshop or factory item length finish jaw capacity lbs gr11105 5” epoxy curved 1 1/8” 1 5/8” .40 gr11107 7” epoxy curved gr11110 10” epoxy curved 2 1/2” .80 1.3 gr11112 12” epoxy curved 3” 2 gr11110 curved jaw pliers with cutter epoxy resin finish ▪▪ general purpose tool for firmly gripping round objects ▪▪ two tools in one has integrated wire cutter between jaws ▪▪ epoxy resin-coated handles are eco-friendly and ten times more corrosion-resistant than nickel-plated handles ▪▪ great capacity for use around the house on the car in the garage workshop or factory item

l-clamps adjustable l-clamps ▪▪ convenient 2-component grip for effortless clamping ▪▪ fixed and moving arms made from high-quality malleable cast iron ▪▪ safety hollow profile rail with galvanized grooved slide ▪▪ burnished smooth-running trapezoidal threaded spindle item length width type lbs tn469uh020 7 3/4” 9 3/4” 4” 3 4 /4” cast iron 2.2 tn469uh025 tn469uh030 tn469uh040 tn469uh060 11 3/4” 15 3/4” 23 1/2” 5 1/2” 4 3/4” 4 3/4” cast iron 3.3 cast iron 4.2 cast iron 4.4 cast iron 5.5 tn469uh020 screw clamps ▪▪ fixed clamp made from cold-drawn sectional steel hardened and tempered ▪▪ sliding clamp die-forged hardened and tempered ▪▪ comfort grip and slip protection ▪▪ clamping member with integrated spindle protection item length width type lbs tn470+016 6 1/4” 3 1/8” steel 1.1 4” 3 4 /4” steel 2 steel

wood working tools wood working tools

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