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boa constrictor the future the team at boa like a challenge and to go beyond standardised thinking looking at products and market sectors in an inventive and original way we work closely with builders plumbers electricians construction and maintenance engineers to understand the issues and challenges they face in their working day 2 we then look to solve those problems – and not by wasting time making a cheaper different coloured version of the same product that still does not do the job – but by really addressing those difficult jobs that are tricky to tackle and time consuming to undertake boa will continue to bring real solutions to the hand and power tool sector developing products that not only work better but also stand the test of time our pioneering range of products set new industry standards our expertise in product development enables us to supply the biggest names in the hand/power tool and accessories

what’s new 4 what’s new xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx boa are again introducing world first developments with our innovative patented “combo-drill” that incorporates the two most popular sizes of drill 6mm 8mm 1/4” 5/16” encompassing 70 of the market a double ended winner minimizing both costs and impact on the environment boa’s innovative patented “flip drill” technology allows superior cutting in a double ended offering suitable for heavy professional and diy use an affordable solution further endorsing boas values of the 3 p’s the new auto centring device acd enables precision centering of holesaws for a faster smoother cut and lastly boa introduce a new member of the tri-level family the tripedo boa again manages to marry form and function into a desirable product incorporating boa’s ccv vials cool clear vision this magnetic level has the benefits and features of the larger tri-levels in only

boa constrictor 6 boa constrictor the boa constrictor multi purpose strap wrench is the world’s no.1 best selling brand having sold in excess of 15 million units worldwide this multi award winning product will grip open unscrew and tighten almost anything without marking or scratching and its strength and versatility make it suitable for a multitude of market sectors including heavy industrial tradesmen re-modeller diy and even domestic use available in a range of sizes and materials aluminium and polypropylene soft grip format for comfort and available in either boa format or your own brand key features patented grips,opens,tightens patented patented patented winner winner winner world’s 1st world’s 1st world’s 1st leading leading technology technology technology guarantee guarantee guarantee ● any shape ● any material winner ● no scratching world’s 1st leading ● heavy duty

boa versa saw 8 boa versa saw the highly innovative versa saw tackles those awkward areas that no ordinary hacksaw can reach it will cut many different materials including metal copper plastic wood everything you would expect yet with the addition of the welded carbide blade it will also cut through ceramic tiles glass and even bricks key features fit a diamond blade to it and it will cut the hardest porcelain tiles including up to class 5 cast iron granite and even fibre glass in fact the harder the material the better ● jigsaw no other saw offers this range of cutting and with its unique pump action easy one handed operation and the added benefit of unrestricted depth of cut the versa saw provides quick solutions to previously painstaking and time consuming jobs patentedloaded ● spring patented patented patented ● hacksaw winner ● tile saw world’s 1st leading ● no depth of cut ● blade stabiliser technology winner winner

boa grabit 10 boa extractors this ingenious range of screw and bolt extractors will remove broken damaged xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or embedded screws and bolts from metal wood ceramic in fact just about any type of material key features made of high quality hardened steel the boa screw and bolt extractor range fits all standard variable speed drills and will cleanly and effortlessly remove a variety of screws bolts and fasteners ● quick patented ● simple patented patented patented winner winner winner world’s 1st world’s 1st guarantee world’s 1st winner ● efficient ● various solutions world’s

boa tri-level 12 boa tri-level incorporating the boa “clear cool vision” vials this unique and versatile innovation sets the standard for a new generation of levels tri-level has been developed with the professional in mind with a 1.8mm aluminium profile wide base and low centre of gravity the tri-level is designed to be stable in the most adverse weather conditions the v shaped base means that pipe work roofing and uneven surfaces all become easy and efficient to deal with the tri-level comes in three formats standard magnetic and tripedo key features patented ● highly stable ● accurate to patented patented patented 0.05mm/m 0.29” winner ● reversible winner winner winner world’s 1st world’s 1st leading leading technology technology technology guarantee guarantee guarantee ● metric imperial scales world’s 1 world’s 1 st st ● safe leading cutting edgeleading ● marking technology edge ● heavy duty

diamond hole saw boa 14 boa diamond hole saw this impressive range of holesaws uses leading edge diamond technology which is also used in the boa diamond drill range independent testing has proven this technology to be one of the most resilient and high performing products available on the market today the boa diamond technology means that these holesaws not only last longer but they cut faster and more accurately and more importantly through the hardest materials including class 5 porcelain used in conjunction with the boa water dispensing system these holesaws will make even the hardest of jobs easy key features patented ● durability patented ● suitable for use on winner class 5 porcelainwinner ● faster more world’s 1 accurate cut leading st ● cuts cast iron technology fibre glass guarantee patented patented leading winner technology world’s 1st world’s 1st guarantee leading leading technology technology guarantee

diamond drill boa 16 boa diamond drill boa offers the most extensive range of diamond drills serving both the professional xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and diy user used in conjunction with the boa patented water dispensing system these diamond drills can drill through the hardest material including glass and class 5 porcelain tiles key features the range now includes the hex the flip and the combo all will give a perfect cut time and time again each drill features a smooth core ejection slot to automatically dispense debris incorporating patented technology these drills will reduce the cost per hole significantly making jobs quicker simpler and more cost effective ● double ended boa support offers innovative concept development to meet your requirements for both your standard and promotional lines patented ● patented patented patented patented winner winner winner st world’s 1st st world’s 1st st world’s 1st leading leading leading leading leading ● core

power accessories boa 18 boa power accessories using zinc tip technology the boa reciprocating and jig blades will make quick work of hard or binding materials the coating of the blade ensures the robustness of the product when used giving you a better performance and longer life with smooth non-binding cutting actions these blades perform superbly and will cut through a wide range of materials key features the boa bi-metal blades will cut through an array of materials as diverse as scaffold pole to general demolition its patented cutting edge cuts in both directions and out performs many of its leading competitors delivering fantastic results every time ● smooth world’s 1 boa are also offering a range of high quality driver bits in boxed sets allowing great opportunities for promotional activity ● long patented life patented patented patented winner world’s 1st ● better performance winner ● tough leading st ● fast winner leading ● non

boa 20 technical information boa extractor range sizes removed boa professional screw bolt extractors wood screw size professional screw bolt extractors #1 #4 7 professional screw bolt extractors #2 #8 10 professional screw bolt extractors #3 #11 14 professional screw bolt extractors #4 #16 24 original screw bolt extractors wood screw size professional screw bolt extractors #2 #4 10 professional screw bolt extractors #3 #11 14 bolt extractors bolt sizes sae inch drill-out 1/4 1/4 drill-out 5/16 5/16 drill-out 3/8 3/8 drill-out 1/2 1/2 boa mini screw extractors screw shank dia sae inch 0.112 0.151 0.164 0.190 0.203 0.242 0.268 0.372 screw shank dia sae inch 0.112 0.190 0.203 0.242 6 7 x-out #3 8 10 micro screw and bolt extractors wood screw size micro screw and bolt remover #5 6 #0 2 micro screw and bolt remover #8 #2 4 micro screw and bolt remover #10 #4 7 micro screw and bolt remover #12 #7 10 boa constrictor aluminium boa standard boa usage

boa 1 wireless road biggin hill westerham kent tn16 3ps united kingdom t +44 1959 540 404 f +44 1959 576 713 e w europe e usa leading the way boa tool warehouse and distribution c/o aae 403 kennedy boulevard somerdale phillidelphia nj 08083 e the images for this brochure have been kindly provided by nasa boa tool industriepark steinberg steinberg 22