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socket head cap screw nylon nylon socket head cap screw socket head cap screw inches 305 socket head cap screw plastic socket head cap screw socket head cap screw hex socket head cap screw socket head cap screw 1 x 2 socket head cap screw tapered head head socket head cap screw socket head cap screws inch size socket head cap screws security socket head cap screw socket head cap screw reduced head 35 socket head cap screw 6 mm socket head cap screws 6 mm socket head cap screw socket head cap screw 6 32 8 32 socket head cap screw socket head cap screw 6 40 socket head cap screw 4 40 10 mm socket head cap screws socket head cap screw 10 32 10 32 socket head cap screw socket head cap screw 2 in weight of socket head cap screw weights of socket head cap screw non sparking tools dead blow hammers soft face hammer cast iron heads cast iron head non sparking tool socket head cap 23 x 23 screw socket head cap socket head security screw hex head cap screw hex head cap screws 10 mm hex head cap screws engine sheet metal face to face 38 inch 12 by 12 steel plate 130 x 90 x 25 colour code for steel subject to change examples fitter tools striking tool tools wood shock absorber tool safety tools industrial safety tools sheet metal tools tools sheet metal cast iron cutting tools

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thor soft faced

copper hammers cast iron head of extra heavy construction fitted with two pure electrolytic copper faces and wood handle ideal for heavy-duty hammering where safe blows of maximum weight and impact are required standard wood handle size approx weight a 1 2 3 4 4l 5 g 425 83 30 830 126 60 1260 194 40 1940 283 30 2830 335 50 3350 600 00 6000 ref no 04-308 0404-310 04-312 04-314 04-316 04-317 04-322 face diameter inch 1 1.1/4 1.1/2 1.3/4 2 2 2.3/4 mm 25 32 38 44 50 50 70 nominal length spare copper face mm 230 270 305 305 355 760 915 ref no 71-308c 71-310c 71-312c 71-314c 71-316c 71-316c 71-322c similar hammers are available with two faces of aluminium see page 5 all sizes can be supplied with fibreglass handles – ref no 04-308fg etc sizes 1 2 3 are available with plastic handles – ref no 04-310ph etc copper hide hammers cast-iron head fitted with one face of pure electrolytic copper the other of compressed water buffalo hide and fitted with wood handle the copper face

thorex nylon plastic hammers with chrome plated zinc heads except 720n thorex hammers are fitted with two durable white nylon faces or with two medium red plastic faces nylon hammers have the option of either wood or plastic handles all hammers can be fitted with fibreglass handles to special order • • • • • thorex nylon h hammer wood handle plastic handle approx e weight 2 white 2 white nylon faces nylon faces ref no 11-710 11-710 1 1-712 11-712 1 1-714 11-714 1 1-716 11-716 g 445 650 850 1230 ref no 12-708n 12-710n 12-712n 12-714n 12-716n thorex plastic hammer wood handle 2 red plastic faces ref no 13-708p 13-710p 13-712p 13-714p 13-716p wood handle approx weight g 250 385 570 760 1230 face diameter inch 1 1.1/4 1.1/2 1.3/4 2 mm 25 32 38 44 50 all the above have chrom chrome me plated zinc heads 12-720n only availab available ble with black cast iron head 12-720n 2200 2.1/2 63 worn faces can be quickly replaced by hand providing minimum down time all

split head hammers these patented split head hammers allow quick changes of faces and handles thereby minimising downtime the cast iron heads have two socket head cap screws for uniform distribution of clamping pressure improving handle and face retention extension collars under the head transfer shock to 40 more handle surface reducing user fatigue and handle breakage unique tapered sockets lock faces and handles securely in place yet the faces can be quickly loosened and rotated for increased service life and uniform wear replacement handles can be locked into the heads without the need for wedges a significant advantage of this design is the ability to quickly match the hammer’s striking face to the task at hand by choosing either hide nylon or super plastic faces the hammer can be ‘customised’ to deliver maximum striking power while minimising damage to costly parts hide hammer super plastic hammer nylon hammer si size ref no 34-rh125 34-rh150 34-rh175 34-rh200

super plastic aluminium hammers cast iron head fitted with either two ductile aluminium faces or two white super plastic faces wood handles super plastic approx weight aluminium approx weight face diameter nominal length g 270 590 790 1300 1900 3100 ref no 05-a308 05-a310 05-a312 05-a314 05-a316 05-a317 05-a322 g 300 630 920 1440 2100 2620 4250 mm 25 32 38 44 50 50 70 70 mm 230 270 305 305 355 760 405 915 ref no 18-908 18-910 18-912 18-914 18-916 18-922 ductile aluminium faces give a soft metal blow and are an alternative to traditional copper hammers spare plastic face spare aluminium face ref no 77-908spf 77-910spf 77-912spf 77-914spf 77-916spf 77-922spf ref no 72-308af 72-310af 72-312af 72-314af 72-316af 72-316af 72-322af the ultra-high molecular weight polythene faces offer high impact durability and high abrasive resistance also available all-purpose hammer fitted with one aluminium and one durable super plastic face plastic handle ref 06-ap10r dia 32mm approx weight 660g ref

round solid copper mallets manufactured from 99.9 pure electrolytic copper rod these cylindrical mallets provide a firm positive blow without the risk of damage to expensive components all round copper mallets have wood handles as standard except sizes 703 704 705 706 which have white plastic handles although wood handles are optional at the same cost add suffix n to the code eg 24-5706n for a wood handle in lieu of plastic fibreglass handles are available for all sizes at additional cost suffix fg wood wood handle plastics handle ref no 24-5701 24-5702 24-5703n 24-5704n 24-5705n 24-5706n 24-5707 24-5709 24-5711 24-5713 ref no 24-5703 24-5704 24-5705 24-5706 24-5715fg 24-5717fg 24-5719fg approx weight weight g 250 360 670 950 1330 1780 3150 4250 5200 5700 7500 8500 9000 head size mm 22 25 32 38 44 50 63 63 70 70 70 70 85 nominal wood length mm 63 76 82 89 95 101 105 140 146 181 197 225 173 mm 250 250 280 290 305 335 610 760 915 915 915 915 915 ideal for positive blows on highly

rubber mallets featuring self-locking handles there are three types of rubber mallet available all in a range of sizes rubber mallets give a gentle but firm blow with little rebound to din spec and ideal for industrial and leisure use standard black – the all purpose mallet used widely for automotive industrial brewery diy camping etc soft black for use where softer blows are required white – will not leave marks on work surfaces ideal for woodworking builders window frame manufacturers shop fitting car trim diy etc standard black 90° shore a head size dia mm 40 54 64 74 90 length mm 80 90 113 113 127 139 wood handle fiberglass handle approx weight ref no 61-951 61-952 61-953 61-954 61-957 ref no 61-952fg 61-953fg 61-954fg 61-957fg g 140 310 550 800 1200 soft black 75° shore a ood wo od approx wood handle weight ref no 61-75952 61-75953 61-75954 g 300 525 775 white 90° shore a w oo o approx wood fiberglass weight handle handle han ref no n 61-952w 61-95 2w

made in england to high quality standards these soft-faced hammers pro vide a s afer a l t erna t ive to s tri k i ng w it h c o nvent ion al s t eel ha mm ers i n ind ustri a l a pplic ati ons t he res i li ent f a c es s ha pe the ms e lves to the par t bein g s tr uck acting as shock absorbers they spread the force of the blow uniformly m ini m is i ng i neffi c ie nt rebo und andd am age t o c om pon en ts soft faced hammers also reduce noise pollution in the workplace however use of any striking tool carries with it potential risks and requi res care t o preven t p os sib l e pe rs onal inj ur y o r da ma geto the to ol and workpiece never for example use these soft-faced hammers as a non-sparking tool in hazardous areas some rules for hammer safety always wear safety goggles when using striking tools to protect the eyes fro m dust a nd p ar ti cles a lway s in s pect the ha m m er b efor e begi nni n g th e t as k to be s ure it is no t d a ma ge d a nd t hat a ll part s are