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catalogue 2015/2016 team spirit listening sharing building together virax was built throughout the years based on the trust and solidarity of all its members the same company site concentrates all skills ensuring comprehensive integration from r d to aftersales geographical proximity and collective sense are so many assets ensuring excellent responsiveness virax teams work together to achieve the company s success and contribute their energy to our development both in france and in international markets presence in over 60 countries today this permanent communication on all corporate levels is one of the assets behind our success and this same spirit is found in all our external partnerships our worldskills competition encourages and actively supports new talents while remaining aware of the evolution of professions in the plumbing sector we are also committed to future professionals by creating a yearly skills competition together with educational structures the winners are

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39 quai de marne cs 40197 51206 epernay france call a virax expert tel +33 0 3 26 59 56 82 international customer service tel +33 0 3 26 59 56 97 fax +33 0 3 26 59 56 70 – email w w w.v irax c o