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gsa contract no gs-35f-0479t cell phone jammers cj antenna systems solutions inc recognizes the need of many government and law enforcement agencies requiring a cellular communications dead zone these products have been deployed by anti-terrorist bomb squads drug enforcement task forces prisons and court rooms why not keep the suspect from detonating an explosive remotely or from communicating with their colleagues during a raid models cj7a cj8a cj9a usage bomb squads anti-terrorist task forces court rooms off shore petroleum stations government buildings military establishments prisons drug enforcement squads etc features ·operates off of 28vdc but can operate with 12 vdc 110 vac 220 vac or batteries adapters are available ·easily adapted to vehicle operation both military and police ·rugged stub antennas for omni directional operation but directional antennas with higher gain are available ·massive heat sink and 4 high output fans keep unit cool in harshest environments

gsa contract no gs-35f-0479t portable cell phone jammers pcj antenna systems solutions inc recognizes the need of many government and law enforcement agencies requiring a fully portable cell phone jammer that can be put into position and activated quickly the portable cell phone jammer incorporates our cj series jammer with a directional antenna in the lid batteries and all other necessary circuitry to provide a fully portable directional jammer models pcj7a pcj8a pcj9a usage swat teams anti-terrorist task forces hostage rescue teams drug enforcement squads etc features ·fully portable just open aim and flip one switch for operation ·up to six hours of operation on a full battery charge ·directional antenna in lid of rugged drop case for easy aiming ·all of the features of our cj series cell phone jammers ·little or no interference with police radios because of directional antenna ·one switch operation for quick deployment ·available on gsa contract gs-35f-0479t ·covers all

gsa contract no gs-35f-0479t portable jammer pj features ·fully portable just open aim and flip one switch for operation ·up to six hours of operation on a full battery charge ·directional antenna in lid of rugged drop case for easy aiming ·all of the features of our cj series cell phone jammers ·little or no interference with police radios because of directional antenna ·one switch operation for quick deployment ·available on gsa contract gs-35f-0479t ·covers all cell phone frequencies and all cell modulations options ·bullet resistant case ·pressurized cases ·electronic cooling ·shock mounting power requirements 12 vdc or 24 vdc or 110 vac or 220 vac all power connectors are quick disconnect model pj-7 pj-8 pj-9 pj-10 pj-11 tx frequency 134 174 mhz 400-512 mhz 20 mhz 512 mhz 20 mhz 1 ghz 20 mhz 3 ghz 20 mhz 4.2 ghz noise type broadband noise broadband noise broadband noise broadband noise broadband noise power 50 watts 50 watts 15 watts 15 watts 15 watts other

gsa contract no gs-35f-0479t intelligent radio frequency jammer irj features ·field or depot programmable ·instant disabling of ecm operation program to prevent enemy capture ·remote control ·transportable ·upgradable ·shock resistant ·front panel operation specifications jamming range min 2000 feet 710 meters with unity gain antennas larger range available with higher gain antennas 120 watts standard higher power outputs are available rf power programmable waveform generator signal source 110/220 vac or 28 12 vdc with external power modules input voltage 25 amps 28 vcd at 75 watt rf output power input power tx modules per unit 1 infrared transmitter control remote control none internal antenna user supplied optional external antenna 20 2500 mhz other ranges upon request frequency range cdma gsm nadc pdc phs edge cdma2000 wcdma air interface tetra apco 25 iden digital vector modulation iq am analog standards fm wdfm pulse wideband noise fsk and user definable waveforms

gsa contract no gs-35f-0479t trj specs continued trailer specifications · gvwr 12,500 lbs gawr 6,000 lbs each axle · c8.7 11.5 main frame and c5 6.7 perimeter steel · tandem 6,000 lb hd dexter axles 6,000 lb springs · ±3,000 lb customer payload capacity · ±9 10 transport height ±31 0 transport length · trailer dimensions ±23 0 l x 8 0 w 6 6 platform · 1/8 steel plate decking fenders running boards · 2-5/16 adjustable ball coupler with 5/16 p-70 chains · electric brakes on all wheels lt235 85r16lre tires · ±25 loaded deck height ±16 0 platform 7 0 drawbar · emergency break-away device icc/dot sealed beam lights · 7,000 lb static capacity drop leg trailer jack · four 4 heavy duty retractable stabilizing outriggers · full sized spare with 16 8 hole conventional wheel · grounding lugs lashing rings sae universal truck plug · locking storage box tandem teardrop steel fenders · dot safety decals reflectors multiple bubble levels · gray paint with

gsa contract no gs-35f-0479t scif specs continued additional specifications dimensions weight jamming area covered input voltage temperature range humidity 30 h x 24 w x 14 d 130 lbs per customer specifications 110/220 vac 24 vdc 48 vdc -30° +130° f 95 features ·capable of covering entire buildings ·weather proof can be mounted on roof ·state-of-the-art thermoelectric cooling system ·can be locked for security ·can block cell phone frequencies only or all rf 20 mhz to 12 ghz ·can be made bullet proof ·the coverage area can be customized to fit your building or area ·comes with omnidirectional antennas ·directional antennas available ·can be used in a distributed building system ·remote monitoring ·vandalism resistant ·frequency filters available 14 antenna systems solutions inc

gsa contract no gs-35f-0479t the matador s basic functionality the system can intercept separate numbers of interest target list mode or randomly scan the cellular network search mode the system can further search for a target subscriber according to · tmsi · imei · ki · imsi ensures automatic interception of the frequency channels for subsequent storage analysis and playback of the voice and data captured additional features decoding of lpt-rte and efr determines the subscribers tmso during mobile phone registration and call placement determines the subscribers imso and imei receives the bcch ccch sacch sdcch facch tch etc determines the incoming number if caller id is enabled determines the phone number called from the mobile phone determination of call origination time determination of call duration intercepts sms evaluates the quality and signal levels of the base station ensures interception of encrypted voice messages in a5.1 and a5.2 protocols if subscribers ki is known

gsa contract no gs-35f-0479t portables mt1000 saber systems saber astro portable ht1000 mt2000 mts2000 visar gp300 gp350 radius p110 radius p1225 xts3000 and others mobiles syntor x syntor x9000 e spectra spectra/e astro mobile mcs2000 mcx1000 maxtrac radius gm300 radius sm120 xts-2500 xts-3500 xts-5000 and others enhance your audio log accuracy the scrutinizertm is a custom hardware and software package the system greatly enhances the operation of an existing or proposed communication network based on motorola land mobile conventional 2-way subscriber and infrastructure radio systems the package works in conjunction with radio units capable of using motorola s mdc1200 stat-alert systems the scrutinizertm improves the operator s interface to this signaling system the package consists of a typical desktop pc type computer system with custom software the package utilizes commodity hardware both inexpensive and readily available this provides the most flexibility as well as making

gsa contract no gs-35f-0479t vehicle systems antenna systems solutions inc recognizes the need of many private and government agencies requiring a complete turnkey mobile communications jamming solution as such we are pleased to inform you that we have integrated this into the following vehicle platforms bmw chevrolet daf dodge ford freightliner grumman hmm-vee oshkosh land rover lexus mercedes benz peugeot scania tatra a.s toyota volvo rolls royce below are a few pictures of recently completed vehicles 1999 gmc 3500 crew cab 4x4 with barrage system mercedes benz s500 with barrage system level iii armor 17 trademarks are properties of their respective owners antenna systems solutions inc

ecm warranty terms conditions the following limited warranty terms take precedence over any terms or conditions in a customer purchase order all sales are subject to customer s written acceptance 100 to the following 1 no sales or resales will be made to private customers or distributors original purchase orders must be received and accepted only by antenna systems solutions inc all shipments will be made directly to be confirmed federal state or local agencies 2 all export sales are subject to the u.s department of state export license approval 3 this product is not federal communications commission fcc type certified since it is designed to be an intentional radiator used to jam a licensed radio service its use by united states of america governmental agencies is authorized by law a warranty of merchantability is specifically excluded for sales to local and state law enforcement public safety agencies because the fcc may determine that sale purchase or use of this product

antenna systems solutions inc 931 albion avenue schaumburg illinois 60193 united states of america phone 847-584-1000 · fax 847-584-9951 antenna systems solutions inc has been a female owned small business for over 13 years employing only those who care version 092107vol1