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SkyLab Water Rocket

also included with your skylab kit filling hose launcher lets you pump up the rocket from a safe distance away releases automatically when you stop pumping closed-cell foam bumper pad for a safe soft touch-down every time skylab entire rocket weighs only 60 grams maximizing both altitude and safety water rocket kit 200 feet guide rod keeps your rocket pointed up until it s going fast enough to continue on straight up designed to fit on any plastic pop bottle you choose shock-absorbing mounting system for maximum reusability safety marker ensures that the launch site is clearly visible to all clear pictorial instructions makes the rocket easy to assemble a breeze to launch super-light expanded polymer fins instantly fold out and click into place recessed reduction-type nozzle for long-lasting thrust impressive vapor trail and higher altitude low-friction guide tube keeps the rocket pointed up during liftoff requirements 1 bicycle pump 1 plastic pop bottle 100 ml water 1 1000 wide