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The Rocket Dodgeball Kit

a rocket dodge ball kit includes 10 rocket guide rods 10 launchers we re playing rocket dodge ball from antigravity research 10 safety markers 10 clear pictorial instructions 10 rockets without bottle requirements 10 2-liter pop bottles 10 bicycle pumps water 1 wide open field $149.99 us remember when you played dodge ball in elementary school and your best friend would carom one of those heavy red bouncy balls off your head from ten feet away wasn t that fun now that you re big you can do the same thing with water rockets from 350 feet the rockets are very light only 60 grams and have a big fluffy pad in front in case they hit your big fluffy head why not practice up a bit and when you get really good at hitting a target invite that same best friend from elementary school out for a game of rocket dodge ball wouldn t that be fun email toll-free 1-866-546-8633 phone 604-824-9021 fax