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SR2000 Standard Accessories: AC adapter, control cables l FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) high speed display l Displays up to 10MHz of spectrum bandwidth l 5 inch TFT color LCD display l Waterfall (time) display function l High speed FFT search quickly captures new signal transmissions l Versatile color display uses state of the art digital signal processing l Average or peak value readings l Frequency coverage: 25MHz 3GHz (no gaps) l Ultra-stable, highsensitivity tripleconversion receiver l AM/NFM/WFM/SFM receive modes l 1000 memory settings (100ch x 10 memory banks) l Easy menu-driven operation l PC control through serial port (or optional USB interface) TheSR2000 with a high quality triple-conversion receiver is an ultra-fast spectrum display monitor AOR SR2000 Frequency Monitor Authority on Radio Communications . - . . AOR puts the power of FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) algorithms to work in tandem with a powerful receiver covering 25

SPECIFICATIONS Frequency range: 25 3,000 MHz (no gap) Receive modes: AM/NFM/WFM/SFM Receiver configuration: Triple conversion super heterodyne IF frequency: 1st IF : 255.3 744.3 MHz 2nd IF: 10.7 MHz 3rd: 455 KHz Sensitivity: 25MHz 225MHz: NFM: 0.35uV (12dB SINAD) AM: 0.6uV (10dB S/N) WFM: 2.0uV (12dB SINAD) 225MHz 1.7GHz: NFM: 0.35uV (12dB SINAD) AM: 0.8uV (10dB S/N) WFM: 2.0uV (12dB SINAD) 1.7GHz 2.7GHz: NFM: 0.6uV (12dB SINAD) 2.7GHz 3GHz NFM: 1.5uV (12dB SINAD) IP3: 25MHz 225MHz: +1.0 dBm 225MHz 1.7GHz: +1.0 dBm 1.7GHz 2.7GHz: +1.0 dBm 2.7GHz 3GHz: +1.0 dBm S/N: 25 MHz 225 MHz: 40 dB 225MHz 1.7GHz : 35 dB 1.7GHz 2.7GHz: 32 dB 2.7GHz 3 GHz: 30 dB Frequency stability: +/- 1 ppm (32 122 degrees F) LCD: 5 inches TFT color LCD Memory channels: 1,000 Search banks: 40 Pass channel memory: 1,600 Priority channel: 1 Operation mode: Spectrum mode, Step resolution mode, Channel scope mode Input impedance: 50 ohm, BNC Audio output: