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Catalog AR-IQ

AR-ALPHA Digital I/Q Professing software

aor ltd spectrum display 2 pc screen panel windows xp professional class a loop iq ar receiver ar core record software burst panel

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Consumer Electronics > Radio

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advanced ar-iq software allows high speed i/q recording up to 1mhz bandwidth iq aor has brought a new level of receiver control to the ar-alpha with the addition of ar-iq software this free software enables the ar-alpha to store and playback a full 1mhz of bandwidth activity without any loss of quality raw data can be easily transferred from the ar-alpha to the hard drive of almost any computer for later analysis and review it is even possible to listen to a signal searching is easy with playback capabilities through a pc frequency off-line by recording data and storing it on a pc operators can also create loops to cover a particular time frame so that no signal is missed signal bursts are easily seen with the full color waterfall display function using the control panel of the ar-alpha through a pc monitor operators are able to enjoy added capabilities you can perform unattended datalogging for extended periods of time depending on storage capacity so for hours days or even weeks