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Professional surveillance receiver Frequency coherent 10kHz - 3.3GHz 1,000 Channels

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ar-one communications receiver the ar-one gives you total command of frequencies modes tuning steps and more it is possible to tune in increments of one hz monitor any frequency from 10 khz to 3.3 ghz ultra-stable reference frequency oscillator 0.1ppm the ar-one is a new beginning for wide-range monitors the ar-one is designed to support computer controlled operation link up to 99 receivers for control by a single pc the ar-one can be used for mobile or fixed monitoring operations the serious choice in advanced technology receiverstm authority on radio communications surveillance operations are enhanced monitoring multiple frequencies is easier and faster computer control gives you maximum flexibility and unleashes the many features found in this advanced technology receiver the ar-one is the right choice for the new world we now monitor sssssssssssss super wide coverage 10 khz 3.3 ghz 1000 memory channels 10 vfos monitor am nfm wfm usb lsb cw data ultra-stable reference frequency