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Frequency & Phase coherent Perfect for DF application. 10kHz - 3.3GHz 1,000 Channels

antenna aor wfm 455khz cw oscillator 455khz amplifier ssb filter cw filter 9 mhz audio cw filter cw audio filter antenna connector 300 ohms aor ltd types of power supply which type of power supply types of c 5 ghz antenna direction finding 100 khz power amplifier khz 1000 40 mhz sma connectors am 04 am 02 50 ohm splitter am 02 amplifier 5 ghz directional antenna sma connector direction find if amplifiers ar 55 c b antennas ar 25 ar 254 ar 455 ar 100 c max usb dimension one ar 300 ar 40 ar 22 ar receiver amplified c b antenna ar c ams usb c max ar 50 ars 25 100 phase one ar 13 ar 10 antenna antenna splitter ssb 1000 rs 40 2 chain ssb 1000s 2amp filter bank

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10 khz ­ 3.3 ghz arar-one c freq phase coherent professional communications receiver frequency stability 0.1 ppm phase matching at max 5 shift high intercept for multi-receiver configurations such as for direction finding purposes frequency matching as well as phase matching between receivers are critical whereas the ar-one already offers an ultra-stable reference frequency oscillator of 0.1ppm the new ar-one c provides local oscillator separation for best possible phase matching between receiving units example of typical 1 master 4 slave receivers configuration for direction finding setup in addition of 10mhz frequency standard input/output connectors for coherent there are also 1st 2nd 3rd local coherent oscillator input/outputs for phase matching with a maximum 5 shift the daisy chained receivers become therefore perfect clones in frequency and phase the number of receivers which can therefore be interconnected is only limited by the type of non supplied if amplifiers and