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ar2300 black-box pc control all-mode high-performance communications receiver 40khz to 3.15ghz aor

the future of radio monitoring the ar2300 is a black-box version of the ar5001d a high-performance communications receiver from aor the ar2300 is ideally suited for radio and spectrum monitoring in various commercial and government applications as well as for use in radio investigation services super wide range continuous frequency coverage 40 khz to 3.15 ghz in 1 hz step with 1ppm frequency accuracy frequency accuracy can be optimized to 0.01ppm with an optional gps receiver multi-mode reception high performance digital signal processing circuitry offers variety of reception modes as well as decoding options receiving mode includes usb/lsb cw am sam fm wide fm and fm stereo the decoding modes include ctcss dcs dtmf and apco p-25 by an optional p-25 decoder high-performance analog front-end the rf front-end is carefully designed by cad to obtain optimum performance across the entire frequency range of 40khz to 3.15ghz ar5001d receiver digital signal processing the 45.05mhz if signal

options accurate reference frequency the ar2300 is capable of using gps pulse signal for the accurate time base for the local oscillator circuit 0.01ppm frequency accuracy for the 10mhz internal master oscillator is obtained when synchronized to the gps signal source the optional digital i/q output board is capable of acquiring gps data for time-stamping on digital i/q data software control software standard accessory the ar2300 control software is a strong companion of the ar2300 black-box receiver the software provides powerful control function running on an ms windows pc connected to he ar2300 via usb or an optional lan the software provides a signal overview using a high-speed spectrum or waterfall display optional gps receiver third party product connect to accessory jack digital i/q board and pc software when an optional i/q interface board is installed up to 1mhz of digital i/q output can be recorded to the hard drive of computers operating under windows environment for later

ar2300 specifications general frequency range frequency resolution tuning steps program receiving mode 40khz to 3.15ghz 1hz 1hz to 999.999khz in 0.001khz increments usb/lsbj3e cwa1a ama3e fmf3e wfmf3e fm-stereof8e apco p-25d3e optional number of vfo memory channel memory bank pass frequencies priority channel selected memory channel typical scanning speed antenna impedance operating temperature range frequency stability power supply requirement audio output power consumption ground system dimensions weight 5 a through e 2,000 channels 50 channels x 40 memory banks 40 banks each bank can be customized between 5 to 95 channels 1,200 frequencies or 1,200 frequency ranges 30 frequenciesranges x 40 banks 1 one 100 channels through memory banks approx 100 channels/steps per second 50w 0°c to +50°c 32°f to 122°f less than ±1ppm after warm-up 5 minutes less than ±0.01ppm with optional gps unit dc 10.7v to 16v 2.0a 12v 2w into 8w load stand-by 200ma max audio 1.5a negative