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Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0055.

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Tel : 310-787-8615
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beginning of a new legend ar5001d 40khz ­ 3.15ghz professional grade communications receiver the ar5001d from aor is the most versatile communications receiver ever since the release of a legendary ar5000 receiver with ultra-wide frequency coverage and a host of operating features hatched by an advanced digital signal processing technology you ll be on top of the monitoring action with the ar5001d ar5001d simultaneous reception and monitoring technical highlights super wide range continuous frequency coverage 40 khz to 3.15 ghz in 1 hz step with 1ppm frequency accuracy frequency accuracy can be optimized to 0.01ppm with an optional gps receiver simultaneous reception on hf below 25mhz and vhf-uhf above 25mhz frequencies are possible for frequencies above 25mhz absolute dual-channel reception within ±5mhz is possible thus up to three channels can be monitored simultaneously direct digital synthesizer dds local oscillator direct digital synthesizer is employed for the 1st local

ar5001d specifications general frequency range frequency resolution tuning steps program receiving mode auxiliary functions 40khz to 3.15ghz 1hz 1hz to 999.999khz in 0.001khz increments usb/lsbj3e cwa1a ama3e fm-stereof8e fmf3e wfmf3e fm stereof8e apco p-25d3e optional offset reception 2 band reception simultaneous reception two types of simultaneous reception dual-watch are possible one hf 40khz-25mhz frequency plus one vhf/uhf25mhz and above frequency main frequency plus sub frequency within ±5mhz sub-frequency from the center frequency offset reception is possible only for vhf/uhf triple reception triple receptions are possible by combining simultaneous reception mode i.e one hf frequency plus offset reception squelch system demodulation aid ctcss dcs auto notch filternotch de-noisernr noise blanker if shift cw pitch agc afc dtmf apco p-25 digital voice decoder option number of vfo memory channel memory bank 5 a through e 2,000 channels 50 channels x 40 memory banks 40