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is provided from 100 khz to 3000 mhz no gaps all mode receive wfm nfm sfm super narrow fm wam am nam wide standard narrow am usb lsb ... 100 khz to 3000 mhz cell blocked in the usa for fcc rules wfm nfm sfm wam am nam usb lsb cw 100 khz 1.9 mhz 1.9 mhz 30 mhz 30 mhz ... s/n am 2.0 µv 10db s/n am 1.5 µv 10db s/n nfm 0.7 µv 12db sinad wfm 1.0 µv 12db sinad nfm 0.6 µv 12db sinad nfm 3.5 µv 12db sinad nfm