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® la390 desktop active loop aerial peak an incoming signal depending on its direction decrease interfering signals or local noise 10khz10khz-500mhz with a single indoor loop 5 position band switch for excellent out of band signal rejection high-gain amplifier min 20 b for 150khz to 30mhz ideal for limited space apartments small lots motor homes attics or mobile homes designed and manufactured in japan specifications subject to change without notice or

® la390 desktop active loop aerial 10khz 500mhz the la390 is a high performance active loop aerial ideally suited for internal or desk top use where larger external aerials are not possible the single loop is approximately 30.5cm across with 5 selectable bands having excellent directivity for nulling interference the aerial is powered from 12v power supply provided and comes complete with a 1 metre bnc to bnc coax lead directivity a rotating loop antenna is very directional depending on the loop s orientation you can peak an incoming signal depending on its direction or decrease an interfering signal for example the nulling feature will allow you to remove a station on a frequency and pick up another transmitting from a different direction on the same frequency of course the directional characteristics when listening to distant sky-wave signals will not be as pronounced as local ground-wave propagation thanks to its directivity it is also ideal for minimizing the effects of unwanted