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ma500 25mhz 1500mhz mobile whip antenna the ma500 is a wide band vhf uhf mobile whip antenna mounted on a magnetic base useable coverage is 25 mhz 1300 mhz with the loaded whip element being peaked around 150 800 mhz the magnetic base has a diameter of about 85mm and the magnetic attraction is very strong the aerial is mounted on a pl259 type connector base ready to screw into the magnetic base so239 socket approximately 4m of high quality rg58/u 50 ohm coaxial cable is provided which is fixed into the magnetic base at one end and terminates into a bnc connector at the other ready to plug into most aor receivers and most other brands too the total height of the antenna is approximately 720mm approx 740mm element top to base bottom ma500 specifications model frequency range impedance height weight element material cable supplied ma500 25mhz to 1500mhz 50 approx 720mm approx 630g incl cable and connector corrosion proof stainless steel rg58a/u 4m with bnc-p approx 87mm the da753g