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25 mhz ­ 3 ghz frequency stability 1 ppm sr2200 high-end black-box receiver highblack high sensitivity selectivity pc control by usb or serial port discriminator out 10.7 mhz i.f out the sr2200 is a black box wide band receiver intended for commercial government applications the frequency range is 25 mhz to 3 ghz the receiver has no front panel it is controlled by connection to a computer via an rs232 serial and usb rear panel sockets if frequencies 1st if 2nd if 3rd if tuning steps selectivity supplied accessories operating manual command list on cd usb driver on cd dc power cable receiver control software and ac adapter are not supplied 255.3mhz 744.3mhz 10.7mhz 455khz 10khz 60db 60db 60db 100 hz to 100 khz 10 hz incremental nfm am/sfm 6khz wfm 180khz sr2200 technical specifications configuration frequency coverage modes reception sensitivity ip3 triple conversion superheterodyne 25mhz 3ghz am nfm wfm sfm no ssb cw band sensitivity ip3 s/n db dbm 25m1 40 nfm 225mhz