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miclim no miclim vs no miclim clipped peaks tube limiter or compressor after the preamp cannot prevent distortion once the preamp is overloaded clipped peaks distorted audio lost take unhappy artist aphex model 207 microphone/instrument preamplifier clipped peaks loud signal microphone mic preamp clipped distorted output smoothly limited peaks notes with miclim record hot without worrying about overload distortion audio c clamp signal attenuator controlled by fast acting reversible motor improve noise performance and digital resolution peak detector/controller smoothly limited peaks great take no distortion it s a keeper happy artist loud signal microphone miclim mic preamp max unclipped output notes the miclim is custom designed optical attenuator located directly on the mic input line that smoothly limits the microphone s output signal according to the miclim peak detector s control current since attenuation comes prior to preamplification the patented miclim can increase

aphex model 207 tube mic/instrument preamplifier benefits for recording microphones dramatically improves microphone performance dramatically improves instrument performance tighter lows clearer up front mids strong highs without edginess super quiet -129dbu equivalent input noise greater dynamic range and frequency response fuller more realistic sound miclimtm offers up to a 20db increase in dynamic range and makes the model 207 virtually crashproof record hotter tracks with the highest possible resolution and instruments the model 207 will capture the subtleties of voices and instruments that are missed by the inexpensive mic preamps found in most audio consoles daws and other standalone preamps this detail dimension and space will greatly improve the overall sound of your recordings with this improvement in realism comes an enhanced presence allowing for easier placement in the final mix for recording instruments a typical mono tube direct box di sells for about the price of the