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rising star rocket kit with huge see-through payload bay kit features · clear plastic payload tube ­ the largest see-through payload tube ever made for rocketry whatever payload you put into the rocket you can see while it is sitting on the launch pad and can check on its condition before you launch the rocket · plastic nose cone · colorful pressure-sensitive decals · die-cut balsa wood fins · kevlar® shock cord · large 1/4 launch lug · 32 diameter plastic parachute why is this a skill level 2 rocket it s big size doesn t mean this is a harder rocket to assemble it has all the same classic parts you are familiar with in smaller rockets ­ but with bigger easier to handle parts kit specifications skill level 2 previous rocket experience suggested length 39 99.06 cm diameter 2.217 56.3 mm weight without motor 7.1 oz 201.4 gm recovery 32 plastic parachute recommended motors c11-3 d12-5 e9-4 e15-7 e30-7 f21-8 rising star p/n 05027 $35.97 kevlar® and nomex® are brand

space shuttle intrepid booster glider ­ launch your own space mission do you want a great looking rocket that tells people how good of a builder you really are then you ll find the space shuttle intrepid a perfect model it has a glider on the back that is released when the parachute is ejected so it gives you twice the amount of pleasure when you watch it come down to the ground while this is a harder model to assemble and paint the final result is well worth the effort why is this a skill level 4 rocket the wing is made up of several panels that have to be glued together to make one large wing additionally the wing tip fins are glued at a skewed angle and aren t perpendicular like normal fins the paint scheme also requires a bit of care because you ll be painting three separate colors on the model finally there are many water-transfer decals to position on the rocket kit specifications skill level 4 slightly challenging length 15.375 39.05 cm diameter 1.57 40mm recovery 14

super six bulk-pack kits a simple-to-build rocket for schools and youth groups cutting has been completed for you and it only requires a bottle of white glue for assembly kit features · pre-molded plastic nose cone · laser-cut balsa fins · kevlar® shock cord · plastic streamer · nomex® heat shield specifications skill level 1 easy to construct fly length 35.56 cm 14.0 diameter 20.0 mm 0.79 weight 24 grams 85 oz recovery type streamer recommended 18mm diameter motors estes a8-3 quest a6-4 engines not included teachers check out our video book building skill level 1 model rocket kits showing proper building techniques see pg 13 kevlar® and nomex® are brand names of e.i dupont for their selection of aramid fibers note this rocket is not sold individually minimum order quantity is 12 kits an equivalent kit you might consider is the blue streak see pg 2 quantity 12 p/n 07016 p/n 07017 p/n 07018 shipping fee $8.05 $57.25 $114.49 $228.95 if you ve got a group of students or

rocksim 8.0 design software rockets can go unstable rocksim should be used on all your rockets to check their dynamic stability paths imagine spending time teaching your family and friends about rocketry using the flight profile feature not only now make tube-fins and ring tails will you have a lot of fun but it bonds you together in an educational way is rocksim v8 is hard to learn as you can see in the list above rocksim is loaded with features does this make rocksim complex or hard to use that is what other manufacturers of computer software are trying to hang on rocksim but judge for yourself how do you know when you have a program that is a good value rocksim is used by schools throughout the usa plus people that have never even used a computer before in their entire lives purchased one specifically to use rocksim wow they are very happy with how easy it is to use if these people and kids as young as 10 years old can quickly learn to use it so can you like any computer program

software literature smartsimtm optimizes your rocksimtm designs smartsimtm allows you to run multiple rocksimtm simulations to zero-in on an optimized result saving you time and showing you quickly how to improve your rocket design you basically run one rocksim simulation to set the initial launch conditions and then you turn it over to smartsim to chug through the different options it does in two minutes what previously took an hour to do but smartsim doesn t do it haphazardly what you might have done in 50 simulations smartsim does in just 10 smartsim efficiently iterates through values to achieve a solution for a specified design or simulation scenario rather than making haphazard guesses and manually running rocksim several times smartsim attempts to zero in on the solution automatically it s smart built-in scenarios to speed it up even more smartsim also has preset scenarios stored in a database so that you can run simulations faster use it to find 1 fixed cd vs max altitude 2

books literature how to make better looking rockets discover the secrets of master rocket builders parents teachers make sure their first launch is successful by using good building techniques or they may never launch again print out like tube marking guides here are just some of the benefits you ll get first of all you re practically guaranteed a successful launch and you ll be astounded with the results a rocket that flies straight and high is a beautiful sight to behold and just as important it gives you a safe flight second when you learn from an expert it saves you time because you ll be building rockets faster plus you ll save money lots of money why because you won t be crashing models and then having to rebuild them all over again lastly your quality model will get noticed it is easy for other modelers to spot a great looking model at a launch even if it is a very simple beginner-level rocket wonder how you ever did without them then i ll show you how to make centering rings

books literature develop creativity problem solving skills of students using model rocketry developing a child s problem-solving and design skills takes on additional excitement when combined with model rocketry this easy to use step-by-step booklet teaches the approaches used by creative people to solve any problem your students will quickly find new and creative ways to solve a variety of fun and open-ended rocket example problems the end result is the construction and launch of their own rockets adapt these techniques for almost any grade level how to conduct a classroom launch for maximum educational value launch your rockets the way nasa launches the space shuttle no matter what aspect you may be teaching about model rocketry you need this educational guidebook it shows how to conduct the launch of a completed rocket kit in an exciting and safe manner includes five activity sheets and three launch forms that can yield massive amounts of data to be analyzed after the launch

rocket motors rocket motors to launch your rockets type e6-p e6-4 e6-6 e6-8 f10-4 f10-6 f10-8 a6-4 b6-4 b6-2 c6-0 c6-3 c6-5 a6-4 value b6-4 value c6-5 value 1/2a3-2t a3-4t a10-3t c11-3 d12-0 d12-5 d12-7 e15-4 e17-7 e30-4 e30-7 f21-8w f20-4w f20-7w p/n 03053 03054 03055 03056 03057 03058 03059 05740 05741 05746 05742 05743 05744 05597 05598 05599 05755 05756 05757 05765 05780 05782 05783 51504 51507 53004 53007 62108 62004 62007 qty per pack 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 25 25 24 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 price per pack 14.95 14.95 14.95 14.95 20.45 20.45 20.45 burn time sec 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.8 7.8 7.8 7.8 .41 .75 .75 1.71 1.71 1.71 .41 .75 1.71 .36 1.01 .85 .81 1.65 1.65 1.65 2.60 2.60 1.22 1.22 2.5 2.8 2.8 6.98 7.40 7.40 8.78 8.78 8.78 55.00 59.00 65.00 7.40 7.40 7.40 $10.90 12.70 12.70 12.70 14.75 14.75 14.75 14.75 31.75 31.75 31.75 delay total time impulse sec n/s 40 plugged 4 40.0 6 40.0 8 80.0 4 80.0 6 80.0 8 80.0 4 2.57 4 5.0 2 5.0 0 10.0 3 10.0 0 10.0 4

building supplies rocket body tubes part name airframe tube 6/30 airframe tube 10.5/18 airframe tube 13/18 airframe tube 13/30 airframe tube 18/18 airframe tube 24/18 airframe tube 29/13 airframe tube 56/18 airframe tube 56-10 p/n 09601 10048 10062 10064 10085 10099 10110 10160 10161 qty pack 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 4 1 price 9.00 5.40 5.70 $10.50 6.48 6.72 $6.72 9.00 $11.53 i.d in .220 .422 .518 .510 .710 .950 1.14 2.18 2.18 o.d in .250 446 .544 .540 .736 .976 1.18 2.217 2.217 length in 30.0 18.0 18.0 30.0 18.0 18.0 13.0 18.0 10.0 wt g 6.0 4.7 5.8 10.0 8.1 10.9 13.9 36.6 29.3 material phenolic paper kraft paper kraft paper phenolic paper kraft paper kraft paper kraft paper kraft paper clear plastic 1 internet do your shopping at our secure website www.apogeerockets.com 2 phone call us at 719-535-9335 3 fax send to 719-534-9050 4 mail send orders with each item four easy ways to place your order rings lugs and couplers motor block eb-10 centering ring 10-13 centering ring 10-18

i ndex rocket kits dynastar kits orion 3 rising star 3 snarky 2 stone breaker 3 apogee components kits aspire 2 blue streak 2 heli-roc 5 saturn 1b 4 sr-72 darkbird 3 texas twister 2 estes kits snapshot camera starter set 6 quest kits astra 6 egg-lofting rocket 7 superbird 4 shuttle intrepid booster glider 5 millennium series starter set 6 tomahawk sea-launch cruise missile 5 zenith ii 4 bulk packs courier egglofting bulk pack 7 super six bulk-pack 7 viper educational budget pack 7 literature 69 simple science fair projects 12 apogee technical reports 14 building skill level 1 model rocket kits 13 developing creativity 14 electronic