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apogee rockets blue streak the blue streak is a simple-to-build rocket that comes with two motor mounts to allow use of a variety of different size rocket motors designed to teach proper motor selection and proper assembly techniques for beginning modelers it is a great first rocket due to its simplicity it is one of the highest flying small rockets available it uses standard estes engines specifications skill level 1 easy to construct and fly length 33.66cm 13.25 blue streak diameter 18.7mm 0.736 p/n 05019 empty wt 15.2grams 0.53oz recovery type streamer price $10.32 recommended 13mm motors estes 1/2a3-2t first flight a3-4t a10-3t recommended 18mm motors estes 1/2a6-2 first flight a8-3 a6-4 b4-6 b6-6 c6-7 apogee aspire want to fly over a mile high on a single rocket motor the apogee aspire is designed to do just that­without needing a government permit the streamlined plastic nosecone and thin-wall body tube is what keeps this model lightweight and allows it to fly to

sky rockets sky starter set this starter set has everything you need it comes with the sky eagle sky launch pad and sky controller a pack of a6-4 motors igniters and wadding as a bonus it also comes with the building skill level 1 cd that will jump start your rocket building skills the quest launch pad may be substituted when the sky launch pad and controller are out of stock sky starter set p/n 07160 price $35.97 long march three the long march 3 was a three-stage launch vehicle designed for delivery of satellites of 1,500 kg mass into geosynchronous transfer orbit this is a 1:95th scale model of the rocket and features a blow-molded nose cone plastic fin unit and a pre-decorated body tube there is no painting required uses standard size rocket engines specifications skill level 2 previous experience suggested length 17.32 44.0 cm diameter .1.38 35 mm weight without motor 2.2oz 60 gm recovery method 18 inch plastic parachute recommended motors b6-4 c6-5 a8-3 a6-4 long march three

quest rockets quest tomahawk cruise missile the tomahawk cruise missile bgm-109 or boosted guided missile model 109 is a very accurate unmanned expendable subsonic aircraft for delivering munitions at more than 700 miles per hour to a target more than 900 miles 1,458 kilometers from its launching point the newest version can loiter near the target for about two hours waiting for the target to show itself it may be launched from either surface ships or submarines specifications skill level 3 average skills required length 19.4 49.3cm diameter 1.57 40 mm empty weight 2.79 oz 79 g recommended rocket motors b6-4 first flight c6-3 c6-5 tomahawk cruise missile p/n 07020 price $17.48 quest zenith ii the zenith ii rocket has the classic old-style two stage configuration the fins of the bottom stage nest against the back edge of the top stage s fins they are also in line with the top fins this makes it look like a single large fin as the rocket takes off from the launch pad what s the

noris rockets ariane these kits are miniaturized models of real launch vehicles used by the europeans ariane and russians vostok and soyuz however the scale is not that good if you were to enter them in a contest you d lose points for the models being out-of-scale however from a distance they are easily recognized by others as being like the real rockets so you will get a lot of praise from your family and friends when they see these things out on the rocket range specifications skill level 4 slightly challenging length 60 cm 23.62 diameter 40 mm 1.57 empty weight 87.5 grams 3.08 oz recovery type 40 cm 15.75 parachute engine mount diameter 18mm recommended rocket engines b6-2 c6-3 d10-5 noris rocketry ariane p/n 07230 price $62.66 soyuz vacuum-formed plastic one thing that impressed me about all the noris rocketry kits is the high quality of the vacuum formed parts nose cones small details simulated nozzles transition sections fairings and the clamshell strap-on booster tanks

bulk packs sky eagle bulk pack this is an easy-to-assemble sport model that features a blow-molded plastic nose cone and a rugged plastic fin unit it is a great first model due to its large size and colorful graphics it goes together in under 20 minutes and there is no painting required specifications skill level 1 easy to construct and fly length 17.32 44.0 cm diameter 1.38 35 mm weight without motor 2.2oz 60 gm recovery method 18 inch plastic parachute recommended motors c6-5 a8-3 b6-4 sky eagle bulk pack qty 12 p/n 05574 price $104.64 sky eagle bulk pack qty 24 p/n 05575 price $204.05 extra shipping fee 2.00 payloader one bulk pack the quest payloader onetm is a great first rocket for beginners because it has so many features that make it easy-to-build this includes pre-slotted tubes so there is no cutting involved and through-the-wall fin-tabs that allow perfectly aligned fins payloader one bulk pack includes 25 rocket kits specifications skill level 1 easy to

reload motors launch materials aerotech 29mm diameter easy accesstm reloadable motors p/n qty per pack 1 1 1 1 1 1 price each burn time 1.60 1.0 1.51 1.0 1.42 1.25 total impulse 50.67 54 81.05 85.0 108.5 105 max lift off wt g 347 475 642 871 800 730 length mm 99 99 125 125 149 149 diameter mm 29 29 29 29 29 29 max thrust n 46.47 59.5 81.64 118 100.7 100.0 initial mass g 109.3 109 136.2 135 154 155 propelent mass g 28.2 28.0 46.0 46.0 61.0 58.0 each reload kit package includes pre-made propellant and delay grains nozzle o-rings ejection charge instructions and copperhead igniter the reusable case is not included you must be at least 18 years old to purchase these reload kits type metal reload case required p/n p/n 60003 rms-29/60 p/n 60003 rms-29/60 p/n 60004 rms-29/100 p/n 60004 rms-29/100 p/n 60005 rms-29/120 p/n 60005 rms-29/120 f37w-m f62t-m g54w-m g104t-m g79w-m g77r-m 66037 66062 67054 67104 67079 67077 $12.64 $13.29 $14.44 $14.95 $16.11 $17.28 sorry we do not ship relaod kits

building materials transition sections part name p/n quantity pack price big shoulder length inches .70 transitionlength inches small shoulder length inches 0 wieght g material pnc-56a 20070 1 $13.03 7.8 24mm 7.2 29mm 40.1 styrene pnc-66a 20080 1 $13.57 1.13 6.84 in 24mm dia 6.33 in 29mm dia 0 46.4g 24mm 43.0g 29mm styrene body tubes part name p/n quantity pack 6 price i.d inches .518 o.d inches .544 length inches 18.0 wieght g material airframe tube 13/18 esets bt-5 size airframe tube 18/18 estes bt-20 size airframe tube 24/18 estes bt-50 size airframe tube 29/13 airframe tube 41/18 estes bt-60 size airframe tubes 56/10 bt-70 size payload tube airframe tube 56/18 estes bt-70 size airframe tube 66/18 estes bt-80 size 10063 $7.50 5.8 kraft paper 10086 6 $7.80 .710 .736 18.0 8.1 kraft paper 10100 6 $8.05 .950 .976 18.0 10.9 kraft paper 10111 6 $8.20 1.140 1.176 13.0 13.0 kraft paper 10141 6 $12.05 1.595 1.637 18.0 24.6 kraft paper 10165 1 $14.05 2.180 2.217 10.0 29.3 clear plastic 10164

building materials tubes-o-plenty every serious designer needs tubes lots of them that s why you ll love this large assortment of body tubes you ll have enough tubes to build a fleet of rockets and at a bargain price these are brand new premium white tubes and are not rejects or seconds tubes-o-plenty here is what you get description at 13 x 18 long at 18 x 18 long at 24 x 18 long at 29 x 13 long qty 6 6 6 6 mid-power tube assortment here is what you get description at 41 x 18 long at 56 x 18 long at 66 x 18 long ac-56 ac-66 qty 4 2 2 1 1 tubes-o-plenty p/n 09520 price $25.00 mid-power tube assortment p/n 09522 price $18.00 rings-o-plenty you ll need extra centering rings and tube couplers to go with your tube-o-plenty so here is a big bag of rings and things at a special price you save $3.69 a rocket designer s wish come true here is what you get description cr 10.5-13 cr 10.5-18 cr 13-18 cr 18-24 cr 24-29 coupler 13mm coupler 18mm coupler 24mm coupler 29mm launch lugs 1/4

rocket assesories/books 15,000 foot electronic altimeter are you looking for an easy way to accurately determine how high your rockets flies but you don t want to use complicated tracking scopes and difficult trigonometry try this micro-sized electronic altimeter it is simple to use and it accurately measures the height of the rocket without any fussing around just drop it into the payload bay of your rocket and launch it after you get the rocket back it makes a series of audible chirps to let you know how high it flew it is really simple to use because you don t have to do anything except count the number of beeps and it works to altitudes up to 15,000 feet above sea level accurate to ±4 feet electronic altimeter p/n 09102 price $87.42 usb data transfer kit there is an optional data connection/transfer unit which allows you to retrieve all the flight data from the altimeter not only do you get the peak altitude for the rocket data connection unit not required for this feature but

books building skill level 1 model rockets cd video book multi-media video book with quicktime movies parents and teachers let your computer show your students the correct way to build and launch a model rocket it saves you time and assures they ll have a safe and successful launch p/n 01065 price $16.11 building skill level 2 model rockets cd video book multi-media video book with quicktime movies modelers were so impressed with the video book building skill level 1 model rockets that they asked us to continue with more how-to videos in this video book we ll crack it up a level and concentrate on building higher quality models it is great for teachers and modelers training others to be rocketeers p/n 01074 price $23.05 saturn v instructions cd video book video book with quicktime movies while the saturn v kit is complex by a lot of standards you ll quickly become a building expert by watching how the complex steps are performed you ll learn techniques you can use on any of your own

rocket software rocksim pro software overview rs-pro is a 6-degree-of-freedom flight simulator intended for researchers that want more information on their sub-orbital launches it is designed for rockets that fly higher faster and for those where it is critical to know the landing-zone footprint they might have rs-pro is essentially a combination of the awesome design capabilities of rocksim v8 with the 6-dof simulator originally developed for the splash software rs-pro is available for both windows and macintosh os x computers how important is it to know where your suborbital rocket will land answering that question is one of the key things that the new rs-pro software will help you determine without knowing this you may not ever get permission from the faa office of space transportation ost or range safety at cape canaveral to launch your rocket what rs-protm does is to inject 18 constantly shifting variables into the launch simulation and then predicts how these will affect the