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vrc positioners dimensional diagrams construction part enclosure indicator lens internals nickel plated brass spool valve i/p converter vk02 ve model signal diaphragm o-rings performance materials ppa composite 300 stainless steel port rings cover and mounting bolts lexan™ ppa pps and peek composites 300 series stainless steel carpenter 70 grade stainless steel ppa composite teflon™ coated carbon steel nickel plated carbon steel high density polyethylene delrin™ buna n parameter resolution repeatability hysteresis linearity gain @80 psig air consumption @80 psig temp range specification 1.25 maximum 0.10 typical 99.75 minimum 99.90 typical 0.50 maximum 0.25 typical 1.0 maximum 250 single acting 500 double acting 0.25 scfm – standard flow spool valve 0.45 scfm – maximum flow spool valve -40 to 150˚f 40 to 65˚c how to order vrc positioners 3pv prefix position indicator type 0 flat pneumatic 3pv 1 flat electro-pneumatic 5 dome pneumatic 6 dome electro-pneumatic spool valve 7 standard flow 8 max flow port gauges 3 no gauges 4 brass gauges 5 ss gauges position transmitter 0 no transmitter f 4-20ma current output 2-wire limit switch 0 no switch k mechanical switch m proximity switch note see price list for apollo part numbers r-43 customer service 704 841-6000