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table of contents a air filling cascade whip 51 fittings 156 157 tanks storage h.p 156 analyzers oxygen 28 183 c clips carabiners 34 scuba 34 snap shackle 34 114 clothing 18 88 chamber 18 88 249 communications accessories 96 98 chamber 97 diver recall 97 99 intercom 97 scuba 97 speakers 96 divers hardwire 97 compressors engines 123 high pressure 140-149 low pressure 118-131 oil 158 computers decompression 26-28 dive recording 23 connectors elec 100-106 conversion tables 6 cutting welding 163-174 cylinders scuba 41 42 straps and bands 43 f filtration high pressure 150-152 low pressure 135-139 materials 153 fins diversswimming 21 22 straps 21 fittings air 35 269-288 cga 161 162 hookah 35 132 133 hose 35 quick couplers 159 160 regulator 35 scuba 35 seamless tubing tubing 279-281 b backpacks commercial 111 scuba tank 43 bags collection 54 dry 56 equipment 55 tactical 306 307 tool 54 banana plugs 96 boats inflatables 296 books 290-294 booster pumps 154-155 booties divers neoprene 23 boots

lights strobes lights strobes pelican king lite pel4000ms bulb pel4003 pelican britelite pel5000ms bulb pel5003 princeton vortec headlamp princeton aqua flash prihl40 bulb prihmp20 priaf25 dual filament bulb pistol grip nega tive or positive bouyancy lan yard 10-12 hours on 8 d-cells n/i 14 watts 9-3/8 long dual filament bulb lanyard 10-12 hours on 4 d-cells not included 7 watts 7-1/4 long head mounted focused wide beam 5 hours w/krypton bulb 8 hours w halogen bulb on 4 aa s included red lens narrow beam available alternately flashes high low inten sity 8 hours 2 watts on 2 aa s in cluded w/lanyard and strap slots for arm or wrist band option princeton aqua strobe prias10 princeton aqua flare priaf20p bulb pripr4 innovativelazer-stik innlt00xx innovative yoke light innlt3xxx 70 flashes per minute w/3 mile vis ibility in clear conditions 8 hours on 1-aa included lanyard velcro strap cone is easily removed underwater to re veal a mini flashlight cone glows in case of light

mask full face kirby morgan exo 26 aqua tech 70 toll free 1-800-345-3252 fax 619-237-1886

electrical connectors series 510 connectors toll free 1-800-345-3252 fax 619-237-1886 aqua tech

filters lp deltech filters toll free 1-800-345-3252 fax 619-237-1886 aqua tech

cutting welding aqua-thermic torch schematic aqua tech 170 toll free 1-800-345-3252 fax 619-237-1886

pressure controls tescom regulator 26-1100 toll free 1-800-345-3252 fax 619-237-1886 aqua tech

power hydraulic huskie® hydraulic unit toll free 1-800-345-3252 fax 619-237-1886 aqua tech

fittings fittings brass s/s aqua tech 270 toll free 1-800-345-3252 fax 619-237-1886

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