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thirty years ago in a small garage in apopka fl aquatic eco-systems was formed founded in 1978 by bob heideman aes began doing business as a lake improvement company specializing in aeration and destratification broadening its scope the company developed proprietary diffusing equipment for lake aeration under the trademark sweetwater over time aes earned a reputation as the source for aquatic equipment and advice in 1981 the company produced its first catalog with 36 pages covering 65 products today the company offers over 13,000 parts in a 450 page catalog the business landscape has changed a great deal in the past 30 years with the advent of the internet and economic globalization our founding principles however remain unchanged our dedicated staff of biologists technicians and hobbyists is committed to providing quality products professional advice and expert design services to an increasingly diverse aquatic community for me 2008 represents the new and exciting challenge of

aeration sweetwater regenerative blowers 46 air on the side of reliability automatic thermal overload protection should a power brownout occur and trip the motor the sweetwater® blower will automatically restart after cooling except s631 air filter low-restriction inlet washable filter that removes particulates to 50 microns included in price s41 antiseize compound sweetwater® is the only blower we know of that is assembled with antiseize compound to ensure easy disassembly when it becomes necessary years down the road high-efficiency premium motor runs cool is completely enclosed and fan cooled for the utmost reliability in humid environments universal 50/60 hz ul csa and ce-compliant flexible outlet hose simplifies installation are all regenerative blowers the same no · over 8,000 sweetwater® installations worldwide · air filters and flexible outlet hoses are included sweetwater® regenerative blowers are manufactured to aes aquaculture duty specifications sweetwater®

salinity conductivity temperature meter by ysi® the ysi model y30 sct meter is well suited to both field and lab applications the large backlit display makes reading easy under all conditions it is waterproof and if dropped in the water it floats ® salinity meter this salinity meter measures conductivity giving a digital readout in ms millisiemens the table included will give the corresponding reading in both specific gravity and salinity to 62 ppt the permanently connected probe has a 3 cable this meter is temperature compensated for accuracy of ±4 calibrating fluid included uses one 9v battery included weighs only .6 lb and measures 5.5 l x 3 w each 3 water quality salinity/multiparameter meters/tech talk the display shows temperature in ºc along with temperature compensated conductivity micro-ohms and salinity in ppt accuracy is ± .5 percent conductivity ± .1 ppt salinity and ± .1ºc temperature calibration is done with the push of a button comes with six aa alkaline

virkon ® aquatic disinfectant virkon aquatic is a highly effective disinfectant specifically formulated for use in aquaculture facilities generally used for cleaning equipment instruments and in footbaths ideal for controlling a wide variety of viral bacterial and fungal pathogens mix at a rate of 1.3 ounces per gallon of water one gallon of solution treats 135 sq.ft 10 lbs make 123 gallons of solution solution remains stable for seven days epa-registered registration pending in california ® formalin by prolinetm in use since 1909 formalin is an effective way to control and prevent external parasites on trout salmon catfish largemouth bass and bluegill also controls fungi on salmon trout and esocid eggs fda-approved ships via hazmat ground 1-gallon container weighs 8 lbs form1 29.95 chemicals disinfectants/tranquilizers vks10 10-lb container 110.00 96.84/4 parasite-s an fda-approved formalin 37 percent formaldehyde that controls external protozoa parasites and monogenetic

lab equipment microbiology petri dishes disposable sterile petri dishes made of polystyrene are conveniently disposable 15 mm x 100 mm price is for a box of 25 lpd15 9.35/box 8.45/10 inoculating loop this loop is made with twisted nichrome® wire with a 1/8 4 mm diameter loop on a 21/2 6 cm stem and an 8 aluminum handle 7010 5.60 5.19/6 incubator applicators cotton-tipped cotton-tipped applicators are ideal for transferring bacterial samples from fish to agar plates and for transferring algal samples these soft-tipped applicators measure 6 long x 1/16 diameter and are made with straight grain white birch box of 1,000 applicators contains 10 sealed autoclave bags of 100 each lv4 35.15/box 31.80/4 designed for microbiological and biochemical studies this economical incubator is very dependable a clear plexiglass door provides full view of samples it is 15 w x 14 d x 16 h less the thermometer which adds 10 two perforated aluminum shelves provide 41/2 object height

polyclips these unique fasteners are ideal for attaching predator netting and shade cloth to support rope and wires constructed of tough polypropylene they can be used over and over again simply snap over the edge of the material and attach to 3/8 support wire recommended spacing is one polyclip per 2 depending on load bulk quantity available pc1 .60 .54/50 .47/100 aeroponics system i this growing unit is space-saving and low maintenance capable of sustaining up to 16 plants at one time in its small 30 x 30 footprint the upright aeroponic design reduces disease problems by ensuring adequate aeration of the root systems place it in a greenhouse near a sunny window or by an external grow light the covered built-in sump reduces evaporation and leaks are virtually impossible with the lack of external plumbing system includes tube pump 115v nutrient solution 16 net pots grow cubes and a comprehensive hydroponic manual ships via motor freight weighs 50 lbs aero1 568 489/3

mechanical filtration tech talk tech talk 42 activated carbon in aquaculture against pressure drop as this will affect energy cost careful consideration of particle size can provide significant operating benefits activated carbon will adsorb the following from water chlorine and some chloramines many dissolved organic contaminants trihalomethanes thm and phenolics total organic carbon toc oil and hydrocarbon contamination ozone bromic acid and total organic halogens tox adsorbable organic halogens aox including chloroform colors pesticides odors and more activated carbon will also reduce biochemical oxygen demand bod and chemical oxygen demand cod it is important to be able to measure the contaminant that the carbon needs to adsorb in order to know when the saturation capacity of the carbon is reached particle size water flowrate carbon bed depth and in recirculating systems the number of passes through the bed must be optimized for every system design typically for a single pass

uv sterilizers by pentair aquatics ® these economical uv sterilizers are made of pvc and are well-suited for aquaculture and pond use they are easy to connect with pvc pipe and have convenient bottom drains easy-cleaning quartz sleeves and see-through screw-off caps that indicate when lamps are working when used outdoors the ballast wires and connections must be protected from the weather order uvbk which is a waterproof connector and a weathertight ballast enclosure one kit required per lamp/ballast connection the maximum gpm rates shown below are based on 15,000 microwatt seconds per square centimeter for 30,000 µws/cm2 reduce flowrate by 50 percent the water must be pre-filtered to achieve the advertised performance when used as a sterilizer rated to 80 psi 115v/60 hz is standard with 2 cord to ballast and 7 cord to plug end 115v and 230v/50 hz are also available by special order select either horizontal or vertical style one-year warranty does not include lamp or quartz

nema enclosures nema enclosures protect electrical equipment instrumentation etc in wet or humid environments bodies are high-impact thermoplastic and feature clear polycarbonate lids with gaskets for a watertight seal and external hinges for easy access bodies are easy to drill or cut for cable connectors meet nema standard ratings 1 2 3 3s 4 4x and 12 made in usa limited quantities available ship wt gfci power cords these heavy-duty right-angle gfci-protected power cords have a triple tap female end for powering up to three pieces of equipment cord sets are rated at 15 a/115v and have 12/3 gauge wires front panel has an led indicator ul csa-listed each 3 electrical enclosures/gfci section product nm6 nm8 nm10 nm11 nm12 nm14 nm16 nm2 enclosure 6 x 6 x 4 enclosure 8 x 8 x 4 enclosure 10 x 8 x 4 enclosure 10 x 10 x 6 enclosure 12 x 12 x 6 enclosure 14 x 12 x 6 enclosure 16 x 14 x 6 latch 1 1 lb 1 lb 2 lbs 3 lbs 3 lbs 3 lbs 4 lbs 85.60 97.90 115.40 178.90 183.30

koi the living jewels series parts 1­7 dvd version this seven-part series takes an in-depth look at various ponds reviews of their filtration systems magnificent koi and design elements are included the best pond and koi dvd to date dvd38 koi the living jewels series 32.14 reference koi videos/posters/hydroponics books koi poster kpos1 kpos2 kpos3 35.68 35.68 35.68 koi varieties appreciation learn the correct japanese names for koi and the classifications in which they are judged includes examples of potentially prize winning koi 60 minutes 1994 dvd33 23.54 everything you ever wanted to know about koi this dvd contains in-depth sections on filtration pond construction landscaping choosing and buying koi water quality pond maintenance and the history of koi running time 60 minutes 1998 dvd60 32.14 an introduction to construction before you build your koi pond see this construction video shows installation of various components such as bottom drains filter systems pumps water

are all regenerative blowers the same no sweetwater® regenerative blowers are manufactured to aes aquaculture duty specifications they reach higher pressures operate in more corrosive environments and operate at lower noise levels than industry standard commercial blowers sweetwater® regenerative blowers are most often chosen by professionals in the aquaculture industry because of their reliability they are inexpensive to operate and the air they deliver is oil-free they are extremely energy-efficient and quiet many sweetwater® blowers have been in continuous use for over 10 years see p 47 for more information and pricing 2395 apopka blvd apopka fl