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iris diaphragm filter holder 250 500 micron screen aquatic eco systems master catalog aquatic eco systems aquatic eco system aquatic eco systems air pond bacteria in a bag sterilizer 80 w 2 union 60 gpm 9 000 gal pond 36 x 10 5 x 2 free saltwater fishing catalogs fish for a fish tank recirculating aquaculture systems sweetwater epoxy paint artesian water pump glass bonded diffuser quartz tungsten halogen bulb microscreen with spray nozzles swimming pool vacuum hose lighting fixture clear lens covers aquarium air pump 316l stainless steel nozzle 316l stainless steel pipe pressure ratings 316l stainless steel pipe prices high pressure pumps for water nozzles 125 cm is how many pounds air pump for aquarium electric adjustable legs that adjust from the bottom up adjustable legs that adjust from the bottom up how many pounds are in 1 foot free koi pond catalogs free fishing pond catalogs aquatic eco system catalog master catalog aquatic eco system koi pond system filtration koi pond pond skimmers pond fountain pond fish spawning mats pond fountain pump aquatic eco koi pond supplies pond pumps fish pond liners pond uv light pond water test kit pond repair kit aquatic eco system aquaculture free fish ponds catalog centrifugal pumps catalog globe valve catalog aquatic recirculating aquaculture koi filtration system eco tech 5 micron water filter pvc eco drain pipe salt water dosing system aquaculture systems wheat germ

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fish farm tm automated simple reliable low maintenance this fish farmtm can automatically remove fish waste every few hours day and night maintaining excellent water quality you don t have any fish waste to handle or waste water to haul in the basic system ff50ma the filter is washed by opening a valve for 20 seconds the pulse auto control panel ff50acp can be added at any time to automate filter cleaning and fish feeding and is recommended for heavy fish and feed loading the basic system supports up to 50 lbs of fed fish order the bioreactor sl94 air pump included add an sl56 if ordering as a retrofit to support up to 125 lbs of fish the precision autofeeder ff50af coupled with the auto control panel make a complete self-sustaining life support system five days at heavy feeding a single energy-efficient ultra-quiet air pump recirculates the water delivers air to the diffuser and cleans the filter the innovative pulse bioclarifier gently settles out fish waste captures suspended

wave vortex chamber filters up to 150 gpm vortex swirl separators are popular solids filters for use with koi ponds and fish tanks they are very good at removing heavy particles and wastes you can gravity-flow water from a bottom drain or pump it to the vortex chamber these stand about 51/2 ft high with the 2-ft high base all connections are 3 slip sturdy double-wall base support three outlet ports allow body to be connected in any direction · domed lid keeps it clean · coned bottom allows complete drainage · rubber connections eliminate the need to precisely align filter with pipes · comes with drain valve rubber couplings bulkhead lid body and base we recommend using the wls2 pump trap listed below if pumping to the filter ships motor freight or ground at 70-lb rate each in two packages from factory one-year warranty on body · · wlt24 goes great with ship wt each 3 wlt24 wlf36 wlf36f wls2 vortex tank 24 vortex tank 36 vortex tank 36 body lid only pump trap 130 lbs 140 lbs

bead filters improve the capture of small particles solids capture is one of the most important processes in a recirculating system although sedimentation/settling basins are generally effective for settleable solids larger than 80 microns space constraints may render them impractical if this is your situation then an expanded granular biofilter egb specifically a bead filter may be the best alternative as it reduces the retention time and improves the capture of small particles these bead filters can provide both filtration and biofiltration in a single device they employ low-density polyethylene beads included for their filter media in a pressurized up-flow configuration the filter physically traps suspended solids while providing a large surface area for the growth of bacteria titanium-enhanced screens available by quote clean water out clean water out water in water in bubble bead filters constructed of heavy-duty plastic bbf1 bbf2p bbf4 or food grade fiberglass bbf6 bbf10 both

gamma uv sterilizers efficient and economical gamma uv sterilizers are for aquarium and pond applications where clear water is a necessity the 2 diameter body ensures efficient sterilization and is uv-resistant plastic completely watertight corrosion-resistant and safe indoors and outdoors viewing ports provide easy indication of lamp operation the t5 style quartz lamp runs continuously up to 13 months before reaching the end of its useful lamp life 60 efficiency a watertight lamp removal port makes for safe operation and easy lamp installation and replacement all sterilizers include quartz sleeves bulbs ballast assembly and 15-ft power cord the 160-watt units and larger have ballasts mounted in a nema 4x enclosure one-year warranty on units six-month warranty on lamps sterilizers are 115v/60 hz 230v/50 hz available by special order c1408 watts lamps inlet outlet max gpm 30,000 µws/cm 2 max size aquarium max size pond dimensions wt c1410 c1411 c1412 c1403 c1404 c1405 c1406 c1407

artesian water pumps low head self-priming artesian water pumps are an excellent choice for energy-efficient reliable performance in applications without flooded suction they are self-priming to 3 and ideally suited for ponds water features fountains and aquaculture they produce excellent flowrates at sufficient pressures to get the job done molded of polypropylene a seethrough lexan ® lid provides access to the large strainer basket stainless steel shaft totally enclosed tefc baldor ® motors are 1,725 rpm 115/230v 60hz 8 power cords 2 fnpt inlet/outlet connections replacement parts fit all 3 models three-year warranty made in usa hp amps centrifugal pumps low head and medium head new and improved sequence ® pumps now feature an even lower amp draw than before they are dependable efficient continuous-duty pumps great for koi ponds and general aquaculture duty sq1 sq2 are 115v only sq3 is 115/230v please specify voltage when ordering sq2 and sq3 have a 11/2 fnpt inlet and outlet

professional bacteria concentrate by proline tm specifically formulated for ammonia emergencies prolinetm bacteria concentrate is a high concentration of live bacteria specifically formulated for ammonia emergencies live bacteria begin ammonia removal immediately possibly saving an entire system from disaster one gallon of freshwater concentrate can treat up to 4,800 gallons salinity of 7 ppt or lower one gallon of saltwater concentrate can treat up to 2,400 gallons the concentrate must be refrigerated at all times and has a shelf life of 3 months all concentrate ships next day air orders placed by early morning will either ship that day or next day gallon containers weigh 11 lbs 239310 239300 freshwater gallon saltwater gallon 239310 bacteria by proline tm prolinetm nitrifying bacteria is available in either freshwater or saltwater versions in 16-ounce 32-ounce or one-gallon sizes it can be used to rapidly seed biological filters and correct ammonia and nitrite imbalances treatment

pond salt made from evaporated seawater this all-natural sea salt replaces electrolytes such as potassium sodium chloride calcium and magnesium pond salt can also temporarily block the toxic effects of nitrite ideal for all ornamental koi and goldfish ponds pds65 pds145 4 lbs 9 lbs potassium permanganate technical grade kmno4 97 percent minimum potassium permanganate is a strong oxidizer that works by oxidizing organic and inorganic materials that are major consumers of oxygen does not add oxygen to the water sold in 5-lb 2.2 kg plastic jars only we can ship 6 jars in one carton for 1 hazmat fee ships hazmat via rps not fda-approved ptp5 32.70 30.28/3 5.16 12.01 pds65 pond polyaqua this liquid water conditioner is formulated to reduce the possibility of disease outbreak among injured or sick fish it is ideal for pond hobbyists as well as professionals shippers dealers wholesalers who transport and handle large numbers of fish that frequently incur physical damage during capture and

blackwater max color koi food now your fish can have the best chance at fast growth and superb color we ve negotiated a deal with one of america s top koi farms to offer this custom blend to you it s loaded with krill spirulina extra vitamins minerals and other ocean products simply giving this food to your fish for 6­10 weeks will help them become their best content 38 protein 6 fat great for other ornamental fish varieties as well five and 10-lb bags are packaged in stay-fresh resealable bags twenty and 40-lb pkgs include an empty bag for sharing or freezing use spring through fall 3-mm floating pellets suitable for fish over 5 each 3 medicated koi/goldfish food this food contains all the nutrients needed to help ornamental fish heal quickly contains four antibiotics and may help heal ulcers available in 1 5 and 10-lb bags must be fed continuously for 10 days for use on ornamental and nonfood fish not intended for human consumption chemical waiver form required 2.5-mm sinking

deluxe koi net with telescopic handle this 25 diameter net has 3/8 polyester mesh coated to resist barb penetration and scaling shallow bag depth of 6 allows easy access a net guard surrounds the aluminum frame to prevent fish abrasion the 6 stub handle accepts the 4 to 8 telescopic aluminum handle included made in usa ship wt net-dip for fish hatcheries aquaculture labs and seafood holding establishments net-dip is one of the few epa-registered disinfectants formulated for aquariums aquarium equipment and fish handling equipment limited no rinse instructions mean that countertops and utensils need only remain wet with disinfecting solution for ten minutes then they may dry without rinsing just add .5 fl.oz of net-dip to one gallon of tap water it is highly effective for disinfecting nets filter systems diffusers tubing shipping boxes etc one gallon of net-dip will make 256 gallons of disinfecting solution ship weight for nd16 is 3 lbs ship weight for nd256 is 11 lbs nd16

epoxy paints by sweetwater ® epoxy paint is recognized by the epa as nontoxic after curing is extremely durable and has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials whether coating fiberglass wood steel concrete or even galvanized surfaces you won t find a better paint for aquaculture simply clean and dry the surface acid-etch concrete and steel then use nonsudsing ammonia to neutralize acid residue and use pt20 concrete sealer prime steel and galvanized surfaces then mix epoxy paint parts a and b wait 30­60 minutes and spray brush or roll on recoat after about four hours if desired the curing temperature range is 55-125°f before adding live organisms let cure for seven days excellent for drinking water ozone contact fresh and saltwater aquaculture etc a 1-gallon kit will cover 250 ft 2 of smooth surface with a thickness of 4 mils 004 inch sweetwater ® epoxy is 65 to 72 percent solids depending on color and has a two-year shelf life after long exposure to uv it typically

professional test kit for the koi keeper who demands the most accurate tests we co-developed this test kit for the professional koi keeper the kit utilizes lamotte ® spectrophotometric tablets individually foil-wrapped it measures dissolved oxygen nitrite ammonia ph and salinity the kit has reagents for 50 tests each four 10-ml sample vials with lids 100-ml sample vial stir rod and complete instructions pk94 3968-h 3969-h 6459-h 3976-h 3885-h 3920-h 3886-h test kit ammonia #1 reagents 50 ammonia #2 reagents 50 ph refill 50 dissolved oxygen tablets 50 chloride reagents 50 alkalinity reagents 50 nitrite reagents 50 103.00 8.80 7.70 9.65 8.00 13.80 6.25 13.80 pk94 butterfly showa koi 2395 apopka blvd · apopka fl 32703 order online aquaticeco.com toll free orders 877-347 4 788 free tech support