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artesian water pumps low head self-priming artesian water pumps are an excellent choice for energy-efficient reliable performance in applications without flooded suction they are self-priming to 3 and ideally suited for ponds water features fountains and aquaculture they produce excellent flowrates at sufficient pressures to get the job done molded of polypropylene a seethrough lexan ® lid provides access to the large strainer basket stainless steel shaft totally enclosed tefc baldor ® motors are 1,725 rpm 115/230v 60hz 8 power cords 2 fnpt inlet/outlet connections replacement parts fit all 3 models three-year warranty made in usa hp amps centrifugal pumps low head and medium head new and improved sequence ® pumps now feature an even lower amp draw than before they are dependable efficient continuous-duty pumps great for koi ponds and general aquaculture duty sq1 sq2 are 115v only sq3 is 115/230v please specify voltage when ordering sq2 and sq3 have a 11/2 fnpt inlet and outlet the sq1 has 1 slip inlet/outlet we supply tubing adapters with clamps for attachment to 1 pvc pipe one-year warranty series hp 1/6 1/8 1/4 pressure psi head feet amps ship wt each 3 sq1 sq2 sq3 500 1,000 1,000 2.8 2.1 2.8 28 lbs 24 lbs 36 lbs 304 414 471 274 373 425 ship wt each 3 pq5 pq7 pq8 pq8b pq8l pq8c pq8or 1/8 1/4 1/3 1.6@5 psi 2.7@5 psi 3.7@5 psi 41 lbs 42 lbs 44 lbs repl basket repl cover repl cover clamp repl cover o-ring 617.00 628.00 668.00 16.50 21.00 26.00 6.00 556.00 566.00 601.00 head feet sq1 sq2 pq8 pump trap this trap features a clear lid and removable strainer basket trap has 11/2 slip inlet 11/4 slip outlet 11/2 mnpt adapter included weighs 4 lbs measures 11 h x 5 d x 71/2 l p4 p4b p4c p4r pump trap 75.13 repl basket 31.24 repl cover 36.66 repl o-ring 8.47 pump trap here is a pump trap also known as priming pot at a very reasonable price ideal for garden ponds recirculating systems swimming pools etc all-plastic trap has a 11/2 fnpt inlet 11/2 mnpt outlet and weighs 2 lbs one-year warranty measures 11 h x 7 d x 71/2 l p5 p5b p5c p5r pump trap repl basket repl cover repl o-ring pump trap large this pump trap has one big strainer basket the typical strainer has only 30 sq.in of filter area this jumbo wls3 has 165 sq.in leaves weeds or whatever you won t have to empty this basket very often 18.5 h 9 x 9 footprint features clear top air release valves and adjustable feet 2 in/out slip connections wls2 wls3 pump trap pump trap jumbo 68.20/3 28.74/3 33.73/3 7.78/3 40.54 14.32 30.56 7.50 37.48/2 13.17/2 29.15/2 6.75/2 75.00 165.00 68.63/3 wls2 p4 p5 wls3 shown with hsw1 not included 20 order online aquaticeco.com toll free orders 877-347 4 788 free tech support 407-598-1401