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professional bacteria concentrate by proline tm specifically formulated for ammonia emergencies prolinetm bacteria concentrate is a high concentration of live bacteria specifically formulated for ammonia emergencies live bacteria begin ammonia removal immediately possibly saving an entire system from disaster one gallon of freshwater concentrate can treat up to 4,800 gallons salinity of 7 ppt or lower one gallon of saltwater concentrate can treat up to 2,400 gallons the concentrate must be refrigerated at all times and has a shelf life of 3 months all concentrate ships next day air orders placed by early morning will either ship that day or next day gallon containers weigh 11 lbs 239310 239300 freshwater gallon saltwater gallon 239310 bacteria by proline tm prolinetm nitrifying bacteria is available in either freshwater or saltwater versions in 16-ounce 32-ounce or one-gallon sizes it can be used to rapidly seed biological filters and correct ammonia and nitrite imbalances treatment rates are 4 ounces per 10 gallons for freshwater systems salinity of 7 ppt or lower and 8 ounces per 10 gallons for saltwater systems for garden pond applications fewer than 1,000 gallons add four ounces per 20 gallons of water for lightly loaded ponds or lakes add two gallons per surface acre of water for older or heavily loaded lakes call an aes technician ship wt 239200 239201 239210 239211 saltwater 32 oz saltwater gallon freshwater 16 oz freshwater gallon 2 lbs 8 lbs 1 lb 8 lbs 14.70 39.60 9.45 41.25 296 296 biofilter start-up kit by proline tm accelerate biofilter start-up by using the proline tm biofilter start-up kit each kit comes complete with prolinetm aqua coat water conditioner proline tm ammonium chloride proline tm nitrifying bacteria nutrients and trace elements and ph buffer tablets required for optimizing the seeding of biological filters time of biofilter bacterial colonization and start-up can be reduced by weeks components of the kit may also be used for reseeding biofilters in cases of shock load or system upsets biofilter start-up is initiated by adding the components of the kit to an offline biofilter instructions for use are included with each kit two separate kits are available one kit is designed for use in fresh water and the other for saltwater applications each kit may be used with any biofilter with up to 50 cubic feet of media additional kits may be added for larger biofilters all kits must ship from the manufacturer next day air orders placed by early morning will either ship that day or next day the concentrate must be refrigerated at all times and has a shelf life of 3 months 239001 239002 freshwater saltwater 239210 239201 bacteria in a bag by proline tm prolinetm bacteria in a bag is a good product for elimination of pond sludge and odors it utilizes natural bacteria and enzymes to biodegrade bottom sludge in ponds comes in handy-to-use water-soluble bags simply calculate water volume and dispense at the rate of one 1-oz bag per 400 gallons of water or one 8-oz bag per 4,800 gallons in ornamental ponds biofilters or raceways when treating large ponds/lakes dose one pound per acre-foot of water every two weeks while temperatures are above 68°f 20°c double dose on the first application of the season and if temperatures are below 68°f 20°c 239400 239410 239425 six 1-oz bags one 8-oz bag one 25-lb bag 207 249 239001 12.53 9.15 317.25 239400 microbe-lift ® pl for over 20 years microbe-lift pl has been unique in the marketplace it is specifically formulated for fish ponds decorative ponds and lagoons it is a mixture of beneficial bacteria including nitrifiers and photosynthetic bacteria that reduces ammonia levels eliminates noxious odors and reduces the buildup of wastes microbe-lift ® pl is completely safe and will help to maintain a balanced pond environment for 501 to 1,000-gal ponds use 12 oz for first application 4 oz/week for 4 weeks and 4 oz after that for monthly maintenance for 1,001 to 5,000-gal ponds use 16 oz for first application 6 oz/week for 4 weeks and 6 oz after that for monthly maintenance ® microbe-lift ® microbe-lift ® is composed of several strains of bacteria that begin immediately to attack the materials in the water or soil that cause pollution and unpleasant odors it is a nontoxic biodegradable nonpathogenic usda-authorized product that is extremely effective in the treatment and clean up of environmental waste microbe-lift ® complies with even the strictest of environmental regulations microbe-lift ® 4x is specially formulated for use in septic tanks use will enhance the breakdown of organic wastes and sludge and reduce hydrogen sulfide and odor problems microbe-lift ® ind is specially formulated for industrial and municipal wastewater systems the highly concentrated formula can solve the most difficult waste management problems when used in a controlled maintenance program it significantly reduces odors improves bod and cod removal efficiency degrades hydrocarbons and volatile organic carbons and accelerates plant startups and recovery from upsets or shock loads it has a high ability to improve organic removal efficiency and stimulate nitrification/denitrification ship wt each 4 ml6 ml7 quart gallon 19.38 65.47 ml7 ml5 ml6 ml1 ml3 ml5 4x pt 4x qt ind gallon 1 lb 3 lbs 11 lbs 8.95 13.95 39.95 8.30 13.00 36.00 24 order online aquaticeco.com toll free orders 877-347 4 788 free tech support 407-598-1401