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pond salt made from evaporated seawater this all-natural sea salt replaces electrolytes such as potassium sodium chloride calcium and magnesium pond salt can also temporarily block the toxic effects of nitrite ideal for all ornamental koi and goldfish ponds pds65 pds145 4 lbs 9 lbs potassium permanganate technical grade kmno4 97 percent minimum potassium permanganate is a strong oxidizer that works by oxidizing organic and inorganic materials that are major consumers of oxygen does not add oxygen to the water sold in 5-lb 2.2 kg plastic jars only we can ship 6 jars in one carton for 1 hazmat fee ships hazmat via rps not fda-approved ptp5 32.70 30.28/3 5.16 12.01 pds65 pond polyaqua this liquid water conditioner is formulated to reduce the possibility of disease outbreak among injured or sick fish it is ideal for pond hobbyists as well as professionals shippers dealers wholesalers who transport and handle large numbers of fish that frequently incur physical damage during capture and handling using synthetic polymers pond polyaqua provides a bandaging effect for damaged tissue that reduces the possibility of infection by bacteria or external parasites it also contains vitamin b12 recommended dosage 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons not fda-approved not for food fish ship wt koizyme ® this patented blend of nonpathogenic bacteria enzymes and micronutrients works on the established principle of competitive exclusion when used as directed koizyme ® will reduce the bacterial count of aeromonas pseudomonas and other pathogenic bacteria to such low levels that they will not have an effect on koi koizyme ® will not harm biofilters and has a 4­6 month shelf life 18 months if kept refrigerated use weekly at 4 teaspoons per 1,000 gallons not fda-approved each 4 kz32 pa17 pa64 pa75 16 oz gallon 5 gallons 2 lbs 11 lbs 45 lbs 8.78 39.33 132.00 8.19/12 36.97/4 124.00/2 pa17 kz16 kz32 16 oz 32 oz 32.09 60.62 28.41 55.33 stress coat ® slime coat replacement stress coat ® replaces a fish s natural slime coat with a synthetic one preventing loss of body fluids and electrolytes this is very useful when hauling handling or medicating fish in addition stress coat ® acts as a water conditioner neutralizing chlorine and when used during shipping is an economical form of protection for your investment not fda-approved use one teaspoon 5 ml per 10 gallons for chlorine neutralization double for fin/scale damage does not neutralize chloramines not fda-approved not for food fish ship wt kz16 pond-prep 9.14 40.34 143.00 8.56/4 37.93/2 131.83/2 formulated as a complete water conditioner pond-prep is ideal for use in new ponds or when restarting completely cleaned ponds pond-prep aids in the establishment of biological filters and adds buffering components that help maintain the alkalinity of the water concentrated in a dry powder form it neutralizes ammonia chlorine chloramines and helps detoxify copper and heavy metals often found in new water pond-prep will remove 1 mg/l of ammonia up to 12.6 mg/l of chloramines 3.75 mg/l of total chlorine and up to 1.0 mg/l copper one .55-lb jar treats 1,000 gallons 2.75 lbs treat 5,000 gallons not fda-approved not for food fish sc1 sc2 sc5 16 oz gallon 5 gallons 2 lbs 11 lbs 50 lbs sc2 sc1 pdp2 pdp3 250 g 55 lb 1.25 kg 2.75 lbs 9.12 37.09 8.52/12 34.87/6 pdp2 28 order online aquaticeco.com toll free orders 877-347 4 788 free tech support 407-598-1401